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Effects of relaxation associated with brief restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) on plasma cortisol, ACTH, and LH. Floating Effective For Stress And Pain, Research Suggests. Relaxation in large, sound- and light-proof tanks with high-salt water­floating­is an effective way to alleviate long-term stress-related pain.

Floating Effective For Stress And Pain, Research Suggests

This has been shown by Sven-Åke Bood, who recently completed his doctorate in psychology, with a dissertation from Karlstad University in Sweden. The dissertation confirms what earlier studies have indicated: sleep was improved, patients felt more optimistic, and the content of the vitalizing hormone prolactin increased. Anxiety, stress, depression, and perception of pain declined. 5 Ways Floating Helps Chronic Anxiety - WeFloat. Stress-related injuries and illnesses are the most commonly cited cause of hospital and doctors’ office visits.

5 Ways Floating Helps Chronic Anxiety - WeFloat

However, some experience stress levels higher than most. Chronic anxiety is a debilitating mental condition experienced by thousands of Americans. The causes of chronic anxiety are not well understood. What is well known are the debilitating effects of chronic anxiety: inability to sleep, hold steady work, or form lasting social relationships. Some patients turn to drugs with debilitating side effects and deleterious impacts on kidney and liver health. 1.

Cortisol is a natural chemical produced by the human body to foster alertness and regulate circadian rhythms. 2. Many studies show that stress may be a more significant factor in the development of heart conditions than poor diet. Stop Smoking Program. The Anne Penman Program is the most advanced treatment for helping people to stop smoking cigarettes, cigars, and smokeless tobacco products.

Stop Smoking Program

Because we know everyone reacts differently, the program is tailored to each individuals needs. This means that regardless of how many you smoke or for how long, the Program can help you achieve your goal to become smoke free. It combines: Laser Therapy Guidance Continual Support and Motivation Laser Therapy Laser Therapy is a well-established therapeutic technique with a wide range of medical applications.

Our procedure helps to promote the release of endorphins, natural chemicals in the body associated with the spontaneous relief of pain and stress. Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention ¿ a randomized controlled pilot trial. Research article Anette Kjellgren12* and Jessica Westman1 * Corresponding author: Anette Kjellgren Author Affiliations.

Beneficial effects of treatment with sensory isolation in flotation-tank as a preventive health-care intervention ¿ a randomized controlled pilot trial

Floatation Therapy: Ultimate Relief During Pregnancy. As pregnant women come closer and closer to full-term, their entire body is put to the test as the weight of the baby causes stress on their joints and muscles.

Floatation Therapy: Ultimate Relief During Pregnancy

Many women find that it is virtually impossible to get comfortable during this time. Floatation therapy is becoming increasingly popular with pregnant women because it offers intense pain relief that they can’t receive anywhere else. The main reason that floating is beneficial during pregnancy is the fact that pregnant women are able to escape the pressure of the added weight of the baby when they float. Veterans Find Comfort In Meditation Therapy. It’s a cloudy, cold day in Washington, and it takes a group of vets, all from the Vietnam War era, a few minutes to unpack coats and mufflers and settle into comfortable arm chairs in a semi-circle.

Veterans Find Comfort In Meditation Therapy

The hard lives they’ve led are etched on their faces: long military service, followed in some cases by drug and alcohol abuse, economic hardship and violence. Many have been coming to this meditation group at the VA Medical Center for years; one veteran drives two hours each week to get here. For them, the sessions are a refuge. “This is a place to get away from the outside where they don’t understand us,” said another veteran. Scientists Find Vessels That Connect Immune System And Brain. In contradiction to decades of medical education, a direct connection has been reported between the brain and the immune system.

Scientists Find Vessels That Connect Immune System And Brain

Claims this radical always require plenty of testing, even after winning publication, but this could be big news for research into diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) and Alzheimer's. It seems astonishing that, after centuries of dissection, a system of lymphatic vessels could have survived undetected. That, however, is exactly what Professor Jonathan Kipnis of the University of Virginia claims in Nature. Old and new representations of the lymphatic system that carries immune cells around the body. Credit: University of Virginia Health System. Cortisol Reduction. Headache, Neckache and BackacheNot Sleeping wellFeeling TiredGaining WeightCatching Cold and Flu easilyCraving unhealthy foodsNot interested in SexGut / Stomach AchesFeeling AnxiousDepression When cortisol increases, your immune system cant work efficiently, Testosterone levels decrease, Sex drive stops and building muscle becomes difficult, blood sugars increase making you insulin resistant and you start storing Fat.

Cortisol Reduction

Serotonin and Dopamine are reduced leaving you hungry for carbohydrates and your Gut becomes sensitive to foods. Floatation Tank Therapy Improves Athletic Performance. Science. Float: The Technology of Nothingness - Remarkably Human. Floating can be quicker and more reliable than meditation for many people.

Float: The Technology of Nothingness - Remarkably Human

On today’s episode, we talk float tanks with veteran flotation expert and researcher Richard Bonk. Sometimes called sensory deprivation, isolation, flotation or REST (restricted environmental stimulation therapy) tanks, we chat about their beginnings in 1950s neuropsychiatry research and their resurgence today as a therapeutic tool for modern man. The thought of paying for the privilege to step into a small, enclosed box filled with water and spending ninety minutes alone in the dark with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company, seems terrifying to some.