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Europrogocontestovision Quæ populis Mahumeda suis praeceperat olim Servanda æternum officia; et quo more, quotannis, Quo studio, variis diversæ e partibus orbis Inter se coeant gentes, opulentaque Meccæ Delubra, et celebri stipent penetralia pompa, Expediam; quæ tanta adeo per sæcula perstet Relligio in seros longum deducta nepotes. Non etenim leve nomen habes, quae cara Prophetae, Quae patria, imperiique audis sanctissima sedes, Obluctata diu quamvis, atque ausa nefandis 10 Ipsum odiis vexare, adversaque bella movere, Mox reducem primis cumulabas, Mecca, triumphis. Quinetiam, ni vana fides, tibi rnaximus hospes Successit, profugus patriam cum numine fausto Linqueret Abramus, tuaque inter mesnia fertur Ipse aras posuisse novas, purisque litasse Ritibus, et magno cultum instaurasse Jehovae. Ergo te sanctam ante alias, te rite colendam Praestabat, regnique sui Mahumeda jubebat Esse caput. Europrogocontestovision
天南杂志 天南杂志 Farewell from Chutzpah! Chutzpah Published 2014-02-19 01:57 Chutzpah!'s parent company, Modern Media, has announced that, as of this February, it will be shutting down the magazine because of financial concerns.
Bettman/Corbis In 1985, Carol Leifer, who was discovered by David Letterman, became one of two female writers on 'Saturday Night Live,' but her time there wasn’t easy, and it didn’t end so well. Saturday Night Live premiered in 1975, while I was in college, and comedy would never be the same.


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O-bakanaru ‘She’d never understood why people needed to sleep. To her, sleep seemed to be a punishment, an impossible obligation.’ Heart and Soul in Every Stitch My mother refers to it as my ‘nice Japanese bag’, which is accurate, but also tinged with irony . . .’ Spider Lilies ‘"They’re called shibitobana.

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Parable of the Sower In case you've ever looked at the whitewashed array of dystopian and post-apocalyptic books that line the shelves and asked yourself, "Do people of color survive the apocalypse?" the answer is yes. Read these books. Water is one of the most organic and natural substances on the planet and is essential to good health, yet rarely do we think about how it can cleanse, heal, and transform our lives. Red Room Books News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

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Chimurenga, a pan-African English-language journal, depicts the continent’s horrors, sometimes from very close... I once had coffee in Cape Town with a Cameroonian named Ntone Edjabe. He ran an English-language journal called Chimurenga, but what I remembered from our chat were his vignettes of Lagos (where he’d studied) and Johannesburg (where he went next). In Lagos, he said, you’d be driving down the highway and suddenly see a guy selling cars on the highway. How to change your view of Africa How to change your view of Africa