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Bloom´s taxonomy. International Associ. Issue 1, June 2019 Edited by Jo Mynard, Imelda K.

International Associ

Brady, and Sarah Mercer Contents Introduction to Issue 1 Jo Mynard, Imelda K. Regular Papers. 班杜拉(Albert Bandura) - 社會學習論(social learning theory) @ 閱讀與生活. Crucial Conversations. Socioemotional development. Socioemotional Development Citation: Huitt, W. (2008).

Socioemotional development

Socioemotional development. Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. "Lead Students-Don't Just Manage Them: Classroom Teachers Need to Motivate, Inspire, and Influence Their Students, Not Just Make Them Behave" by Stein, Les - Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 91, Issue 4, December 2009. In the prologue to his magnum opus, Leadership, James MacGregor Burns says, "One of the most universal cravings of our time is a hunger for compelling and creative leadership" (1978: 1).

"Lead Students-Don't Just Manage Them: Classroom Teachers Need to Motivate, Inspire, and Influence Their Students, Not Just Make Them Behave" by Stein, Les - Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 91, Issue 4, December 2009

He further argues that people simply don't understand the concept of leadership; it is not synonymous with management (1978: 541). Although Burns' masterpiece is essentially a treatise on political leadership, he gives us a unique opportunity to understand the myriad leadership problems facing public schools. Our failure to encourage teacher leadership is one reason why we haven't reached our national education goals. Six Sources of Influence. The six sources of influence model is a powerful model for change.

Six Sources of Influence

I first learned about the Six Sources of Influence from my Influencer Training. The Influencer Training is based on the book, Influencer: The Power to Change Anything, by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler. The more I walk through the model, the more I appreciate it. One of the main things I like about the model is that it’s easy to remember and it’s easy to whiteboard. Change Anything with Skill. Why ‘Design Thinking’ Doesn’t Work in Education. “This process—which has been called design thinking—draws on methods from engineering and design, and combines them with ideas from the arts, tools from the social sciences, and insights from the business world.”

Why ‘Design Thinking’ Doesn’t Work in Education

Stanford University’s dschool webpage No doubt readers are familiar with the term Design Thinking. The concept of Design Thinking has yet to reach levels of MOOC mania, however it’s a movement in its own right. Why ‘Design Thinking’ Doesn’t Work in Education. Taking-design-to-school. Home - The Nueva Design Institute. Culture - Where do witches come from? Ask any Western child to draw a witch, and the chances are that he or she will come up with something familiar: most likely a hook-nosed hag wearing a pointy hat, riding a broomstick or stirring a cauldron.

Culture - Where do witches come from?

But where did this image come from? The answer is more arresting and complex than you might think, as I discovered last week when I visited Witches and Wicked Bodies, a new exhibition at the British Museum in London that explores the iconography of witchcraft. Does Student Motivation Even Matter? — The Atlantic. Education Department Pledges to Prioritize Needs of Language-Learners - Learning the Language. The U.S.

Education Department Pledges to Prioritize Needs of Language-Learners - Learning the Language

Department of Education says it is developing a strategy to elevate the national focus on English-language learners, the nation's fastest-growing student population. The plan, which touches on topics ranging from parent engagement to teacher preparation, is a "framing guideline for how we want to think about English-learners across different levels of the organization," said Libia Gil, the head of the U.S.

Department of Education's Office of English Language Acquisition, or OELA. Gil unveiled a draft of the plan Wednesday while addressing the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund's school governance conference in Washington. s2d - iPad - Learning Tool. Natural Born Learners : A tribute to Roland Meighan: Contributor to the Natural Born Learners reader. It is with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Personalized Education Now, founder and autonomy in education advocate, Dr.

Natural Born Learners : A tribute to Roland Meighan: Contributor to the Natural Born Learners reader.

Roland Meighan. I had the honour of interviewing this inspiring gentleman and was thrilled that he consented to be included in the reader Natural Born Learners: Unschooling and Autonomy in Education. He did not live to see it in print. Theory in Action: Constructivism. From the Editor’s Desk: Exams measure little of value - News - The Dansville Online - Dansville, NY. Social Interaction Design Primer II: 2. Action Systems. We need an action system for our content/information system.

Social Interaction Design Primer II: 2. Action Systems

Action systems traditionally belong to interaction designers, and they tend to describe actions that are constrained and enabled by the user interface, as well as back-end architecture, features, and functionality. Action systems conventionally hew pretty closely to visual design languages, and there are many standard and conventional systems (including pattern languages) around for user behavior around UI elements, such as pulldowns, lists, multiple selection windows, form pages, wizards, and so on. Action systems describe the user interaction with what is on the screen, and with what the user’s (inter)action does: search > results; submit > preview; mouse over > popup, and so on. OpenStudy. Comic2 - Five Elements LLP. Attribution Theory. Attribution theory provides an important method for examining and understanding motivation in academic settings.

Attribution Theory

It examines individuals' beliefs about why certain events occur and correlates those beliefs to subsequent motivation. The basic premise of this theory is that people want to understand their environments and, therefore, strive to understand why certain events happen. In the classroom, the understanding students have about the causes of past events influences their ability to control what happens to them in the future. For example, if students fail a test, they will probably attribute that failure to a specific cause, such as (1) lack of ability, (2) lack of effort, or (3) poor instruction. The selected attribution will affect their subsequent motivation to engage in similar learning activities. Visible Thinking.

Purpose and Goals Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices, Visible Thinking has a double goal: on the one hand, to cultivate students' thinking skills and dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen content learning. By thinking dispositions, we mean curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, a creative mindset, not just being skilled but also alert to thinking and learning opportunities and eager to take them Who is it for?

Literacy Collaborative at The Ohio State University: Acquiring Second-Languages through Constructivist and Communicative Approaches in Literacy Collaborative Schools. By: Shelly Schaub, K-2 Literacy Collaborative Trainer English Language Learner (ELL) populations are growing at fast rate in most school districts across the United States. Projections suggest that “language minority students (those who speak a language other than English at home and who have varying levels of proficiency in English) will comprise over 40 percent of elementary and secondary students by 2030 (Thomas & Collier, 2001). Many questions are being asked about how to meet the needs of ELL students in classroom literacy blocks. The purpose of this article is to link the constructivist approach of the Literacy Collaborative framework for literacy instruction to the communicative/constructivist approaches to second-language acquisition.

Literacy Collaborative is a school-reform literacy project that supports teachers in raising their expertise through on-going professional development. Connecting Theory to Practice: Larry Ferlazzo: Five strategies for ELL vocabulary instruction. Reading, writing, listening and speaking in a new language demands a number of prerequisites -- a desire to do so; a certain level of self-confidence; a supportive atmosphere and, of course, knowing the meaning of words in the new language.

In other words, vocabulary. Here are five of the many instructional strategies I and, I'm sure, many other teachers use when teaching vocabulary to English Language Learners. Most, if not all, incorporate the widely proven research that finds that physical movement and/or images strengthen second-language learning: Personal Dictionaries: Each week students complete at least one of these "Four Word Sheets" where they identify...four new English words they have learned during the week from.

Vocabulary activities. Word Jumble: Practicing sentence structures. It appears in several activity books and I have come across it in various course books as well. In ‘Five-minute activities’ (Penny Ur & Andrew Wright, Cambridge University Press) it is called Jumbled Sentences. I’ve known it as Word Jumble. I have used this activity a few times and I have tried several different ways of presenting it.

It can be a useful activity as a first step to introducing key phrases or a dialogue. 89.7 Bay. Welcome - Reading Horizons. Cognitive Development. LIFE are often parents, spouses, employees, business owners and household managers. They have well-developed skill sets which have served them in all they have done in the past. However, a lack of literacy, numeracy, and formal education affects the cognitive development of adults. LIFE need to build the necessary skills to thrive in a print-based society. It is important that early ESL literacy instructors build foundational thinking skills so that learners experience success. At higher levels, LIFE may have developed strong reading skills. Jean Piaget, a Swiss developmental theorist of the past century, believed that cognitive development through education was an essential part of a strong society. Instructional Design Fusions.

Famous Psychologists - Carl Rogers. Compare and contrast between the Audio-Lingual Method and Communicative Language Teaching. Learning_theories:clasicall_conditioning [Learning Theories] The Old Reader. Behaviorist learning theory is a learning model that would be present to some extent, in my opinion, in most classrooms today. Communicative Language Teaching: Jeremy Harmer and Scott Thornbury. Origin of the words cognitive psychology. Many people have trouble to grasp the meaning of the words “psychology”1 or “cognitive”. Sometimes it can be clarifying to take a look at the origin of the words. Interesting Quote from Alfie Kohn. Motivation and Emotion Lessons. The Top 10 Psychology Myths. 父母眼中的自己跟孩子們眼中的自己,沒想到竟然有這麼大的差別。 - boMb01. 太感人了! How Engaged Are Students and Teachers in American Schools? Front of the Class (TV Movie 2008) What is “good speaking”?

We are approaching the end of the first semester in our school and this is typically a time when we review our assessments, give out our grammar and vocabulary tests and write all the reports. Teacher talk - Error correction. The Psychology of Your Future Self and How Your Present Illusions Hinder Your Future Happiness. 實證:窮人和富人的人脈結構具有關鍵差異! 看完讓人驚訝!原來你該多多聯絡的對象竟是.... 我們華人們 非常喜歡談人脈, 有句現代諺語說「社會關係就是生產力」。 【讀者投稿】吳緯中:從優秀教師們身上學到的8個堅持 ─ 親子天下─嚴選部落客. 作者/吳緯中 我,是一位不善於堅持、軟趴趴、缺乏原則的菜鳥老師;然而,也終於跌跌撞撞地,度過了畢生教學的第一個學期。 終於找全了:蝴蝶效應、羊群效應、破窗理論......值得收藏. 「不舒服,正是成長的開始」/寫一封信給對工作徬徨的你. Psychology Organizations and Conferences. 2015 2nd International Conference on Society, Education and Psychology (ICSEP 2015) Psychological Association of the Philippines Convention Site - AASP 2015 Call for Papers. Calendar of Upcoming Conferences - Psychology and Related Disciplines. 2015 2nd International Conference on Society, Education and Psychology (ICSEP 2015) Asia-Pacific Conference on Education, Society and Psychology. Past Conferences - College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. International Symposium on Education, Psychology and Social Sciences. 8 Ways to Use Music in the Language Arts Classroom. Five-Minute Film Festival: The Best Education Parodies of 2014. Take Action: Verbs That Define Bloom’s Taxonomy. The Pygmalion Effect: Communicating High Expectations.

The Pygmalion Effect: Communicating High Expectations. Modelling the Emotional Listener: Making Psychological Processes Audible. The Key to Recruiting the Best Teachers Isn't Money. It's Culture. - Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable. Teachers: 10 Tips for Slowing Down. Decoding skills for listening: a collection of useful links. How To Deal With Anxiety, Tragedy Or Heartache - 4 Steps From Research. Watch Little Kids React to a Realistic-Looking Barbie Alternative. How to Have a Great Relationship — 5 New Secrets From Research.

How to Deal With Anxiety, Tragedy or Heartache — 4 Steps From Research. Wait Watchers — Haley Morris-Cafiero. A center for research into Self-Organized Learning. Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey – Celebrity Keynote, Futurologist, Writer, & Author, of Future Trends & Emerging Technology. The psychology of accents. Far Beyond Test Scores, What We (Should) Value In Students. 5 classic ice breakers you can use with all learners. Making Sure They Are Learning. Social and Emotional Learning Research Review: Annotated Bibliography. Five Keys to Successful Social and Emotional Learning. Map of the percentage of people speaking English in the EU by country. Out of Character: The Psychology of Good and Evil. One Crazy Road to Here: CSK Author Award Acceptance. Adolescent lit class book discussion. Fairy Tales Gone Wild: 10 Creative Ways to Teach Fairy Tales.

Just Breathe: When Teachers Practice Mindfulness. Philip Pullman on Grimm's fairy tales. World Teachers' Day 2014. Paul Piff: Does money make you mean? 5 secrets to language learning success. Addressing Our Needs: Maslow Comes to Life for Educators and Students. Child of Our Time 2013. 50 Activities and Games Dealing With Anger - Kim's Counseling Corner : Kim's Counseling Corner. Generation Like. How To Make People Like You: 6 Science-Based Conversation Hacks. This Is Why ‘Follow Your Passion’ Is Terrible Advice. First Date Conversation: 5 Things Research Says You Should Talk About. 馬丁·布伯- 台灣Wiki.