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React Native Development: Mistakes Every Developer Needs to Avoid. Known as the future of cross-platform mobile applications, React Native is growing in demand due to its impressive capabilities and features.

React Native Development: Mistakes Every Developer Needs to Avoid

While it comes with numerous advantages, the most prominent is its code reusability. As a result, developers can use the same code for iOS and Android, which reduces their effort and development time. Content For Brand Development. Cover The Distance With SoftProdigy To Become Brand. MERN Stack App Development: Does it have a Bright Future? Do you know what it takes to develop the most modern applications?

MERN Stack App Development: Does it have a Bright Future?

The answer is quite simple: that is a “stack” of different technological solutions. A stack is nothing but a combination of frameworks, programming languages, tools, and libraries that a developer uses to build full-stack applications. We make idea happen. Laravel: What makes it the Best Framework for Your Business Website? There is a continuous quest among online businesses to secure the top rankings on search engines.

Laravel: What makes it the Best Framework for Your Business Website?

As a result, they use cutting-edge tools and technology to create user-friendly web applications. Do you know websites having a higher rank on Google keep up with the latest trends and standards? Also, they opt for frameworks, tools, and tech stacks that allow them to build dynamic, feature-rich websites. We Create A Way To Your Brand Success. A Walk through Essential Tools for React Native Development in 2021. A few years from now, developing cross-platform applications was a hard nut to crack.

A Walk through Essential Tools for React Native Development in 2021

Developers faced numerous challenges when working on these applications. Often, these issues were related to performance. As a result, business owners investing cross-platform had to compromise on delivering smooth functionality to their customers. Having a business strategy is must! YOUR IDEA WE DESIGN WE DEVELOP. The world is going digital! Drupal 9: What to Expect From this New Version of CMS? “Content is the king,” proves the year of 2020.

Drupal 9: What to Expect From this New Version of CMS?

It might have been the worst period for numerous businesses as well as individuals due to loss of revenue and jobs. But the use of content in promoting products and services dominates over other digital strategies. As a result, we have seen a significant increase in the number of websites throughout this year, which means businesses relied on CMS platforms massively. Drupal is one of the top content management systems, which released a new update, Drupal 9, in June 2020. Do you know why technology keeps evolving? Whether your website already uses Drupal or you are planning to build a new one, make sure it adheres with the latest version — Drupal 9. . ● Better performance With the support of more responsive themes and images, Drupal 9 offers faster performance. . ● Elimination of deprecated code The new release features the removal of deprecated codes that supported Drupal 8. The Role of Content Marketing in Building Your Brand Authority. If you have been relying on digital marketing services in India for a while now, then you might have heard experts saying “content is king.”

The Role of Content Marketing in Building Your Brand Authority

Indeed, it is true. Content helps you build your brand authority among competitors, which eventually leads customers to trust you. However, building brand authority does not happen overnight. React Native and ReactJS: Are They Interchangeable Technologies? Often, people perceive React Native and ReactJS as interchangeable technologies.

React Native and ReactJS: Are They Interchangeable Technologies?

In recent years, people are taking over the internet to know if ReactJS and React Native are the same. Instead, it has turned out to be the hottest topic among the businesses looking out to build a robust mobile app. Additionally, several have approached us with the same question.

MERN Stack App Development

Digital Marketing Trends: How to Improve Your Website Rankings in 2021? Being your boss comes with plenty of perks, from financial freedom to flexible working hours, and so on.

Digital Marketing Trends: How to Improve Your Website Rankings in 2021?

But surviving a highly competitive digital space is not an easy win. Thus, starting your business comes with a lot of responsibility. No matter how demanding and unique your business idea is, if you fail to target the right audience or you are invisible to online users, it is a waste. With each passing day, the competition in online platforms is increasing. Laravel Framework: Key Features that make it Unique and Popular. There are plenty of PHP frameworks available today.

Laravel Framework: Key Features that make it Unique and Popular

But the speed and effectiveness of Laravel make it one of the most sought-after frameworks. It comes with a great tool ecosystem that helps developers to build new, high-performing web applications rapidly. Thus, there is a surge in dependency on Laravel web development companies for developing web apps and websites using this framework. Well, this rise in demand for Laravel developers is due to the numerous benefits that come along. Apart from this, it gives room for customization when creating web applications or websites. Besides all this, what makes Laravel the most popular framework is its exciting features. 4 Worth Investing Mobile App Development Ideas during the Pandemic. So far, 2020 has been the year of COVID-19 where almost every country, city, and business has been affected by this outbreak.

4 Worth Investing Mobile App Development Ideas during the Pandemic

As the pandemic continue spreading and unfolding right in front of us, many entrepreneurs are struggling to stay in the biz. As most of us are confined within our homes, people are forced to seek new solutions – alternatives. Today, more and more people are going online, using mobile apps to meet their wants and needs. There has been an absolute paradigm shift which is leading the world towards the digital transformation. Drupal: 5 Little-known Facts You Need To Know About this CMS. We all know Drupal as the leading Content Management System. With almost two decades in the industry, developers can get access to nearly 2,700 themes and 38,000 modules and build dynamic, feature-rich websites. Also, Drupal has been in the market for more years than WordPress, so it boasts a large and vibrant community.

Due to its high flexibility in terms of scalability, innovation, and speed of development, businesses, both startups, and well-established are relying on Drupal web development companies in India and worldwide. You might have read several articles telling the benefits of using Drupal for developing your website. We Belive in Idea! SoftProdigy wishes you all a very Happy Gurupurab. Happy Thanksgiving Day SoftProdigy Solutions. Digital marketing leads you to new doors! Google!​ Without you, our lives would have been incomplete and tough. Light for your online journey with the right Digital Marketing! Happy International Men’s day! Contact SoftProdigy Solutions. SoftProdigy Happy Client - Cristhian Proaño Merchan. Market Your Business App Successfully in 2020. WordPress Website Development Client Review – Sophie. SoftProdigy Solutions – Best iOS, Android Mobile App Company India.

SoftProdigy – Offering High-tech Solutions to Enterprises, Startups, and Small Businesses. 5 changes have made react native framework even better! Good content is not story-telling. Digital Marketing: 3 Tactics that are wasting Your Time and Money. Everyone is adapting the new normal. How IoT based Mobile Apps Enhance the User Experience. SoftProdigy connects businesses with customers! Branding So Good That People Will Clearly See You! Using AdWords for Halloween Marketing! Latest Trends That Advocate Hiring Laravel Web Developer. Are you thinking about improving your products, services, or brand’s online presence? Well, the first thing you require is a website, and it acts as a mode of interaction between you and your users. Today, we have numerous tools or tech stacks that will help build a robust web application faster and without breaking your bank.

However, the framework that has taken the world of web development by storm is Laravel. With this framework, Laravel web development companies build web applications that excel in terms of features, functionality, and ease of use. Apart from this, Laravel allows developers to create websites a lot quicker and with less effort due to its pre-written code feature. However, when hiring Laravel website development services, you should not only look for professionals with skills and knowledge of using this framework effectively but also whether they stay abreast of the latest trends or not. PHP outsourcing. Branding Matters! 3 Powerful Must-Have Features of CMS for Your Business.

Languages are the backbone of web development, and Content Management System (CMS) of languages. So, if you are looking for a feature-rich, user-friendly, effective, and unique website, choosing the right CMS is crucial. Moreover, it is necessary to determine the CMS tools and features that align with your business’ needs and goals. Let you brand stand tall among others with Digital Marketing! Reason Why Laravel is Still One of The Best PHP Frameworks in 2020! Medium – Get smarter about what matters to you. Your potential customers are already online!

Website Without Design. Dot Net Development: Top 3 Trends That Dominated 2020. The level of competition in the online market is climbing every single day. Today, businesses are relying on the state-of-the-art and the latest technologies to deal with new challenges and staying ahead of competitors. To help enterprises build web applications faster and at a cost-effective rate, Microsoft developed an efficient tool that is Dot Net. Google’s Mobile First Index Update Will Affect Websites’ Ranking Indirectly. Google, the largest search engine in the world has been rolling out notices to website owners for about day or two. The notice they are getting is centered around mobile first indexing. The search engine plans on enabling it for a huge number of websites as well as the webmasters.

In case you run a website, believe it or not, you’re not the only one to have received this notice. This notice has sparked curiosity and discussion among search community on social media platforms. Even SEO service providers in India have their eyes closely on this update. Laravel Framework: What makes it the best choice for web development? Tools for scraping data on the internet. 5 Easy Steps to Recover from Unnatural Links to Your Website - SoftProdigy Solutions. Start Small, Jump High! How Digital Marketing Tools Can Help You Grow Your Business in 2019. Run and grow your online business with SoftProdigy! Basics of Android App Development Services. - SoftProdigy Solutions. Secrets of Pro SEO writing to drive traffic to websites.

SEO blogs and articles are an important part of online marketing strategy and social media management to drive traffic to websites. iOS or Android Which Platform is better for your App. Make your business stand out by taking it online! How Python is a Perfect Choice for Top-notch Enterprise Applications. That's why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important! React Native: A Future of Mobile App Development and the Rise of Hybrid Apps. WordPress Plugins to improve Functionality, Navigation and User Experience.

WordPress plugins can improve the functionality of a website by providing diverse types of customization for site admins. But, with over 40,000 options available for you, sorting the best plugins is cumbersome. WordPress developers in India can include required plugins to your site, depending on your necessity, and website. Steps to Optimizing and Maximizing Facebook Ad Spending. Do you agree with this? React Native: A Future of Mobile App Development and the Rise of Hybrid Apps. Who rules the mobile app industry; iOS or Android. Happy Engineers Day! iOS vs. Android: Who is the Real King of the Mobile App Industry? iOS vs. Android is the war for the ages. Both smart operating systems are trying their best to be better than the other, delivering amazing user experiences and mobile applications.

JSON, AWS Web Services - SoftProdigy. Why React Native Development for Mobile App is a Perfect Choice. In the world of mobile applications, cross-platform development has become a viable option and a great alternative to the fully native mobile app development. Digital is the new normal! Offshore Development Centers, Software Development Company, Software Outsourcing - Soft Prodigy. Forget the Old Way, Rule the New! Explained: Facebook Ads Marketing and its Future Scopes. As businesses are keen to discover new ways to raise their game on social media, Facebook has become a significant platform for advertising and marketing of their products and services. Top companies that created mobile apps using React Native development. Get a Game Changing Mobile App for your Business! Discovering Why JavaScript is the Most Popular Programming Language.

MEAN Stack is the right choice for your next web development project! How SMEs Can Adapt Digital Marketing during the COVID-19 Pandemic? SoftProdigy Client Review. Its the only number 1 that counts. MERN Stack: The Most Preferred Technology Stack for Web Development. Trends to follow for high performing mobile app development. React Native: Top Apps Built Using This Open-Source Framework. Get Fully Functional Online Optical Store. How Traditional Apps Differ from DApps Mobile Development. ASP.NET: Tools for Developing Robust Web Applications.

Bye Internet explorer! Things to Take Care of When Hiring a Hybrid App Development Company. Laravel Vs Codeigniter: The best PHP framework for speed and security. Why Content Management System is a Big Deal for Businesses? SoftProdigy Client Video Testimonial- WCUK testimonial TIM. Pros and Pros of Custom App Development. What Makes Python One of Fastest-Growing Programming Languages? Secure Software Development Life Cycle. Switch to Magento 2 for Better Performance - Hire Certified Magento Development Company. The Benefits of Developing Hybrid Mobile Apps.