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National Portrait Gallery Frieze

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Introduction. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Thomas Carlyle, historian and essayist; David Livingstone, missionary and explorer; Sir James Young Simpson, discoverer of chloroform; Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, geologist; Sir David Brewster, natural philosopher; Sir Charles Lyell, geologist; Sir Colin Campbell, Lord Clyde, Field-Marshal; The Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Queen Street, Edinburgh opened in 1889 and underwent a major refurbishment in 2009 to 2011.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery

The refurbishment included improving a frieze which goes round the Main Hall of the Gallery below the first-floor balustrade. It was created by the artist William Hole in 1898 and depicts 155 men and women deemed in the late 19th century as the greatest in Scottish history. Although photography is not allowed in the rest of the National Portrait Gallery, it is permitted in the main hall. The pictures in this page (starting above) are of the chronological sequence (running backwards in time) of the figures in the paintings.


1 - Carlyle tae Clyde. 1. Later Victorians. 2 - Dalhousie tae Campbell. 2. Early Victorians. 3 - Park tae Duncan. 3. Industry, Empire an Romance. 4 - Robertson tae Mar. 4. Jacobite Rebellions tae the Enlightenment. 5 - Fletcher tae Lothian. 5. Personal Union an Civil Wars. 6 - James VI tae James V. 6. The Later Stewarts. 7 - Gavin Douglas tae Livingston. 7. The Middle Stewarts. 8 - James I tae Robert II. 8. The Early Stewarts. 9 - Edward Balliol tae Thomas the Rhymer. 9. The Wars o Independence.

10 - Alexander III tae Kenneth. 10. Unification tae Dynastic Disaster. 11 - Cuthbert tae Theodosius. 11. The Dark Ages. 12 - Septimus Severus tae the Stone Age. 12.

Early Settlers tae the Romans