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Administrators get personal in their approaches to combat absenteeism. Dive Brief: Districts nationwide are tackling absenteeism with a variety of innovative tactics.

Administrators get personal in their approaches to combat absenteeism

From going door-to-door to talk with students and their families about the importance of going to school, to sending text messages and automated calls, many administrators are getting personal through a technique called "nudging" in particular, District Administration reports. West Virginia school leaders, for example, are putting up billboards and yard signs urging students to go to class, while administrators in Little Rock, Arkansas, formed a committee to improve attendance through social media, automated calls and parent night discussions.Dubuque Community School District in Iowa, meanwhile, is rewarding good attendance rather than punishing those who don't show up. Districts are also digging deeper to determine the root cause of students' absenteeism issues. Dive Insight:

Exploresel.gse.harvard. Toxic Culture of Education: Joshua Katz at TEDxUniversityofAkron. Build Your Own - Breakout EDU Digital. Administrators share 7 tips for building positive school culture. Building and maintaining a positive school culture can be an uphill battle for many principals and superintendents.

Administrators share 7 tips for building positive school culture

Once attained, however, it has shown to have a significant impact in areas of concern including student academic performance and teacher retention. Recently, one Massachusetts school linked positive school culture to a 100% college acceptance rate, and positive climate was also found to reduce teacher turnover in a turnaround school in Colorado. This kind of impact begins with strong district and school leaders, who model attitudes and behaviors for staff members and students.

For those wondering where to start, we've gathered advice from several veteran administrators on how they approach building positive culture within their schools and districts. Value everyone's journey "Building a positive culture starts with valuing everyone’s journey within that culture. -Joe Sanfelippo, superintendent of Fall Creek School District in Wisconsin Avoid negative messaging.

What Are Students' Biggest Motivation Killers? We Asked Them. “What can we do to motivate our students who need it the most?”

What Are Students' Biggest Motivation Killers? We Asked Them.

My principal recently asked. As a teacher, I, of course, had many thoughts. But those thoughts are just that: mine. So I asked my principal a simple question: Why don’t we ask the students? So we did. We sat down with a group of sophomores—a majority of whom are in the bottom three percent of the class academically. What we had intended to be a quick conversation sparked a deep discussion consuming the whole 70-minute period. 1.

We all know that there are students who show understanding of content and work hard on assignments, only to bomb tests because of cognitive challenges, stress, or any other host of “test-taking factors.” Chicago Tribune. Make a Digital #BreakoutEDU. They let me guest moderate a #DitchBook twitter chat last Thursday on #BreakoutEDU.

Make a Digital #BreakoutEDU

It was A-Mazing! Matt Miller (@jmattmiller), author of Ditch That Textbook, has a tremendous chat at 9 PM each Thursday. The DitchBook team is very supportive and welcomed a newbie like me in without a blink of an eye. Karly Moura (@karlymoura) was so patient and supportive and co-moderated with me to make the experience wonderful. I do hope they will let me do it again sometime. I love #BreakoutEDU for the problem-solving qualities and for encouraging perseverance.

As I prepared for the chat, I knew I wanted our group to experience a digital Breakout. Look through the one I created or the links above to see how everything works before you read the tutorial below. Spanish Web Resources - Web Links. Culture and HistoryMusic, Radio, & TelevisionNews and MagazinesLiteratureLanguage Learning SitesChat and Virtual WorldsCountry/City ToursGrab BagProfessional Language Associations Culture and History Top Music, Radio, and Television News and Magazines Literature Language Learning Sites.

Spanish Web Resources - Web Links

LA CLASE DEL SR. OJEDA – Profesor de ELE en El Norte. Additional Resources to Support to STARTALK Principles. The Future of Digital Language Learning - Travel Life Experiences. Language Zen is a new web application with much faster outcomes than Rosetta Stone and Duolingo.

The Future of Digital Language Learning - Travel Life Experiences

It was built on the principle that other programs haven’t even scratched the surface of what computers can do to help teach a new language. Every member of Language Zen’s team learned new languages independently and we were frustrated by what they experienced with other programs. We spoke with Language Zen’s co-founder and CEO, Micah Greenberg: “The fundamental problem with older programs is that they put every learner on the same static, linear curriculum.

But in real life, learners know very different things and learn in very different ways. Past programs treated every user the same and created, boring inefficient courses. Language Zen builds a personal experience for every user. Two learners can have vastly different experiences based on their prior knowledge and personal retention patterns. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. @SenorKohl Instilling growth mindset as a norm. @SenorKohl I am a huge fan of polls, votes, & questions of the day to elicit answers, reactions & conversation/inte… @SenorKohl I use a lot of routines from the littles through middle we always start class time with gree… @SenorKohl My favorite is to show pictures and ask questions about them. Then I show the same pics with written sen…