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Laravel 8: New Features to Boost Your Web Development. Laravel is the most sought-after framework for web development by every industry and sector.

Laravel 8: New Features to Boost Your Web Development

Written in PHP, this framework offers numerous tools and features that facilitate web development and results in dynamic and feature-rich websites. Like any other tech stack and framework, developers and coders have been working continuously to make Laravel better each day. Python Web Application Development - Python Migration Services. Whether it is a mobile app development project, IoT, machine learning or AI, Python web application development is the best language choice.

Python Web Application Development - Python Migration Services

At SoftProdigy, we decode Python language to kickstart web applications. We have a strong expertise in Python web application development and endeavor to make websites and mobile applications that work like a charm- appealing to the eye and robust in functioning. Hire our robust Python development services and signify an elegant web presence that is highly functional as well. According to the 2017 Stack Overflow survey- “Nearly 32 percent of developers use it and a further 20 percent want to do so. iPad, iPhone Application Development Services India. Hiring a Custom WordPress Developer: Everything You Need to Know. WordPress is everywhere on the internet.

Hiring a Custom WordPress Developer: Everything You Need to Know

There are nearly 35% of websites built with this platform. Given the rising demand for WordPress development services in India, this number will increase significantly in the coming future. What Scares Your Website Visitors the Most? 5 Pitfalls to Avoid. Having an online presence in this digital world is very important to boost your business,improve customer engagement, and reach your target audience.

What Scares Your Website Visitors the Most? 5 Pitfalls to Avoid

But when it comes to your website visitors, there are some obvious things that scare them the most. Here’s a list of 5 mistakes people make whilst creating a business website. By avoiding these obstacles, you will be able to create a picture-perfectuser experience for your website visitors. Slow Page Loading Speed Do you know what scares a website visitor the most? Hire Laravel Web Development Company. More than 42 million websites use PHP as their programming language.

Hire Laravel Web Development Company

So, the answer is pretty clear! The other reason to hire Laravel programmers for your next development project is the fact that it is an open-source web development framework. Thus, there are tremendous new opportunities that you can explore with time. At SoftProdigy, we home a team of the best PHP Developers around the area. Thus, if you’re considering Laravel for your next web development project and seeking the best experts – give us a try! Game Development Services Company. Google Play Store is brimmed up with apps.

Game Development Services Company

Want to know how many Android apps there are? Well, they are 2.8 million in number! If you’re planning to develop an Android app for your business, chances are that you might get lost in crowd. The only way to stand out in such a fierce competition is to hire the most competent Android app development company in India to get you app developed. We, at SoftProdigy, understand your insecurities when it comes to deploying your business mobile app on the Google Play Store. Combating COVID-19 with Technology: 4 Problem Solving Ideas the World Needs. COVID-19 has drastically spread all around the world, leaving us very conscious about our health and safety.

Combating COVID-19 with Technology: 4 Problem Solving Ideas the World Needs

Despite practising social-distancing and safety measures, we will always remain in constant threat – the threat of becoming positive by getting in contact with Corona virus until or unless there will be a vaccine for it. While the battle against the pandemic continues, many people are finding some innovative ways to help humanity fight COVID-19. Businesses and individuals are looking at technology to create innovative ways and solutions to defeat the Coronavirus. Through this writing piece, we took an opportunity to help you discover some helpful ideas and develop performance-based, problem-solving digital solutions/platforms that will help people stay safe during these adverse times. CMS Development Company in India. Boost your business with our 360-degree CMS development services today!

CMS Development Company in India

Content is the king of your website! So, make sure you treat it right! In today’s day and age, content management is crucial for business websites of all domains, helpful to them in operating on the digital front. Hire Mean Stack Developers India. MEAN Stack – the power of four major tools together for the development of best-quality and high performing web applications!

Hire Mean Stack Developers India

An acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js, MEAN Stack combines the power of four most powerful JavaScript-based development tools! Thus, by way of offering a stable, advanced, and scalable platform for web development, MEAN promises excellent results. If you’ve been looking for such a solution for your web development needs, you’ve reached the right spot! MERN Stack Development Services Company in India - SoftProdigy.

With so many people using so many different apps, the apps are bound to be perfect in terms of technology, UI/UX, functionality, and utility.

MERN Stack Development Services Company in India - SoftProdigy

Now, all these factors vary greatly based on the niche and type of application but if the right technology like MERN stack, is used, you can end up with a high performing app. MERN stack development entered the world of technology when Facebook’s front-end technology React started being used as an alternative to AngularJS. Digital Marketing Services in India - Best Digital Marketing Company. To breathe and survive in the stormy digital market, you need to focus on one thing – framing and executing a failsafe digital marketing strategy. Now, if you’re taking up digital marketing for the first time, how would you know that your digital marketing strategy will bring you massive returns? There is no one way to tell that, if you’re trying new strategies yourself. Thus, in the lack of a vision, you might end up framing a strategy that can bring you only losses.

To save yourself from the aftermaths of your hit and trial in the digital market, you can take expert help in the first place! So, hire a digital marketing company in India and let things unfold, the professional way. React Native Development: Mistakes Every Developer Needs to Avoid. Known as the future of cross-platform mobile applications, React Native is growing in demand due to its impressive capabilities and features. While it comes with numerous advantages, the most prominent is its code reusability. As a result, developers can use the same code for iOS and Android, which reduces their effort and development time.

The benefits of hiring React Native consulting services for your business are many, but they are not limited to this. Talking about the developer’s point of view, React Native is one of the most versatile mobile app development frameworks. MERN Stack App Development: Does it have a Bright Future? Do you know what it takes to develop the most modern applications? The answer is quite simple: that is a “stack” of different technological solutions. A stack is nothing but a combination of frameworks, programming languages, tools, and libraries that a developer uses to build full-stack applications. From LAMP stack to MEAN stack and MERN stack, there are many popular full-stacks that help businesses create dynamic software products. All stacks have two parts, such as: Top Laravel Development Trends to Stay in 2021 and Beyond. The web development market has a wide assortment of frameworks, technologies, libraries, and tools.

There is such a mess that people get confused about which one to choose for their project. Among all the available options, the Laravel framework has successfully marked its space in the market due to numerous benefits. Laravel is an open-source framework that comes with a set of functionalities, making it one of the most preferred options for creating web applications. In addition to this, the use of PHP in Laravel development results in high-quality web pages.

React Native and ReactJS: Are They Interchangeable Technologies? Often, people perceive React Native and ReactJS as interchangeable technologies. In recent years, people are taking over the internet to know if ReactJS and React Native are the same. Instead, it has turned out to be the hottest topic among the businesses looking out to build a robust mobile app. Additionally, several have approached us with the same question. For this reason, we are here to tell you everything about React Native and ReactJS. With this information, you will learn whether to choose ReactJS or React Native consulting services for your business. The Role of Content Marketing in Building Your Brand Authority. Digital Marketing Trends: How to Improve Your Website Rankings in 2021? Digital Marketing: 4 Trends to Take Your Online Business Game a Level Up.