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CriSamar_Ramblas. Toni+Co - Anaïs Gato. About Me Contact Facebook.

Toni+Co - Anaïs Gato

La Table stackable furniture by Jouni Leino. Buy Outdoor Lounge Furniture. Emu Ronda Stack Arm Chair. Imported from Italy, emu Contract stackable chairs and bar stools are stylish chairs that are available for both indoor or outdoor applications. emu Contract items shown below are most always in stock and can ship in 10 days or less.

emu Ronda Stack Arm Chair

Quotation Process We would appreciate the opportunity to create a Quotation for any and every situation. The only limitation is quotations for the freight for the International leg of a potential order. See below for International requests. Note: we will be happy to quote Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico however it may take up to an additional business day for us to secure the best rates. Silestone and The Third and The Seventh projects. "Since starting in the CG world – fifteen years ago now – I always dreamt about the day I could easily reproduce accurate, advanced materials and global illumination in a flexible, fast production environment, so that I could focus on what matters as an artist.

Silestone and The Third and The Seventh projects

My dream came true when I discovered V-Ray! " You have always been connected to the art of visualization in one way or another. Alex Roman interview: The Third & The Seventh, From Bits To The Lens book. We had the pleasure of talking to Alex Roman about the making of his landmark short film, "The Third & The Seventh", and his new book, From Bits To The Lens, which is based on the production of the film.

Alex Roman interview: The Third & The Seventh, From Bits To The Lens book

You started the short by assembling a collection of personal work you’d been making for a number of years. Yes, it all began with the idea of compiling a number of loose pieces that I had created up to that moment, adding a bit more material and then trying to put everything together in a more or less organized way in a timeline. How did you come up with the idea of using the photographer and cameras as narrative devices for weaving the story? I soon realized that there was a lot of material and that I needed a logical thread to put the pieces together. In the beginning it was a collection of “pretty things” with no apparent relationship between them.

There’s frequent use of sensory images that help make the short alive. Alex Roman: I love architecture. Alex Roman, man behind some of the greatest architecture visualizations of all time tells us about his new book, explains why he hates modeling and what he finds the most important in making CG art.

Alex Roman: I love architecture

The big news is that on the The third and Seventh Book website we may preorder your new book - "The third and the seventh: from bits to the lens". Tell us more about it and its contents. What will we find inside? Will you post very detailed description of the process of making of "The Third and the Seventh" movie or maybe some general clues and philosophy? (Editor's note: a new shipping (cheaper) class of Alex Roman's book was added on 21st of October and 10% off sale extends to 1st of November.) People are going to find a strong emphasis on artistic principles as well as an important informations dedicated to CG techniques. Click on image to enlarge.

RA Schools. Please note that our next admissions period is 1 October - 1 December 2015.

RA Schools

In an applicant we look first for evidence of a strong practice; second that the candidate is looking for evolution in their work and that their practice is not fixed; third that they have a desire and capacity to be critically engaged with their own work and that of others. We aim to put together a diverse group that represents the breadth of contemporary art practice. In most cases our successful candidates have gained a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art or have equivalent experience. NYT ARTs section 6-30-2011 by The New York Times. Mail - Upper Yarra Mail - 17th March 2015 by Star News Group. Tue 10 June 2014 by The Guardian Newspaper. Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama - Newspaper - Issue 1, Spring 2015 by Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

The Spark Newspaper - Spring 2015 Issue 2 by Spark* Domus digital edition - 01/12/2013. Il nostro sito le invierà dei cookies, programmi che riconoscono gli utenti collegati al sito e che ne seguono la navigazione per comprendere quali dei nostri servizi siano più apprezzati e usati; i dati che ne deriveranno saranno utilizzati per la predisposizione di varie analisi e ricerche di mercato, ma sotto forma rigorosamente anonima.

Domus digital edition - 01/12/2013

The World's 25 Best Design Schools. Flickr/bluekdesign As we enter the golden age of design in startups, highly talented user-interface and product designers are becoming ever more important.

The World's 25 Best Design Schools

Some companies leading the charge are Apple, Path, Pinterest, Square, and Airbnb. What those companies have in common is that design is at the core of their businesses. MEDes - Master of European Design. Vapur Element The Anti-Bottle. C&F Large Waterproof Fly Box Clear Top - Heavy Streamer - CFGS-3500CT. Comprar Creativo jabón viajes caja a prueba de agua a prueba de fugas tapa con cerradura caja de jabón de cuadro de sándwich fiable proveedores en TOGETHER-B.

Small Starboard Extra Storage Compartment, Waterproof Lid. Graphispag - Home. Super Water-Repellent Furoshiki NAGARE official. Tork Xpressnap® - 2014. Food Storage Containers - Glass Food Storage Containers. Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case : One Size Fits All Mobile Phones. Pineway Asia has teamed up with Andrea Ponti to come up with Aqualife waterproof smartphone case.

Aqualife Waterproof Smartphone Case : One Size Fits All Mobile Phones

Aqualife is produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic. Just for your information, Pineway Asia Ltd. is the authorized sole distributor for Case Logic Mobile and Hardware in Asia Pacific. Innovative Hermetic Packaging: Materion Nozzle Combo Lids™ A constant challenge in the Semiconductor industry is hermetic packaging.

Innovative Hermetic Packaging: Materion Nozzle Combo Lids™

Following is an explanation of the importance of such packaging and how Materion has addressed this need for the sensor industry. Why is hermetic packaging needed? Every semiconductor chip that is fabricated should be properly packaged for long durability and performance. Sensor chips particularly need to be shielded from particles, gases and vapors that would interfere with the intended measurement. Therefore, proper hermetic packaging is essential to protect the device from contamination and increase reliability and ensure performance. 10 Waterproof Smartphone Cases to Prevent Disaster. The weather is warming up, which means you're ready to take on the elements. In preparation for summer swimming, cycling and singing in the rain, make sure to keep your smartphone well-protected. We've gathered 10 waterproof smartphone cases that'll help prevent many an accident.

Looking for an everyday waterproof iPhone cover? Or maybe a kooky dry bag for a number of smartphone devices? We've got you covered — literally. Nagare - Bags and suitcases - Backpacks - Red Dot 21 – global design directory. Water-Repellent Wrapping Cloth Wasserabweisendes Verpackungstuch Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square cloth, which is used to wrap and carry items. This new Furoshiki model is made of a 1 x 1 metre piece of polyester that effectively protects the contents against water – be it a gift, a sandwich or a shopping purchase. The cloth is likewise suitable for outdoor use, where it replaces the plastic bag, and it doubles as umbrella or even bucket since it can carry up to 10 litres of water. Furoshiki nennt sich in Japan ein quadratisches Tuch, das traditionell zum Tragebündel geknotet wird. Foodskin - Sports & Leisure - Outdoor - Red Dot 21 – global design directory.

Shake & Go: Demo. FLOW THERMOMUG - Sports & Leisure - Outdoor - Red Dot 21 – global design directory. TECH TALK: Contigo Autoseal West Loop travel mug. Autoseal West Loop Easy-Clean Lid. Water Bottle - BPA Free Bottles - AUTOSEAL Water Bottle - Contigo. Multitaskers assemble! The 32 oz. AUTOSEAL Grace Water Bottle is engineered for an easy one-hand drinking experience. This BPA-free water bottle features a one-touch AUTOSEAL lid that automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks. The 32 oz. Grace is our largest capacity bottle, which means fewer refills and increased productivity. Contigo AUTOSEAL® Grace Water Bottle - 32 oz. Steeltainer: Round Deli Container - Airtight Stainless Steel Food Containers - Lunch, Snacks, Storage - Litterless Lunch. Counterscaping Liquid Container. A Construction Kit That Lets You Make Starships and Castles Out of Cardboard. The Third and The Seventh HD. Designing while Travelling, an Interview with Meng To. For this week's interview, we have Meng To.

Meng is designer and the maker of Design+Code Book. He's currently travelling around the World from North America to all the way to Asia. Let's enjoy this beautiful interview from a genuine designer. Invisible bicycle helmet by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin - More with Less. Most of us spent our childhoods rebelling against our parents to wear a bike helmet. Whilst they’re an undeniably life saving accessory, they’re ugly and bulky and uncomfortable. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, two design students from Sweden, have no less than answered our prayers by developing an ‘invisible bike helmet’.

The wrap around structure inflates into a protective bubble around the wearers head upon impact, revolutionising the way we think about bike safety. “If people say it’s impossible we have to prove them wrong.” They took on a giant challenge as an exam project. La mayoría de nosotros pasamos nuestra infancia rebelándonos contra nuestros padres a llevar un casco de bicicleta. “Si la gente dice que es imposible, tenemos que demostrar que están equivocados.” Ellas asumieron un reto gigante para un proyecto de clase, algo que nadie había hecho antes. Make Hack One: Cams, drone power and retro gaming gear. Laser camera triggers, drones guided by Oculus Rift and haptic gaming vests are just a few of the incredible projects cooked up by skilful and enthusiastic makers then shared with the world.

Welcome to the favourites list of made and hacked devices. This is our rundown of the best maker projects doing the rounds: the ingenious, the creative and the downright useful. ¿Sabes qué puedes hacer para evitar el despilfarro alimenticio? Publicado el 01/07/2013. Google sketchup - WikID, the Industrial Design Engineering wiki. This part is created for the course Advanced Design Support at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the TU Delft. Sants Barcelona. Sants Barcelona is part of the Sants-Montjuic district and has a working class background. It’s well-situated in relation to the main sights, making it a great base for exploring the city. Parc de l’Espanya Industrial is located right next to Sants station and is the site of a former textile factory which has been converted into a great park.

All designs. Erik Thorstensson on Creatables. The Best Kids' Design Of 2014. Reincarnate your darlings: Erik Thorstensson at TEDxGöteborg. Infographic: 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics. You arrived at this article because you either love infographics and one more couldn't hurt, or you're dying to know why everyone loves them so much. Neomam Studios takes a fascinating look at some of the data behind these highly shareable images. 3D-PRINT SHOP : Pekka Salokannel - DESIGN. Garbage disposal unit. "Garbage disposal" redirects here. For the mass-scale disposal of waste, see waste management. An installed garbage disposal with air switch. The clear tube conveys the air that activates the switch Garbage disposal units are widely used in United States households, but far less commonly used elsewhere.