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How Baking With Less Sugar Can Make Your Desserts Taste Better. Of all the trends in the dessert world, "low sugar" doesn't sound particularly sexy.

How Baking With Less Sugar Can Make Your Desserts Taste Better

But according to some of the country's leading pastry chefs, desserts with less sugar are the wave of the future. It's not necessarily that chefs are using less sugar for health purposes, though a low-sugar diet is one of the top recommendations for Americans from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC). Chefs are embracing less sugar in their desserts to add nuance to flavor, resulting in better-tasting and more interesting desserts. Brooks Headley, pastry chef at New York City restaurant Del Posto, said at last month's Brooklyn's Food Book Fair that sugar can overpower other flavors, and ultimately dull the palate.

The chef said he thinks about sugar "the way a savory chef thinks about salt. Using less sugar isn't always easy, however, because it does more than make food sweet. For more successful ways to eliminate sugar, and achieve more flavor in the process, check out the 11 recipes below. Baking Tips for Better Cookies, Cakes, Pies, and More.

We’ll admit it: Sometimes, we fudge things when we cook.

Baking Tips for Better Cookies, Cakes, Pies, and More

After all, who needs a recipe for simple weeknight pasta? Off-the-cuff roasted chicken is a snap. We’re big fans of that intuitive, little-bit-of-this, little-bit-of-that kitchen style because it makes our lives and our dinners easier. But when it comes to baking, we play by the rules. Baking is a science that requires precision, and often doesn’t allow for creative liberties. 21 Healthy Portable Snacks You'll Actually Want To Eat. Crispy Salt-and-Vinegar Potatoes Recipe. Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs. Every week, FOOD52's Senior Editor Kristen Miglore is unearthing recipes that are nothing short of genius.

Virginia Willis' Deviled Eggs

Today: A deviled egg to convince the doubters -- perfect for Easter brunch, dinner, and the unending glut of dyed eggs. - Kristen. Bacon Crackers Are The Stupid Easy Appetizer You Need To Try. 11 Amazing Nutella Desserts Across the U.S. 11 Amazing Nutella Desserts Across the U.S. A Snack Fancy Enough for the Oscars, Casual Enough for Your Couch. For those nights when you get home hungry, stressed, and impatient, Hangry is here to help.

A Snack Fancy Enough for the Oscars, Casual Enough for Your Couch

Each Monday, Kendra Vaculin will share quick, exciting meals to rescue anyone who might be anxiously eyeing a box of minute rice. These Insanely Easy Nutella Desserts Will Make Everyone Love You. Bulk Bin Snack Bars recipe on How To Make The World's Best Hot Chocolate. Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark Mama Say What?! While browsing Pinterest the other day, I found a pin that made my heart stop, my mouth water and my pants bulge all at once (yes, that’s possible).

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark Mama Say What?!

22 Hot Chocolates You Must Make This Winter. 22 Hot Chocolates You Must Make This Winter. Francis Mallmann's Potato Dominoes recipe on Wonder Fries recipe on Cooking is more fun with friends.

Wonder Fries recipe on

Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Collect recipes and articles. Sign Up. The Science Behind Baking the Most Delicious Cookie Ever. You like soft and chewy.

The Science Behind Baking the Most Delicious Cookie Ever

He likes thin and crispy. If only there were a chocolate chip cookie recipe that pleased everyone… 18 Microwave Snacks You Can Cook In A Mug. Roasted Cherry Bourbon Milkshakes with Hot Fudge. Let’s make this our red, white and blue.

Roasted Cherry Bourbon Milkshakes with Hot Fudge

I vote yes. Hand raised. So can we talk favorite milkshakes? Mine = hot fudge. Always has been. Crispy Croissant Sundaes with Red Wine Hot Fudge. You know all I really want to do right now is scream OMG SPRINKLES and be done.

Crispy Croissant Sundaes with Red Wine Hot Fudge

Right? My inner five year old is flipping. Pink plus sprinkles plus ice cream plus chocolate plus CROISSANTS. Banana Bread, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese. This is why facebook is the devil.

Banana Bread, Brie and Chocolate Grilled Cheese.

I had banana bread. I wanted chocolate. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t desire cheese. Frankly, my banana bread was a bit stale. Milk Chocolate Fudge Goat Cheese Ice Cream. My adoration of goat cheese apparently knows no bounds. I shoved it inside of ice cream. It’s not weird, I swear. It’s not like chunks of goat cheese. Violet syrup and soda recipe. Recipe: violet syrup (and soda) There’s a slow-moving storm with its haunches resting squarely on Colorado right now. It doesn’t feel much like a spring storm, but more like the storms of winter – cold, very windy, and horizontal snow. How To Make Italian Sodas. Sometimes (since I’m a nosey person), I wonder what people’s blogging situation looks like. Like, where are they when they’re writing, what are they wearing (not like that, you sicko!) , what are they drinking…you know, all that kind of stuff. How To Make Italian Sodas. Vanilla Mint Lemonade Pops. Last week’s round-up was just a little teaser for these super-fresh, vanilla bean flecked, minted, lemonade pops.

I mean, it’s no secret that I love a good ice pop and with warm weather just around the corner, it’s totally time for some new frozen concoctions! These pops combine fragrant vanilla bean and herbal mint with tart lemonade. It’s a sweet, tart, fresh, trifecta that’s just so dang refreshing. STRAWBERRY ORANGE POPSICLE RECIPE. The hot weather in los angeles last week had me thinking about summer time. can’t wait for tan legs and spending the day by the pool. wouldn’t these pretty popsicles be the perfect cool treat?! I just love the colors… Strawberry Orange Almond Milk Popsicleyield: 10-12 popsicles ingredients: • 3½ Cups Unsweetened Almond Breeze Original • 1 Cup orange juice • 2 oranges peeled, sectioned • ½ Cup frozen strawberries • ½ Cup fresh strawberries • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder (optional)

3-Ingredient Recipes You Can Whip Up In A Flash. Ranch Style Popcorn Seasoning Recipe. Pad Thai Popcorn Recipe. 5 Seasoning Recipes to Make Your Popcorn Pop. 28 Homemade Candy Recipes - Photo Gallery. 28 Homemade Candy Recipes - Photo Gallery. 7 Popcorn Toppings - Photo Gallery. Coconut Curry Popcorn. Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs. Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups Recipe. Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups Homemade Cadbury Cream filling stuffed into chewy chocolate chip cookie cups. Cake Batter Ice Cream Bread Recipe. Cake Batter Ice Cream Bread. A Healthy Workday Snack: Spicy Baked Chickpeas. Spicy baked chickpeas have to be one of the easiest (and healthiest!) Snacks ever. Seriously—all you have to do is toss some chickpeas together with olive oil and whatever spices or herbs you’re in the mood for, a little bit of salt and pepper, and then bake.

Cactus Cut Potatoes. I don’t eat at Boston Pizza very often, but when I do I always get the Cactus Cut Potatoes. They are crispy and spicy and they come with the most amazing dip. Strawberry Cheesecake Salad. Today's strawberry recipe is another delicious salad that could also double as a dessert. It is light and sweet and creamy. Cauliflower Wraps (SCD, GAPS, Paleo) Curried Roasted Carrots l Once Upon A Chef.

Oreo Balls!! These put the crack in crackers! « Sweet Teeth. The body of a mother: ..Beef Jerky.. Warm Bean Dip. 10 Tasty Mug Cakes That You Can Make in Just Minutes. Parmesan Truffle Tater Tots. 5-Ingredient Pretzel Crisps® Toffee Bark. Crispy Onion Straws.

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