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Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U: Summer Semester 2013 "Tintin au Congo" ou la mission civilisatrice de la colonisation Hergé dessine et écrit "Tintin au Congo" en 1930 et 1931. Il s'agit du second album des aventures du reporter. L'idée en revient à l'abbé Norbert Wallez, directeur du quotidien Le vingtième siècle où Hergé (alias Georges Remi) est embauché en 1925. Après avoir plongé Tintin en Bolchévie ("Tintin au pays des Soviets"), Wallez convainc le dessinateur de s'intéresser au Congo, l'unique, mais gigantesque colonie belge, un territoire 80 fois plus grand que celui de la petite métropole! Couverture de l'album (version 1946). La colonisation du Congo fut tout à fait particulière, une des plus sauvages et des plus singulières du continent. Ce dernier entend bien exploiter au mieux les richesses de son nouveau bien, notamment l'ivoire, puis le caoutchouc. Cette exploitation forcenée de la colonie est enfin dénoncée par des enquêtes courageuses menées par des Britanniques. Voilà pour le cadre territorial et historique dans lequel se déroule Tintin au Congo. Le jeune Hergé au travail. Eduquer. P.

Natural Born Learners : A tribute to Roland Meighan: Contributor to the Natural Born Learners reader. It is with great sadness that we learned about the passing of Personalized Education Now, founder and autonomy in education advocate, Dr. Roland Meighan. I had the honour of interviewing this inspiring gentleman and was thrilled that he consented to be included in the reader Natural Born Learners: Unschooling and Autonomy in Education. He did not live to see it in print. Here, in his honour I have included that chapter so that readers of this blog will see how visionary his message continues to be. For many years, I was a double-agent in education. Democracy and Learning Systems One has to say quite a few things about democracy, because it is much more complicated than meets the eye. Then, in democratic education, you operate some form of power sharing rather than having things imposed on learners from above. This extends to parenting. I am a great fan of John Holt, and met him over here in England and we became good friends. Recycling Schools References Fortune-Wood, J. (2002).

Автосервис SRT на варшавке :: Social Interaction Design Primer II: 2. Action Systems We need an action system for our content/information system. Action systems traditionally belong to interaction designers, and they tend to describe actions that are constrained and enabled by the user interface, as well as back-end architecture, features, and functionality. Action systems conventionally hew pretty closely to visual design languages, and there are many standard and conventional systems (including pattern languages) around for user behavior around UI elements, such as pulldowns, lists, multiple selection windows, form pages, wizards, and so on. Attention: this article is part of a series. Action systems are particularly important because they shape and constrain user participation. The discrete sequences and steps involved in web 1.0 interactions are basic transactions: the user does X and the software/site verifies that X has been done. In social media, for example, the “call to action” is often a “call to interaction.” We use sociology to describe social encounters.

Enhanced Enemy AI at Skyrim Nexus All enemies (humans, humanoids, animals, undeads and monsters - except for Dragons) have an enhanced AI. Now your enemies are smart and dangerous, for a funnier and challenging game. Feel new game experiences and exciting duels and battles! This mod doesn't use scripts, and may be installed/uninstalled easily and without dangers for your saves . This mod is really light and non-intrusive, but his effects are visible and dangerous... I've only changed all the vanilla "combat styles", nothing more . Enemies will use more often and better spells, bashing, wards, strikes and so on... Try it and have fun! This mod is compatible with most of other combat mods, as: Ace - Combat Skills Dragon Combat Overhaul Dual Wield Parrying Duel - Combat Realism Deadly Combat Skyrim Redone (SkyRe) Tk Hitstop Ultimate Combat Locational Damage and a lot of others... if you load it after the other combat mod/s you are using

Attribution Theory Attribution theory provides an important method for examining and understanding motivation in academic settings. It examines individuals' beliefs about why certain events occur and correlates those beliefs to subsequent motivation. The basic premise of this theory is that people want to understand their environments and, therefore, strive to understand why certain events happen. In the classroom, the understanding students have about the causes of past events influences their ability to control what happens to them in the future. The study of attribution was initially associated with Fritz Heider (1896–1988) (1958). Attribution diagram based on the work of Bernard Weiner. When an achievement-related event occurs (e.g., a student fails an examination), especially if the outcome was unexpected, Weiner proposes that learners undertake an attributional search, trying to understand what happened. Attributional information is communicated to learners in a variety of ways. Covington, M.

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Visible Thinking Purpose and Goals Visible Thinking is a flexible and systematic research-based approach to integrating the development of students' thinking with content learning across subject matters. An extensive and adaptable collection of practices, Visible Thinking has a double goal: on the one hand, to cultivate students' thinking skills and dispositions, and, on the other, to deepen content learning. By thinking dispositions, we mean curiosity, concern for truth and understanding, a creative mindset, not just being skilled but also alert to thinking and learning opportunities and eager to take them Who is it for? Key Features and Practices At the core of Visible Thinking are practices that help make thinking visible: Thinking Routines loosely guide learners' thought processes and encourage active processing. A key feature of the Visible Thinking approach is the Teacher Study Group as described in the School-Wide Culture of Thinking section. License

Английский язык с П. Г. Вудхаузом. Дживс и незваный гость / P. G. Wodehouse. Jeeves and the unbidden guest (doc) П еревод-адаптация , лексико-грамматический коммен тарий и оформление Сергея Вознесенского и Татьяны Завирюхи. Всту пи тельная статья Ильи Франка. This book forms part of Ilya Frank's Multilingual Educational Project. This book in electronic form is provided "as-is". This book is for your personal use only. © С.А. (перевод-адаптация, лексико-грамматический комментарий, оформление) © И.М. Предлагаемая вниманию читателя книга из серии «Английский с улыбкой» включает в себя оригинальный текст рассказа Пэлема Грэнвила Вудхауза «Дживс и незванный гость», с его тонким английским юмором, содержащий большое количество широко употребляемой лексики и множество разговорных оборотов классического английского языка, дополненный рядом современных словарных оборотов и примеров словоупотребления. Начинающие осваивать английский язык могут при этом читать сначала текст с подсказками, а затем тот же текст - без подсказок. Уважаемые читатели! Сначала на вас хлынет поток неизвестных слов и форм. 4 "Eh?"

Literacy Collaborative at The Ohio State University: Acquiring Second-Languages through Constructivist and Communicative Approaches in Literacy Collaborative Schools By: Shelly Schaub, K-2 Literacy Collaborative Trainer English Language Learner (ELL) populations are growing at fast rate in most school districts across the United States. Projections suggest that “language minority students (those who speak a language other than English at home and who have varying levels of proficiency in English) will comprise over 40 percent of elementary and secondary students by 2030 (Thomas & Collier, 2001). Literacy Collaborative is a school-reform literacy project that supports teachers in raising their expertise through on-going professional development. Vygotsky’s theory of constructivism involves three important elements: Zone of Proximal Development (Vygotsky, 1978), Scaffolding (Bruner, 1978), and Approximation (Holdaway, 1979). Element 2: Scaffolding involves a teacher finding a child’s ZPD and engaging with a child or group of children in a learning task while providing temporary supports that are removed as students show evidence of independence.

Tips for storing marijuana seeds, how to germinate marijuana seeds, and how to marijuana seed tips Marijuana Seed Germination: Marijuana seeds require moisture, warmth and darkness for successful germination. We recommend you use clean water. For best germination results, fill a glass with clean, room temperature water. Usually within 48 hours the seeds swell and split their outer seed casings. Plant the seeds in a clean, pH balanced medium. Marijuana seeds should be planted about 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep in containers at least 4 inches deep to allow the initial tap root to grow straight down. Keep the planted seeds covered with clear plastic. Remove plastic covers, once the marijuana sprouts have cleared the soil surface and the first true serrate leaves are forming.

Education Department Pledges to Prioritize Needs of Language-Learners - Learning the Language The U.S. Department of Education says it is developing a strategy to elevate the national focus on English-language learners, the nation's fastest-growing student population. The plan, which touches on topics ranging from parent engagement to teacher preparation, is a "framing guideline for how we want to think about English-learners across different levels of the organization," said Libia Gil, the head of the U.S. Gil unveiled a draft of the plan Wednesday while addressing the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund's school governance conference in Washington. "The target here is to shift our language in how we describe English-learners from a deficit approach to one that is asset-based ... to really look at English-learners as a national asset and investment in contrast to thinking of English-learners as a problem or challenge coming to our school districts," Gil said. "That's a concern for us," Gil said.