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5 Alternate Italian Cheeses. We partnered with Ruffino Wines to share five Italian cheeses you should be stocking and cooking with, ones that you might enjoy outside with a little bubbly, like their Ruffino Prosecco.

5 Alternate Italian Cheeses

It's normal to reach for the same cheeses again and again when cooking Italian food or serving up a cheese board with prosciutto and antipasti. It's just like anything you gravitate toward to be sure of your footing—a dish you've made more than a few times, wine you'd buy because you know its label. But I'm a curious cheese eater, and maybe you are too. I'm often seeking to change up my cheese game, and generally look to what's new or interesting at the cheese counter. (Your cheesemonger can help with this.) And this is the place to try your hand at choosing more regional cheeses, ones you or I may not be aware of (or don't know how to pronounce). If you like a slicer cheese like Provolone for sandwiches and to serve alongside fresh, green vegetables, next time try Marzolino.

Tags: ruffino. How to Make Feta Cheese. It's always more fun to DIY.

How to Make Feta Cheese

Every week, we'll spare you a trip to the grocery store and show you how to make small batches of great foods at home. Today: With some special ingredients and a bit of patience, you can easily make crumbly, salty feta cheese at home. Mary Karlin, author of Mastering Fermentation, shows us how. Feta is one of the most popular and easy-to-make cultured cheeses: it requires a minimal amount of cheese making skill and offers rewarding, delicious results. It can be made either firm or crumbly in texture, depending on your preference and the culture used. Due to the time feta spends in a salty liquid, much of its own moisture has been drawn out into the brine. More: Once you make your feta, toss it with orzo for a Greek-inspired salad. When allowed to age and dry in the refrigerator, the feta’s saltiness will dissipate, rendering the cheese grateable and more delicate in flavor.

Feta also pairs nicely with a sweet counterpoint. Can’t Give Up Cheese? This One’s For You. Have you ever uttered the words “I would be vegan, but I just can’t live without cheese?”

Can’t Give Up Cheese? This One’s For You

You’re definitely not alone—and you’re not crazy. Cheese addiction is real. Turns out that all dairy products contain casomorphins, an opiate-like substance that encourages baby mammals to nurse from their mothers so they don’t starve to death. Cheese contains an abundance of concentrated casomorphins. When you eat cheese, you’re getting a little high.

So it was in the interest of science, and public service, that my wife and I contacted a few new artisan vegan cheese companies and invited them to send us their brand-spanking new products getting ready to hit the market shelves for a wine and cheese tasting event. Along with the cheese, we served our friends wines from Vegan Vine—Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend. Instead, Vegan Vine wines are fined with Bentonite clay from naturally occurring volcanic ash. And now, for the cheese. Cheers! Ed: Sara Crolick About Gary Smith. Homemade Mascarpone Cheese recipe on How to Make DIY Goat Cheese with Kefir. Do you love expensive goat cheese?

How to Make DIY Goat Cheese with Kefir

Did you know you can easily and cheaply make your own healthier goat cheese from goat milk kefir? Since I have been on my health journey while traveling, I've learned a ton about healthy organic food and how to eat for heatlh. Kefir is an amazing superfood recommended by many doctors and health experts and it is best to make your own from grains and raw milk for the highest quality. "Discover the incredible health-promoting benefits of kefir. If you are serious about boosting your immunity and increasing your daily energy, then adding traditionally fermented foods to your diet is a must. "A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods in 2007 showed that kefir extracts have components that specifically target and stop the growth of human breast cancer cells. " "The various types of beneficial microbiota contained in kefir make it one of the most potent probiotic foods available.

Cheese Making for Beginners. Cheesemaking – what to do with all that whey? - FARMcurious. Look at all that delicious whey!

Cheesemaking – what to do with all that whey? - FARMcurious

You’ve conquered your demons and made cheese- good for you!! (If you haven’t yet made cheese, join one of our classes in SF & Oakland or check out our home cheesemaking kits – you won’t regret it). Now you find yourself with a pound of delicious homemade cheese and three quarts of whey! What to do with all that protein-rich goodness?

First, some things to know about whey: Whey is milk with the fats and solids pulled out (the solids are now in your cheese). However, the most valuable ingredient in whey is the whey protein. In the early days of large-scale cheesemaking, cheesemakers would have to be creative to find uses for their whey. Before too long, the protein industry became so huge that it nearly overcame the cheesemaking side of the business.