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This social media project reminds us how miserable love can really be. Rora Blue has created The Unsent Project, which is conjuring up all sorts of emotions on Instagram.

This social media project reminds us how miserable love can really be

Rora gave social media one prompt: ‘State your first love’s name and tell me what you would tell them if you sent them a text message. Also include the colour that you think of when you think of your first love’. The result? A whole bunch of soppy, sad, sometimes cruel texts that people would send to their first loves. Rora explained the project on her website: ‘Over 2000 people responded to the original prompt. ‘My creation of this artwork is a defining moment that intersects conceptual art with social media. Rora has since created a massive four-by-seven-foot collage that displays all the texts and colours. Via Someecards. 30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration. The book "Unstuck" features 52 exercises, divided by time commitment, to help you beat creative block.

30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration

Here we sample 5 for a work-week's worth of inspiration. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. No. 30 challenges you to shift your perspective to that of a beginner. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises. Today, you're going to make your very own pattern, finding inspiration in the mundane. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises.

30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration. Daily Drop Cap. Jessica Hische is a letterer and illustrator working in Brooklyn, New York.

Daily Drop Cap

After graduating from Tyler School of Art in 2006 with a degree in Graphic Design, she worked for Headcase Design in Philadelphia before taking a position as Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd. While working for Louise, she continued developing her freelance career, working for clients such as Tiffany & Co., Chronicle Books, and The New York Times. In September of 2009, after two and a half years of little sleep and a lot of hand-lettering, she left Louise Fili to pursue her freelance career further. Jessica has since traveled the world speaking to young designers about lettering, illustration, and how to stay inspired, released two typefaces—Buttermilk and Snowflake—and enrolled in the Cooper Union program in typeface design to further her education and hopefully create some very useful fonts in the very near future.

My 20 days Line Illustration Challenge on Behance. MILKA LAST SQUARE - EN. Medium. HITRECORD - Main. Let’s Fucking Start Today. Lets fucking start something massive today There is something that happens to me when I am facing with a tragedy.

Let’s Fucking Start Today

After everything settles down and the reality of the situation has hit me, I start thinking. It makes me take stock of almost everything. What Am I Doing? Should I be something? I want to keep my emotions low for this post. Sometimes I felt selfish that I was thinking like this during a time of mourning. I want whoever reads this post to do one thing. Let’s start something right here and right now.

Want to be a great designer? Want to make music? We learn by teaching and sharing with others. Let’s start and let’s start together, and share our work and encourage each other. We still have a lot of problems to solve. John Siwicki. 100 Days of Fonts. Elle Luna: 100-Day Project on The Great Discontent. And now you are talking with partners about collaborating on a new 100-Day Project?

Elle Luna: 100-Day Project on The Great Discontent

There’s this wonderful African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This year we are bringing more partners in to help spread the word, support the community, and participate; this is truly a group effort. I’m talking with partners about this year’s 100-Day Project, especially museums, because museums are making their walls more permeable and rethinking how and where audiences experience, participate, and grow from the presence of art in their lives. It’s exciting to imagine museums taking on ground-up, community-driven, public art projects. Just last week I was doing a studio visit with San Francisco-based artist, George Zisiadis, when he remarked, “I remember the first time I saw Picasso’s painting, ‘Guernica.’ Home — 36 Days of Type. This social media project reminds us how miserable love can really be.

If I Started Today.

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