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Janvier - mars 2021

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The Ethics of Microaggression. 02.21 SOS PRÉJUGÉS !, Étienne Allais. J'arrive à la sortie du magasin et m'adresse à la personne que je pense être le vigile : un homme noir, en costard.

02.21 SOS PRÉJUGÉS !, Étienne Allais

Il me regarde, rit, et m'explique qu'il n'est pas le vigile, mais un client. Après 10 ans d'engagement dans l'antiracisme, mes préjugés continuaient de surgir ! Cette histoire, je l'ai longtemps occultée. J'ai cherché à la minimiser, à l'oublier, un peu honteux. Puis j'ai cherché à comprendre les mécanismes qui nous conduisent, inlassablement, à enfermer les autres dans des boites si peu adaptées face à la complexité de chaque personne.

Front of the House, Back of the House. How workers navigate race, gender, and class in the food service industry Two unequal worlds of work exist within the upscale restaurant scene of Los Angeles.

Front of the House, Back of the House

White, college-educated servers operate in the front of the house—also known as the public areas of the restaurant—while Latino immigrants toil in the back of the house and out of customer view.In Front of the House, Back of the House, Eli Revelle Yano Wilson shows us what keeps these workers apart, exploring race, class, and gender inequalities in the food service industry. Drawing on research at three different high-end restaurants in Los Angeles, Wilson highlights why these inequalities persist in the twenty-first century, pointing to discriminatory hiring and supervisory practices that ultimately grant educated whites access to the most desirable positions.

Technopopulism - Christopher J. Bickerton, Carlo Invernizzi Accetti. Technopopulism The New Logic of Democratic Politics Christopher J.

Technopopulism - Christopher J. Bickerton, Carlo Invernizzi Accetti

Bickerton and Carlo Invernizzi Accetti Author Information. 02.21 How to Critique Authoritarian Populism – Methodologies of the Frankfurt School. 02.21 (Laure Kloetzer chp. 10) Fundamentals of International Migration – Transnational Press London. Compiled by Deniz Yetkin Aker, Z.

02.21 (Laure Kloetzer chp. 10) Fundamentals of International Migration – Transnational Press London

Banu Dalaman, M. Gökay Özerim, Deniz Eroğlu Utku, Ibrahim Sirkeci Published: 20.02.2021 [ Custom Textbook Series: 2 ] Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-80135-036-5 Buy from Lulu | Buy from Talebe.comDigital: ISBN: 978-1-80135-037-2 Read on Google Play | Read on Fundamentals of International Migration is prepared as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate courses/modules. PART 1: Introduction to Migration Studies Chapter 1. PART 2: Concepts and Theories in Migration Studies. 11.20 Les damnées de la mer - Camille SCHMOLL. Longtemps, les femmes ont été absentes du grand récit des migrations.

11.20 Les damnées de la mer - Camille SCHMOLL

Overcoming the Deficit View of the Migrant Other. Vom Unbehagen an der Zugehörigkeit. Geflüchtete Menschen. Flight and Migration from Africa to Europe. International Social Work and Forced Migration. Ältere Migranten, Männlichkeiten, Marginalisierungen. Interagir dans la diversité à l'école, Regards pluriels. La rentrée académique 2019 a concordé, pour la recherche de la HEP-BEJUNE, avec renouveau.

Interagir dans la diversité à l'école, Regards pluriels

En effet, les quatre unités de recherche qui existaient jusqu'à cette date ont été remplacées par des domaines conduits par des professeur·e·s plaçant l’institution dans une conformité organisationnelle propre aux Hautes Ecoles. Dans ce contexte de changements, le présent ouvrage se donne le défi de laisser une trace, la dernière, de l’Unité de Recherche 3 Education, société et cultures.

Cette unité de recherche constituait un lieu privilégié pour observer, analyser et étudier différents phénomènes et dimensions impliquant les publics scolaires du point de vue culturel, linguistique, social et des besoins particuliers. Le présent ouvrage réunit des contributions inscrites dans l'une et/ou l'autre perspective portant un regard pluriel sur l'inter-agir à l'école s’actualisant dans la diversité.

Les minorités noires en France. Research Methods in the Social Sciences: An A-Z of key concepts - Jean-Frédéric Morin, Christian Olsson, Ece Özlem Atikcan. 0.

Research Methods in the Social Sciences: An A-Z of key concepts - Jean-Frédéric Morin, Christian Olsson, Ece Özlem Atikcan

Introduction1. Archival Research, Chloé Brière2. Automated Text Analysis, Yannis Panagis3. Bayesian Inference, Arnaud Dufays4. 02.21 Colonial and Decolonial Linguistics - Ana Deumert; Anne Storch; Nick Shepherd. Colonial and Decolonial Linguistics Knowledges and Epistemes Edited by Ana Deumert, Anne Storch, and Nick Shepherd Author Information Ana Deumert, Professor, School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics, University of Cape Town,Anne Storch, Professor, Institut für Afrikanistik und Ägyptologie, University of Cologne,Nick Shepherd, Associate Professor, Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Aarhus University Ana Deumert is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Cape Town.

02.21 Colonial and Decolonial Linguistics - Ana Deumert; Anne Storch; Nick Shepherd

Anne Storch is Professor of African Linguistics at the University of Cologne. Nick Shepherd is Associate Professor of Archaeology and Heritage Studies at Aarhus University and Extraordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria. Contributors: Ciao Ousmane - Hsiao-Hung Pai. Ciao Ousmane The Hidden Exploitation of Italy's Migrant Workers Hsiao-Hung Pai A Hurst Publication.

Ciao Ousmane - Hsiao-Hung Pai

03.2021 - Movers and Makers : Uncertainty, Resilience and Migrant Creativity in Worlds of Flux. "Another fascinating exploration of the creative aspects of migration from an author who is herself an expert on the subject and a living example of the process.

03.2021 - Movers and Makers : Uncertainty, Resilience and Migrant Creativity in Worlds of Flux

Movers and Makers covers an exciting range of people and topics: artists, architects, designers, computer specialists and physicists. It concludes with an astute discussion of the immigrant imperative that only the author could explore with brilliant insight and an unparalleled knowledge of immigrant creativity. Identity Capitalists: The Powerful Insiders Who Exploit Diversity to Maintain Inequality. Nancy Leong reveals how powerful people and institutions use diversity to their own advantage and how the rest of us can respond—and do better. Why do people accused of racism defend themselves by pointing to their black friends? Why do men accused of sexism inevitably talk about how they love their wife and daughters? Why do colleges and corporations alike photoshop people of color into their websites and promotional materials? And why do companies selling everything from cereal to sneakers go out of their way to include a token woman or person of color in their advertisements?

In this groundbreaking book, Nancy Leong coins the term "identity capitalist" to label the powerful insiders who eke out social and economic value from people of color, women, LGBTQ people, the poor, and other outgroups. Arming readers with the tools to recognize and mitigate the harms of exploitation, Identity Capitalists reveals what happens when we prioritize diversity over equality. About the author. 02.21 Using Statistical Methods in Social Science Research - Paperback - Soleman H. Abu-Bader. PrefaceList of FiguresList of TablesList of SPSS Screen Captures Chapter 1: Overview of Mathematical and Research Methodological TermsLearning ObjectivesIntroductionBasic Mathematical ConceptsVariable and ConstantsLevels of MeasurementResearch HypothesesPsychometric Properties of an InstrumentPopulation and SampleDescriptive and Inferential StatisticsTypes of Relationships between Two VariablesSummaryKey TermsPractical Exercises Chapter 2: Working with SPSSLearning Objectives Introduction About the SPSS Program Creating an Instrumentation Codebook Practical Example Starting the SPSS ProgramSummaryKey Terms Practical Exercises.

Coercive Geographies – Historicizing Mobility, Labor and Confinement. Debordering Europe. This contributed volume analyzes in depth how a border area is constantly reshaped as migration policies harden, and what kind of social, political and economic impacts are produced at local and international level. The study is focused on Ventimiglia, an Italian town located 6 km away from the French-Italian border on the gulf of Genoa with a long story of commerce, custom and smuggling activities related to its proximity to the frontier. While several projects have analyzed other symbolic places of the EU migration crisis such as Lampedusa, Calais and Lesvos, there is a severe empirical gap regarding Ventimiglia, a border town at the very geographic core of the Schengen area.

This case study may provide emblematic insights into what European migratory movements are currently revealing in terms of the lack of shared responsibility between EU Member States, the EU common asylum system and respect for human rights, with increasing claims for national sovereignty by some Member States. Kommunale Integrationspolitik (H27) - Lambertus Verlag GmbH. Éducation et diversité Les fondamentaux de laction Françoise Lorcerie. Migrants and Natives - 'Them' and 'Us' 02.2021 - Migration and the European Convention on Human Rights - Başak Çalı, Ledi Bianku, Iulia Motoc.

Author Information Başak Çalı Professor of International Law at the Hertie School in Berlin and Co-Director of the School's Centre for Fundamental Rights. Oxford Textbook of Migrant Psychiatry - Dinesh Bhugra. Neil Krishan Aggarwal, Department of Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University Medical Center, New York City, New York, USA. Migrants et santé mentale. Migrants et santé mentale. 03.2021 - The Invisibility Bargain - Paperback - Jeffrey D. Pugh. The Invisibility Bargain Governance Networks and Migrant Human Security Jeffrey D. Pugh Reviews and Awards "Understanding what factors ensure that immigrant-receiving nations will be havens for people who flee their homelands is the question for 21st century migration researchers.

03.2021 - The Oxford Handbook of International Refugee Law - Cathryn Costello, Michelle Foster, Jane McAdam. Part I. International Refugee Law: Reflections on the Scholarly Field 1. 04.2021 - The Wealth of Refugees - Alexander Betts. The Wealth of Refugees How Displaced People Can Build Economies Alexander Betts Reviews and Awards "People who migrate for safety also participate in the economy. 03.2021 - Discrimination and Delegation - Lamis Elmy Abdelaaty. 03.21 Villages transnationaux – Presses universitaires François-Rabelais.

Depuis les années 1990, les initiatives de développement montées par des émigrés pour leur village d’origine se sont multipliées un peu partout dans le monde. 03.2021 - The Diaspora and Returnee Entrepreneurship - Nick Williams. With increased movements of people around the world, the role of transnational economic activity is becoming ever more significant. Yet little is understood about the motivations and contribution of those who return to their homeland to undertake entrepreneurial activity. The Diaspora and Returnee Entrepreneurship analyzes the role that the diaspora play when returning as entrepreneurs to their homeland. 04.2021 - Immigration & Asylum Law - Gina Clayton, Georgina Firth. The page you requested was not available. 02.21 Social Work, Young Migrants and the Act of Listening Becoming an Unaccompanied Child.

01.21 Human Trafficking as a New (In)Security Threat. 02.21 The Coloniality of Asylum: Mobility, Autonomy and Solidarity in the Wake of Europe’s Refugee Crisis - 9781538150108. Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Rowman & Littlefield International Pages: 220 • Trim: 6 x 9. 12.20 The Economic Geography of Cross-Border Migration. 01.21 Diversity, Oppression, & Change - Flavio Francisco Marsiglia; Stephen S. Kulis; Stephanie Lechuga-Peña. 01.21 Migrants’ Attitudes and the Welfare State.

01.21 Handbook of Culture and Migration. 01.21 IDÉOLOGIE ET THÉORIES RACIALES - De la crise averroïste au grand remplacement, Abdelkrim Bouhout. 03.21 Migration and Political Theory / Polity. 03.21 Seven Essays on Populism For a Renewed Theoretical Perspective Polity. 03.21 Freedom of the Border. 01.21 The Handbook of Displacement. 12.20 L'exil en héritage: Les impensés de l'immigration / Harmattan. 12.20 La Condition immigrée: Regards sur un phénomène complexe / Harmattan. 03.21 Discursive Approaches to Populism Across Disciplines - The Return of Populists and the People.

Exiled generation german and hungarian refugees revolution 18481871. Refugee crises 1945 2000 political and societal responses international comparison. 01.21 - The Role of EU Agencies in the Eurozone and Migration Crisis - Impact and Future Challenges. Border Management in Transformation - Transnational Threats and Security Policies of European States. 02.21 Decolonizing Sociology A Guide to Theory and Practice. The Routledge International Handbook of Race, Culture and Mental Health.

02.21 - Globalization, Migration, and Welfare State - Understanding the Macroeconomic Trifecta. Haven: The Mediterranean Crisis and Human Security. 01.21 Genève, cinq siècles d’accueil. Venues d’ailleurs, ces personnalités ont fait la réputation de Genève. 11.20 MINORITÉS ET SOCIÉTÉ - Sous la direction de Florence Binard et Michel Prum. 11.20 Reluctant reception: refugees migration and governance middle east and north africa. Negotiating Unity and Diversity in the European Union.

10.20 Calculating Race - Benjamin Wiggins. 10.20 Global Islam: A Very Short Introduction - Nile Green. 10.20 Multi-Level Democracy - Lori Thorlakson. Faire et défaire les liens familiaux Usages et pratiques du droit en contexte migratoire Aurélie Fillod-Chabaud et Laura Odasso. Mobility and Forced Displacement in the Middle East - Zahra Babar. 01.21 - The Psychosocial Imaginaries of Defence Nationalism - Far-Right Extremism in Australia and the UK.

03.20 Queer Refugees - Sexuelle Identität und repressive Heteronormativität als Fluchtgrund. 2021 Migration Studies and Colonialism. 01.21 Controlling Immigration Through Criminal Law: European and Comparative Perspectives on "Crimmigration"(Hart Studies in European Criminal Law): Gian Luigi Gatta: Hart Publishing.