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Classrooms as Playgrounds

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Genius Hour. Ten Trends 2014: Maker culture. Setting Up Digital Workstations. Encouraging Choice, Collaboration, and Fun!

Setting Up Digital Workstations

- give away at the bottom of this post - Have you ever ran out of time when teaching a lesson? Ever wish there was just twenty more minutes for your students to extend a lesson with an engaging game? Try utilizing existing tools in your classroom to set up digital workstations that allow for differentiation, collaboration, choice, and active engagement. Learning Places and Spaces - virtual and actual. Shoeless learning spaces. Total learning: shoeless learning | superclasses | rooms within rooms | write-on surfaces | toilets | schools-within-schools | sound | learner led | science spaces | phones: how young?

shoeless learning spaces

| tiered seating | little details | flat screens | rule of 3 |. . . . ©professor stephen heppell. The How To of Learning Stations. The How To Of Learning Stations. Infusing Technology To Empower All Learners...written by Martha Lackey. Mrs. Wideen's Blog.