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School life in England. PECAS : Thèmes abordés. Dicopict : Dictionnaire anglais français en images. Des Outils pour construire le langage. Des Outils pour construire le langage Afin de développer les compétences mentionnées sur notre page précédente, vous aurez besoin de maîtriser les 4 domaines de langue suivants : qui sont à la base de toute construction de l'expression langagière. 1) Le Vocabulaire Toute langue se base sur des mots qu'il faut apprendre par coeur.

Des Outils pour construire le langage

Si les plus courants sont faciles à mémoriser, le reste demandera plus d'efforts ... et n'importe quel dictionnaire vous réservera encore des surprises pendant de longues décennies. Le vocabulaire anglais est parfois facile à comprendre pour nous Français (ce sont les mots dits "transparents"), mais beaucoup plus obscur à d'autres moments. 2) les Modèles de Phrases Si les mots sont à la base de la communication, ils ne suffisent quand même pas.

Et dans l'autre sens, ce n'est guère mieux : Grâce à ce principe d'adaptation et de transformation, chacun pourra très vite produire des centaines, puis des milliers de phrases. La preuve : MENE1526483A. Volet 1 : les spécificités du cycle des approfondissements (cycle 4) Volet 2 - Contributions essentielles des différents enseignements et champs éducatifs au socle commun Ce deuxième volet du programme de cycle 4 présente non pas l'intégralité des apports possibles de chaque champ disciplinaire ou éducatif, mais sa contribution essentielle et spécifique à l'acquisition de chacun des cinq domaines du socle commun de connaissances, de compétences et de culture.


Leçon Les phrases exclamatives - Cours Anglais 4ème / 3ème - niveau B1. Travel - Taking a bite out of the Big Apple. The Big Apple’s history and identity is best explored through its food – dishes given a new home by waves of immigrant communities and turned into New York City icons.

Travel - Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

The hot dogThe mark of any decent regional food is a turf war, and for almost 100 years the humble dog has been splitting New Yorkers’ allegiances. European butchers brought the dog to New York in the 1800s and Charles Feltman of Germany first set up a pushcart on the Coney Island seashore in 1870. In 1916, a former employee, Nathan Handwerker, opened a shop across the street, offering hot dogs at half the price and putting his ex-boss out of business. 10 Iconic Foods of New York City, and Where To Find Them. Ultra-creamy New York cheesecake may be the world's richest dessert.

10 Iconic Foods of New York City, and Where To Find Them

Hotbed of culinary fusion, NYC is not only a repository of cuisines from around the globe, but the place where many important dishes originated, if not by pure invention, then as uniquely compelling adaptations of things that flew in from elsewhere. Here are the city's most important, and best-tasting, gastronomic inventions. 10. Cheesecake -- This creamy, calorific dessert has been made in America since colonial times -- in fact, Martha Washington recorded three cheesecake recipes in her personal cookbook -- but these were usually whipped up with fresh curds, something like Italian cheesecake. The invention of the Jewish style of cheesecake depended upon two factors -- the discovery of cream cheese (which occurred in the Catskills sometime in the 1870s; it later, rather absurdly, became associated with Philadelphia), and the presence of Jewish immigrants in New York City. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. How can film help you teach or learn English?

What can film and video add to the learning experience?

How can film help you teach or learn English?

Kieran Donaghy, who won the British Council’s TeachingEnglish blog award tells us why film is such a good resource and recommends some useful websites, in one of our top five articles of all time, illustrated by artist Jamie Johnson. Language teachers have been using films in their classes for decades, and there are a number of reasons why film is an excellent teaching and learning tool. Learning from films is motivating and enjoyable Motivation is one of the most important factors in determining successful second-language acquisition. Films and TV shows are an integral part of students’ lives so it makes perfect sense to bring them into the language classroom.

Lesson plan. MAIN ACTIVITY using cohesive devices (linking words, relative clauses and pronouns) to describe a sequence of actions SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, upper-intermediate (B2) and above Click here for the Teacher’s Notes Photo taken from Dace Praulins, used under a CC Attribution Non-Commercial license, After a long summer, which has seen us working on two different continents, All at C are back with a lesson-plan courtesy of Japanese technology.

lesson plan

It’s real and apparently it’s edible, but you and your students will have to judge for yourselves… MAIN AIMS using food preparation and instruction-giving vocabulary, practising speaking and writing SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, pre-intermediate (A2) and above Click here for the Teacher’s Notes MAIN AIMS using food and cooking vocabulary, preparing a short presentation SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, pre-intermediate (A2) and above Click here for the Teacher’s Notes Click here for the Teacher’s Notes. Click here for the Teacher’s Notes 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.