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PHI Latin Texts. Great Books on G'Oogle and Internet Pharrchive. Great Books Available from Google Books, the Internet Archive and Elsewhere This list began as something I posted on textkit, but I have reproduced and expanded it here.

Great Books on G'Oogle and Internet Pharrchive

Initially this was a list of books I had found on Google Books, but I have since added many books from other sources, especially Maybe I'll even update this list every now and then... Since I wrote this for members of textkit, I didn't bother to include its own extensive collection of pdf files of classical books. If you are not familiar with that site, you should definitely explore all it has to offer. Search. Alcuinus, Ambrosiaster, Ambrosius, Ammianus, Augustinus, Aurelius Victor, Ausonius, Baco, Beda Venerabilis, Benedictus Nursianus, Bernardus Claraevallensis, Boethius, Caesar, Cassianus, Cassiodorus, Catullus, Celsus, Censorinus, Cicero, Claudianus, Curtiu.

Digital Library: Bibliotheca Latina. [No Author] Angelic Trisagion[451 (TAQ)]Lingua latina - LAT0013 Codex canonum ecclesiarum orientalium[1990]Lingua latina - LAT0758 Codex Iuris CanoniciAuctoritate Ioannis Pauli PP.

Digital Library: Bibliotheca Latina

II Promulgatus Datum Romae, die xxv Ianuarii, anno MCMLXXXIII[1983.01.25]Lingua latina - LAT0010 Codex iuris canonici (1917)[1917]Lingua latina - LAT0813 Liber Kalilae et DimnaeLingua latina - LAT0661 Magna Carta[1215]Lingua latina - LAT0548 Missale RomanumEx decreto Ss. Regimen sanitatis Salernitanum[1050 ca]Lingua latina - LAT0580 [Various Authors]AA.VV. CanticaLingua latina - LAT0470 Historia Augusta[04 sec. ?] Nova Vulgata Bibliorum SacrorumVaticana secunda emendata[1979]Lingua latina - LAT0669 [Anonymous]Anonim Anonimo Anonyme Auctor innominatus Sine nomine Annales Vedastini[844-899]Lingua latina - LAT0782 Breve chronicon Northmannicum[12 sec.]Lingua latina - LAT0774 Carmen Arvale[04 sec.]Lingua latina - LAT0262 Carmen in victoriam Pisanorum[1088]Lingua latina - LAT0619 Carmina Priapea[01 sec. ?]

L. Abbo Metensis Balbus. Ancient Greek and Latin Texts. As part of its mission to make the world's books searchable and discoverable, Google has digitized over five hundred ancient Greek and Latin books.

Ancient Greek and Latin Texts

We present them here downloadable as zip files of images and plain text, and as links to Google Books web pages where you can read them online in full or download PDFs. This collection was selected by Prof. Greg Crane and Alison Babeu of Tufts University, and compiled by Will Brockman and Jon Orwant of Google. Enjoy! Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum. Epigraphische Datenbank Heidelberg (EDH) Greek and Roman Materials. You have been automatically redirected to the new version of our website, Perseus 4.0. We have attempted to automatically redirect you to the corresponding page in the new version. If we encountered an error in the redirect process, we have sent you to our home page. For further help, please contact Some special content previously hosted by Perseus, but not integrated into the digital library collections, may not appear in P4. This applies to coursework-related content and data from other sources and collections.

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