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Ohio Online Practice Site Guidance. Edulastic Assessment Tutorial. Edulastic | Assessments Personalized. 11 iPad Apps That Promote Close-Reading. iAnnotate’s intuitive interface and customizable set of features make it the "go-to app" for taking notes on lecture slides, annotating important business documents, revising screenplays, grading papers, and much more. Read on to learn about the great capabilities of iAnnotate: ANNOTATE: Choose from the pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamp, straight-line, note, underline, strikeout, photo, voice recording, and date stamp tools.

Copy and paste annotations, even from one document to another. CUSTOMIZE: Drag and drop the exact tools you need to create custom toolbars for your specific workflow. SCROLL: iAnnotate allows fast, continuous vertical scroll through an entire document. SEARCH: Use keywords to search the full text or filenames of every document downloaded to your Library, or limit your search to unread, annotated, or favorited documents to refine your results. MULTITASK: iAnnotate lets you have up to eight documents open at once, and easily navigate between them for tabbed reading.

Awesome Screenshot - Capture, Annotate and Share. Edulastic: Create Assignment and Graph Plotter Tutorial. Read&Write for GoogleDiigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more.

Trading Cards. ReadWriteThink’s Trading Cards app allows kids and teens a unique way to share their understanding of various topics, to build study aids for school, or to create their own fictional world of characters. Create trading cards for any number of categories, including: Fictional personReal personFictional placeReal placeObjectEventVocabulary word Each category has specific guiding questions for creating a dynamic, information-rich trading card.

Summarizing skills are critical as they drill down to the most important information to fit on the card. In addition, they become aware of writing for an audience because they can share their cards with others. Part of the appeal of trading cards is being able to sort them into collections. Trading Cards is an educational app for all ages that adds creativity and fun to the learning process. Privacy: Your trading cards are private unless you decide to share them by e-mail.

Grades 6 – 12 | Lesson Plan | Standard Lesson Trading Card Creator Talk it Up! Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate. Technology Skills for Online Testing. Success with Next Generation Assessments LiveBinder. Technology Skills for Online Testing. GraphFree. General Coordinates Game - Elementary, Middle. Classroom Integration Ideas. Learn To Read A Ruler - Elementary, Middle, High.

Measurement with Inches - Elementary, Middle. Measurement - Elementary, Middle. Measurement with Centimeters - Elementary, Middle. Measuring - Elementary, Middle. Place Value Number Line - Elementary, Middle. Placing Decimals on a Number Line - Elementary, Middle. Placing Numbers on a Number Line - Elementary. INFOhio's Science Online. How to use INFOhio's Science Online to practice. PhET Simulations. Simulation Test Practice.