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PRICING. 25 Useful IPtable Firewall Rules Every Linux Administrator Should Know. Managing network traffic is one of the toughest jobs a system administrators has to deal with.

25 Useful IPtable Firewall Rules Every Linux Administrator Should Know

He must configure the firewall in such a way that it will meet the system and users requirements for both incoming and outgoing connections, without leaving the system vulnerable to attacks. This is where iptables come in handy. Iptables is a Linux command line firewall that allows system administrators to manage incoming and outgoing traffic via a set of configurable table rules.

Iptables uses a set of tables which have chains that contain set of built-in or user defined rules. Thanks to them a system administrator can properly filter the network traffic of his system. Per iptables manual, there are currently 3 types of tables: In this article, you will see some useful commands that will help you manage your Linux box firewall through iptables. 1. First, you should know how to manage iptables service in different Linux distributions. On SystemD based Linux Distributions 2. GUI of Iptables. One side of iptables and netfilter that we haven't looked at very much yet, is the graphical user interfaces that are available for iptables and netfilter.

GUI of Iptables

One of the biggest problems with this is that netfilter is a very complex and flexible setup, that can perform the strangest of tasks. For this reason, it can become a very daunting task to create a GUI for netfilter. Several persons and organisations have tried to create GUI's for netfilter and iptables, and some have succeeded better than others, while others have given up after some time. All have different reasoning behind their tries as well, so it isn't an easy task to show them all. However, this chapter is a small compilation of some of the GUI's for iptables and netfilter that may be worth looking at. 20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration. Here are 20 things you can do to make your apache configuration more secure.

20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration

Disclaimer: The thing about security is that there are no guarantees or absolutes. These suggestions should make your server a bit tighter, but don't think your server is necessarily secure after following these suggestions. Additionally some of these suggestions may decrease performance, or cause problems due to your environment. It is up to you to determine if any of the changes I suggest are not compatible with your requirements. In other words proceed at your own risk. How To Install and Configure Sphinx on CentOS 7. Introduction Sphinx is an open source search engine that allows full-text searches.

How To Install and Configure Sphinx on CentOS 7

It is best known for performing searches over large data very efficiently. The data to be indexed can generally come from very different sources: SQL databases, plain text files, HTML files, mailboxes, and so on. Some key features of Sphinx are: High indexing and searching performanceAdvanced indexing and querying toolsAdvanced result set post-processingProven scalability up to billions of documents, terabytes of data, and thousands of queries per secondEasy integration with SQL and XML data sources, and SphinxQL, SphinxAPI, or SphinxSE search interfacesEasy scaling with distributed searches In this tutorial, we will set up Sphinx with MySQL server using the sample SQL file included in the distribution package.

Hybrid Smart Servers- ServerMania. Cloud Server. Maple-Hosting™ - Web, VPS & Dedicated Hosting Since 2008. Optimizing servers - nginx speedup & optimization guide. Nginx is a small and fast webserver which generally outperforms most of the alternatives out of the box, however there is always room for improvement.

Optimizing servers - nginx speedup & optimization guide

In addition to operating as a web-server nginx can also be used as reverse HTTP proxy, forwarding requests it recieves to different back-end servers. General Tuning nginx uses a fixed number of workers, each of which handles incoming requests. How To Optimize Nginx Configuration. How To Install Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) Stack on Debian 7. How To Optimize Nginx Configuration. Hosting solutions: Webspace, VPS, Dedicated Server, Colocation -

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Digitalocean. Fully Managed Magento Hosting. SSD VPS hosting - SSD speed, large disk space and low prices - SSD VPS Pricing & Features - Magento Hosting. A slow Magento site means less conversions Unprecedented performance on all shop scales from the Uk’s fastest specialist hosting company for Magento Fanatical experts in Magento Magento up time and speed is our top priority.

Magento Hosting

Support is fast and accurate no matter on your experience. Our team are available 24 hours a day to help with the most basic or technical question you have. Install Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MySQL on CentOS for WordPress. Linux VPS. What payment methods are accepted?

Linux VPS

We accept PayPal, Bitcoin as well as Visa, Mastercard and Discover. What payment terms are allowed? We allow monthly, quarterly (5% discount), semi-annually (10% discount) and annual (15% discount) prepayments. Cheap Dedicated Servers. High Performance and Cheap Cloud Servers Deployment - Hetzner: установка CentOS 7 с диском на 3 TB. Сегодня, решил арендовать новый сервер у своего любимого хостинг провайдера Hetzner.

Hetzner: установка CentOS 7 с диском на 3 TB

Воворемя вспомнил о том, что в прошлый раз установил образ по-умолчанию который разделил 3 TB диск на две части: 1TB + 2TB. Т.к. я использую ISP Manager 5 в качестве панелей администрирования, мне оказалось не очень удобно такое разделение и когда настало время, пришлось немного поплясать с бубном, чтобы не пришлось все переустанавливать заново. Cloud Server Plans and Pricing - Linode. How does hourly billing work?

Cloud Server Plans and Pricing - Linode

All services are billed automatically at the end of the month. You are charged the hourly rate for a service up to its monthly cap. You may receive a mid-month bill from Linode if you reach a certain threshold of Linode services used within a single month. If my Linode is powered off, will I be billed? Yes. What plan should I choose? If you're not sure, we recommend that you start small and work your way up. Pricing - UpCloud.

Cheap Windows & Linux VPS Hosting at an affordable price - VPS Plans & Perks - Quadcone, LLC. E-Commerce Hosting Solutions. Access, control, power.

E-Commerce Hosting Solutions

Here are a few of the benefits of using a VPS: We realize that you have many choices in hosting providers. Singapore Cloud Hosting Prices. Six choices of fully assembled servelets with RAM, CPU, SSD storage and Data Transfer. * SSD Storage Space refers to actual usable space, and does not include space for the OS. General cloud server features Every servelet has high-availability failoverSingapore cloud hosting – hosted in our Singapore data centerUpgrade any Servelet in the range on-the-flyFree DNS Hosting (Unlimited)Automatic Cloud Server Server Management through the SimplerCloud client portal, including consoling into server, stop and start, and rebuild with a different OS.Automatic Billing & Cancellation through the SimplerCloud client area.Add Many OS Templates: Ubuntu, CentOS, ArchLinux, OpenSUSE, Windows 2008 with MS SQL (Fees apply) – request if your OS version is not on the order menu.Server Management Panels: Plesk, cPanel, request if your preferred panel is not on the menu.See our full list of Singapore Cloud Hosting Features Here.

21 Top Low End Cloud Server Providers with Hourly Pricing. In this article you’ll see 15+ cloud server providers offering cloud vps at low end price range (or shortly saying: affordable). I’ve collected what I can find during my searching so the list will not stop here. You can add another provider if you know one that is not in my list. Cloud services by Prometeus. Why Supreme Servers - Supreme Servers. Money Back Guarantee.