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Gmail - Free Storage and Email from Google. 5 Ways Teachers Can Encourage Deeper Learning With Personal Devices. 16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. As you probably know, Google Drive is far more than a place to store files online.

16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms

It also includes a suite of versatile creation tools, many of which perform the same functions as the ones we use in other spaces. These include Google Docs, a word processing program that behaves similarly to Microsoft Word, Google Slides, a presentation program similar to PowerPoint, and Google Forms, a survey-creation tool similar to Survey Monkey. Although Drive also includes other tools, these three are particularly useful for creating rigorous, academically robust projects. If your school uses Google Classroom or at least gives students access to Google Drive, your students are probably already using these tools to write papers or create slideshow presentations, but there are other projects they could be doing that you may not have thought of.

Below I have listed 16 great ideas for projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. Annotated Bibliography Book Review Book Review Collaborative Story Table. #Soyvisual es un Sistema de Comunicación Aumentativa de Fundación Orange. #Soyvisual es un Sistema de Comunicación Aumentativa de Fundación Orange. Bible Illustrations From Sweet Publishing. The free Bible illustrations listed below are © Sweet Publishing and are made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Bible Illustrations From Sweet Publishing

This means you are free to redistribute, adapt, and use these illustrations in your own work, provided that you 1. Attribute the illustrations to Sweet Publishing with a link, where possible, to and 2. Please be sure you understand and are willing to abide by the terms of this license before using these illustrations. The illustrations are organized by book(s) of the Bible, using a numeric code for each book (e.g. 01 is Genesis). If you would like to download all the images at once, you may do so from the ~4GB zip file,, or torrent file. Online Presentation Software – Create Amazing Presentations. Tour Builder. Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer Classroom Quizzes.

TheLearnia - Free Online Whiteboard. 16 skills students need to learn today to thrive tomorrow. The gap between the skills people learn and the skills people need is becoming more obvious, as traditional learning falls short of equipping students with the knowledge they need to thrive, according to the World Economic Forum report New Vision for Education: Fostering Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology.

16 skills students need to learn today to thrive tomorrow

Today's job candidates must be able to collaborate, communicate and solve problems – skills developed mainly through social and emotional learning (SEL). Combined with traditional skills, this social and emotional proficiency will equip students to succeed in the evolving digital economy. What skills will be needed most? An analysis of 213 studies showed that students who received SEL instruction had achievement scores that averaged 11 percentile points higher than those who did not. And SEL potentially leads to long-term benefits such as higher rates of employment and educational fulfillment. Share Written by. ThinkZone Games. Timeline, online whiteboard.

לקראת המפגש ברימונים A free teaching platform. The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies. Listen to this article as a podcast episode: Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 38:22 — 53.1MB) Subscribe: iTunes | Android | When I worked with student teachers on developing effective lesson plans, one thing I always asked them to revise was the phrase “We will discuss.”

The Big List of Class Discussion Strategies

We will discuss the video. We will discuss the story. We will discuss our results. Every time I saw it in a lesson plan, I would add a note: “What format will you use? The problem wasn’t them; in most of the classrooms where they’d sat as students, that’s exactly what a class discussion looked like. Classmill - Create classes with links, videos, images & files. השתלמות בשלומי. Mentimeter - Turn opinions into tangible data, in real-time. Geography Education. 10 Educational Web Tools That Support Inquiry-based Learning. September , 2015 As a learning strategy, inquiry-based learning is all about learners constructing their own understanding and knowledge through asking questions.

10 Educational Web Tools That Support Inquiry-based Learning

Unlike traditional learning methods that focus primarily on drills, memorization and rote learning, inquiry-based learning is essentially student-centered. It starts with posing questions and directly involves students in challenging hands-on activities that drive students to ask more questions and explore different learning paths. In today’s post, we have assembled a collection of some useful web tools and apps that support the ethos of inquiry-based learning. Using these tools will enable students to engage in a wide range of learning tasks that are all driven by a sense of inquiry and questioning. Coding for Kids – 3 FREE & Fabulous Apps. Why teach kids to code?

Coding for Kids – 3 FREE & Fabulous Apps

Coding is what makes computer software work. Understanding the basics of programming will help your child be prepared for the jobs of the future. Plickers - Clickers, Simplified. 7 Online Quiz Tools Perfect For Classrooms. Whether you want to have students turn in homework via an online form or simply take a quiz or test, online quiz tools are critical to having a connected classroom.

7 Online Quiz Tools Perfect For Classrooms

Shutterfly Photo Story for the Classroom.


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