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WORD SEARCH: Look in your dictionary / computer to find collocates, other meanings, information, synonyms … for the words 'social' and 'network'. Share your findings with your partners. Make questions using the words you found. Ask your partner / group your questions. 2. ARTICLE QUESTIONS: Look back at the article and write down some questions you would like to ask the class about the text. American TESOL Institute Webinar – Teaching With Facebook. New Facebook emoticons & chat pictures (smiley & image codes) Before we start, take a long pleasant breath now and let your mind slip into a world of kindness and deep emotions.

New Facebook emoticons & chat pictures (smiley & image codes)

This article is not about Facebook. It's about sharing the enjoyment of life with other people. 100 Ways To Use Facebook In Education By Category. Back in 2009, we wrote a popular post, 100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom.

100 Ways To Use Facebook In Education By Category

Now almost three years later, educators are still finding great ideas for putting Facebook to work on our list. But at the same time, Facebook has changed so much, and the site has even more to offer for the classroom. Social media for schools: a guide to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. • For advice on e-safety in schools, click here The use of social media in education continues to be something of a hot topic with arguments both for and against.

Social media for schools: a guide to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

So I carried out a small survey of 27 teaching professionals in order to create a baseline of understanding into the use (or not) of social networking in schools, and also any concerns over some of the e-safety risks. The full survey results can be found here. There are many uses of social media in education - below are just a few of the ways they can be effectively used. Why should students use facebook. What do you think about Facebook as a learning social networking media for students?

why should students use facebook

Do you believe in its educational potential or do you think we need to keep our students away from it because it is all about distraction ? Of course there is no right or wrong answer to these questions and each one of you has a different stance, perspective, and worldview from which he/she view things and decide what works or not for their particular situation. How to Handle Students on Facebook. 4 Awesome Facebook Templates for your Class. One of the strategies to get students engaged and motivated to learn is to incorporate materials that they can identify with and use easily.

4 Awesome Facebook Templates for your Class

Facebook templates meet this criteria and have proved to be a real success within different educational settings. Again the purpose is not Facebook per se but to enhance students learning using templates that have the look and feel of this popular social networking site. There are a variety of ways to use these templates with your students: you can assign students to create profiles of historical figures adding pictures and biographical information in the different sections of the template . Some teachers have their students pose as authors and/or historical characters and then create entries as if they were those figures. Teacher's Guide to Creating Facebook Group for Students. After posting about how to create a Google Plus community for your class one of my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning asked about whether there is a way to do the same on Facebook.

Teacher's Guide to Creating Facebook Group for Students

Her question got me thinking : how come I have been blogging for all these years and never came into my mind to post a tutorial on how teachers can create a Facebook group for their students. Although it is not on my posting schedule for today, I am not letting the idea go because if if I postpone it I might probably forget about it. Why create a Facebook page for your class ? As a teacher, I would not want to add my students to my friend list on Facebook not because of any considerations other than the fact that their feeds would not be relevant to mine.

(30) Using a Facebook Group As a Learning Management System. The Education Foundation's Facebook Guide for Educators. One could argue that Facebook is the original social network for education when we look at how the company had started out originally.

The Education Foundation's Facebook Guide for Educators

Nowadays, however, this role has clearly been taken by Twitter and vertical networks like Edmodo and others. Still, Facebook started as a social network for Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard fellows, and this means that up to today there is some education DNA left. On the other hand, Facebook has built up a quite bad reputation when it comes to security and privacy.

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101 More Cool Facebook Applications. Right then. It's been a while since we did our spiritgroundbreaking 101 Best Facebook Applications In The World Today post, and in the intervening weeks, many many more apps have been released. So, it's time for another trawl through Facebook's stash of apps. Yes, many of them are frivolous, ridiculous and pointless. They're the most popular ones. But others are useful, innovative and praiseworthy.

The 101 best Facebook applications in the world today. Facebook applications are the best thing since MySpace widgets sliced bread, as any fule kno. What's more, they're mushrooming by the day, as companies and individual developers alike catch on to the potential of having their content splashed over (potentially) millions of Facebook profiles. But which are the ones worth adding? I've put together a big list of 101 of the best, most useful, most interesting and silliest Facebook apps below. 'Fakebook'! Create a Fake Facebook Profile Wall using this generator. Facebook In The Classroom. Seriously. My Class Facebook: Screen shots. Here are some screen shots showing how I used FB in the class this year. I posted a lot of pictures and videos but most of the examples below are other content for security reasons.

We raised a caterpillar/butterfly and documented his growth and changes on FB. When the kids presented their animal project I videoed each of them and then posted the complete video on FB. Parents were able to see their child’s presentation this way. I like this example because it was one of the many times a parent posted something that extended or enriched our learning. We did quite a few graphs using parent data. I learned so much about the kids and their families through the comments. Like this: Like Loading... Technology Focus: The Learning. In college I remember learning about how important it was to always mention the child first when discussing special needs. How I Set Up My Class Facebook Page. Why I am using Facebook in the class again this year.