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Europrogocontestovision. 天南杂志. Books. Bettman/Corbis In 1985, Carol Leifer, who was discovered by David Letterman, became one of two female writers on 'Saturday Night Live,' but her time there wasn’t easy, and it didn’t end so well.


Saturday Night Live premiered in 1975, while I was in college, and comedy would never be the same. From the minute the show went on the air, it popped right off the screen as fresh and funny, and it immediately set a new standard for television comedy that continues today. So, in 1985 I was excited as anything when SNL’s creator, Lorne Michaels, returned to the helm after Dick Ebersol’s five-year reign. And even more excited to hear that the show was setting up auditions for new cast members at the Comic Strip, my home-base comedy club in New York City. Tattered Cover Read & Feed. Granta Magazine. Table of Contents - Magazine.

During the multi-country press tour for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, not even Jon Stewart has dared ask Tom Cruise about Scientology.

Table of Contents - Magazine

During the media blitz for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation over the past two weeks, Tom Cruise has seemingly been everywhere. In London, he participated in a live interview at the British Film Institute with the presenter Alex Zane, the movie’s director, Christopher McQuarrie, and a handful of his fellow cast members. In New York, he faced off with Jimmy Fallon in a lip-sync battle on The Tonight Show and attended the Monday night premiere in Times Square. And, on Tuesday afternoon, the actor recorded an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, where he discussed his exercise regimen, the importance of a healthy diet, and how he still has all his own hair at 53. Welcome to the Reading Room.

Books: Book Reviews, News, Stores, Events & More. Writers, Quotes, Biography, Interviews, Artists. Books News and Opinion on The Huffington Post. Books: Book Reviews, News, Stores, Events & More. Books news, reviews and author interviews. The Star Online: Lifestyle. How to change your view of Africa. Chimurenga, a pan-African English-language journal, depicts the continent’s horrors, sometimes from very close...

How to change your view of Africa

I once had coffee in Cape Town with a Cameroonian named Ntone Edjabe. He ran an English-language journal called Chimurenga, but what I remembered from our chat were his vignettes of Lagos (where he’d studied) and Johannesburg (where he went next). In Lagos, he said, you’d be driving down the highway and suddenly see a guy selling cars on the highway. Lagos was crazy, and yet it felt entirely safe. Whereas Johannesburg seemed sane, but never felt safe. I sent Edjabe some articles, but otherwise forgot about Chimurenga until a recent issue arrived in the mail. It’s also more surprising: I love well-off media types from New York or London, but by now we do tend to know how they think. Edjabe arrived in South Africa in 1993, instantly had his passport and money stolen, but stayed. His idea was to get Africans to write about Africa as they saw it.

Chimurenga is rising.