Consumer Behaviour

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Advertising: Its business culture and careers - Chapter 9. The whole ethos of communicating with consumers should be the search for something new to say.

Advertising: Its business culture and careers - Chapter 9

Read books, watch movies, watch TV, surf the web and go out and experience people in many different environments. Whatever you do, don't do this to order. Don't just do it because this or any other book says so, or as part of a student project; do it because you are genuinely excited by the prospect of a job in advertising, marketing and media communication. Make yourself more interesting. Advertising: Its business, culture and careers sets out not to claim to provide all the answers you need to embark on a successful career in advertising and media communications.

Good luck! The Sneaky Psychology Of Advertising. AdSense program policies - AdSense Help. All publishers are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully.

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New Theory Explains What Makes a Video Go Viral. More than 10 million people have watched a YouTube video of an iPhone being pulverized in a blender.

New Theory Explains What Makes a Video Go Viral

It's actually a commercial for Blendtec — a company most viewers had probably never heard of. But with the viral clip, Blendtec let social networking spread its name and message rather than paying for a mass advertising campaign. And it worked like a charm. "Viral-produced movies" are the new holy grail of advertising, but they're tough to pull off. Only the best among them can overcome the slight annoyance people feel when they realize a video they enjoyed was actually an ad — and yet compel them to share it with friends anyway. So what defines a great ad — one that a viewer will choose to Tweet or post to Facebook? Coker has come up with a recipe for success called the branded viral movie predictor algorithm. First, the themes of a video must be congruent with people's pre-existing knowledge of the brand it is advertising. . © Consumer Behavior: The Psychology of Marketing.

Stuart Hall- Key Concepts. Psychology of Consumer Behaviour. Psychology And Advertising.