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Video Blogs. - Antioxidants, Superfoods, ORAC Values. SuppVersity - Nutrition and Exercise Science for Everyone. The Next Generation of Medicine – Individualized, Integrative Wellness. Calton Nutrition. Protein Sale We all know we need protein in our diet - right?

Calton Nutrition

But, what you might not know is how much protein you should be eating to maintain or build strong muscles and bones, or the best, most affordable way to get protein into your diet. In this article, we will cover these... read more 7 Micronutrients for GREAT SEX! We want to talk about something serious in this blog, something we think is extremely important — SEX! Read more Biohacked Brownies That Can Increase Sexual Arousal From those chalky little conversation candy hearts you enjoyed as a child to ornately decorated heart-shaped boxes of truffles and chocolates…giving “sweets to your sweetie” on February 14th is a tradition that has stood the test of time. Articles - Blue Zones. Rescuing good health from bad science. Victoria’s Blog – Victoria Fenton. Working hoursMon-Sat 10:00-20:00EmailTelephone+44 7815 967646 No more posts Instagram Cache Error: Looking for cache that doesn't exist.

Victoria’s Blog – Victoria Fenton

Now using a backup feed.This error is only visible to WordPress admins. Whole Health Source. Stephan J. Guyenet, PhD – The science of body weight and health. The Hammer of Health – An odyssey into the land of nutrition. Food for the Brain Institute. Optimal Living Dynamics. Neurohacker Collective Blog.

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Whole9 - Let us change your life. Perfect Health Diet - A diet for healing chronic disease, restoring youthful vitality, and achieving long life.

Paul Jaminet hasn't been actively posting lately because he is starting up a biotech company. He suffered from chronic illness, became well through diet and shared his understanding of the research for several years. His archives are useful as his his book: "The Perfect Health Diet". – kiraonysko

Rosemary Cottage Clinic Blog. Mother Nature Obeyed Archives - The Weston A. Price Foundation. The High-fat Hep C Diet. Gluten-free & Paleo-friendly recipes, inspired by traditional & international cuisines. The Latest in Nutrition Related Research. Eat Vibrantly, Live Vibrantly. Look AND Feel Amazing. Valtsu's Blog. Blog - 180 Degree Health. The OMAD Diet First it was Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat.

Blog - 180 Degree Health

Every week you’d take 24 hours off from eating. You still ate every day, but there was a fast in there every week from say, dinner to dinner the following day. You could up the ante and do a couple fasts per week if you wanted. Then it was Martin Berkhan’s Leangains. Do You Even Chew, Bro? About six months ago I got the urge to chew stuff. The Metabolic Zone Brace yourselves for the coinage of a cheap and somewhat sleazy-sounding new health and fitness-related term: The Metabolic Zone. Why Are Central Americans so Fat? Why is obesity in Central America so prevalent? Glycine and the Immune System By Joel Brind So I’ve been writing for a few years now about the benefits of supplementing your diet with glycine. My Big Fat Fabulous Life My summer trip ended early, and I had to spend a couple weeks in a hotel room. To Fish Oil, or Not to Fish Oil?

The nutrition world is awash in fish oil worship. Dietary Iron: Friend or Foe? Caloric Flux. World Health. Treatments and Chiropractic. Designs for Health. Health & Wellness News - Be Informed, Be Well. Healthy Living Demystified. Biohacking Tactics — MyBioHack. Home - Selfhacked. Blog - PrimalHacker. The EndAllDisease Blog - EndAllDisease. Blog Archives - Food Revolution Network. Resonant FM - Shining A Light. CowsEatGrass. Blog - Hoffman Centre for Integrative & Functional Medicine. The Blue Zones Story - Blue Zones. Hyperlipid. Toronto Media Dietitian, Food Blogger, TV Personality - Abbey Sharp. Striving for true remission of CFS, chronic Lyme, FM, IBS etc.

Cooling Inflammation. Articles by Ray Peat - Index. 3030 Strong. Medical information and health advice you can trust. Food Politics by Marion Nestle. Research Digest (ERD) is an independent encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition.

This site independently evaluates the research on the efficacy of supplements. They are a good resource to consult. They have a paid subscription service in addition to material available for free. – kiraonysko

We're unique because we are not affiliated in any way with any supplement company and we don't sell supplements. Research Digest (ERD)

When we recommend a supplement (or say another is garbage), it has no impact on our bottom line. We were founded in early 2011 and since our inception we've had one goal - to be the best source for unbiased information regarding supplements and nutrition. We've been dogged in our resolve to create the most expansive and honest collection of information pertaining to supplements and nutrition on the web. Our team is comprised of doctors, researchers, and pharmacists from all facets of health and fitness, meaning when we research - we get the full picture. This single-minded dedication to providing well researched and unbiased information has earned us the title of the #1 site when it comes to supplement information. An Open Access Human Nutrition Journal from MDPI. Health Correlator.

Balanced Nutrition for Better Health. Renegade Health. Directory of foods and supplements without questionable additives - Toxinless.