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Top NopCommerce Development Company- SoftProdigy Solutions. ‘NopCommerce is among the top 5 featured e-commerce apps on Microsoft Web Matrix, downloaded more than 395,000 times and witnesses more than 883,141 source code downloads from Codeplex.’

Top NopCommerce Development Company- SoftProdigy Solutions

Since its first release- NopCommerce 3.0 in May 2013, there are already thousands of e-commerce websites utilizing the NopCommerce features, specifically the multi-store and multi-vendor. Hiring a professional NopCommerce development company will help you get a better understanding of how it is beneficial for your brand. This open source platform is admired for its amiable nature. It allows the website owners to create cost-effective and customizable storefronts which exactly match up with your business needs. 3 Reasons to Get on Board with an Efficient Full Stack Development Company. A comprehensive Guide to AMP for eCommerce. What is AMP?

A comprehensive Guide to AMP for eCommerce

Well! Don’t worry if you are not aware of the term. We bring to you a comprehensive guide, which contains every detail on AMP. Tech enthusiasts, get ready to update your knowledge levels with the same! Let’s get started! AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages for eCommerce and is an open-source initiative by Google that assists the publishers to create faster-loading pages to enhance the experience of the users on mobile devices. Components of AMP AMP is made up of three components: Custom HTML tags are added to the website. 2. AMP uses a JavaScript framework to facilitate easier loading on the mobile devices as regular JS doesn’t work with AMP HTML. 3. AMP offers an array of templates for developers to deliver websites faster.

Implementation of AMP for eCommerce Website’s loading time counts the most. Companies have acknowledged this fact and have come forward to reap the benefits of AMP. Native App Development vs Hybrid App Development. We all know that usage of the mobile apps is rapidly increasing day-by-day, and mobile app development is a hot topic for tech-head business owners.

Native App Development vs Hybrid App Development

The possibility to go beyond the ordinary is what takes the iOS & android mobile app development services to unknown dimensions! ‘Native app development or Hybrid app development’ is one of those debates that has been echoing in every app developer’s mind. There are many-many apps developed on the basis of these two. So, it has become very essential to understand them, before choosing one! Today, by the means of this article, we would like to continue this debate & help you understand this topic, better.

What to Choose: Native App Development or Hybrid App Development? Why React Native Development for Mobile App is a Perfect Choice. In the world of mobile applications, cross-platform development has become a viable option and a great alternative to the fully native mobile app development.

Why React Native Development for Mobile App is a Perfect Choice

React Native 0.63 Now Available With New Logbox Debugging Experience. React Native is an open-source mobile app framework, which is created by Facebook to develop native apps for iOS and Android.

React Native 0.63 Now Available With New Logbox Debugging Experience

Today, most developers and app owners prefer native apps because of their improved performance and user experience. Also, since the release of React Native, the team of developers and programmers is bringing timely changes in this framework to make it more convenient and easy to use. Recently, the team announced the update version React Native 0.63 with LogBox to improve the debugging experience. The latest React Native comes with new features to manage poorly and tedious formatted error logs and enhancements to allow developers to abide by new App Store rules. Apart from this, React Native also comes with LogBox, which helps in tidying up error messages. LogBox The updated React Native 0.63 came as a response to the community complaints stating the difficulties in debugging errors and warnings in React Native.

The primary goals of LogBox include: Pressable. React Native Development: Everything you need to Know about It. Mobile application development has created a niche for itself pertaining to its ever-growing demand in the market.

React Native Development: Everything you need to Know about It

Creating and launching a mobile app is a dream project for a large number of companies. But do you think every mobile app is capable of attracting the same level of popularity as others? Well! The answer is No. The reason is, while developing the apps, businesses often are not able to reach a conclusion whether they should develop a mobile app with superlative User Interface (UI) and commendable User Experience (UX) or apps, which are compatible with multiple platforms. Allow us to answer the most basic question on this technology before heading forward. React native development services company - SoftProdigy Solutions. Remember those days when the application programmers developed apps in a single platform by making use of traditional approaches. The android applications were developed using Java and iOS with Objective C/Swift. These app development projects were slow. Moreover, with these languages, building applications featuring a consistent look and user-friendly functionality was a challenge.

The scenario changed completely in 2015 when Facebook open-sourced React Native- a JavaScript framework that creates natively rendered cross-platform applications. The tool allows the developers to create clean and responsive mobile applications using a single JavaScript codebase.