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Philippe_ramette. Liweiart-works_photo. The Lifelike Oil Paintings of Sharon Sprung. Words from artist Sharon Sprung: "My paintings are a carefully observed negotiation, manipulated layer upon layer in order to create a work of art as equivalent as possible to the complexity of real life.They are an attempt to control the almost uncontrollable substance that is oil paint, and the equally untamable expression of the human condition.

The Lifelike Oil Paintings of Sharon Sprung

Pushing around puddles of this almost living substance, I am endlessly defining and redefining the craft of oil painting to fabricate an animated, breathing image grounded in the recognizable and familiar. Marc Simon Frei and His Tesla Sparks. LightSpin Documentary Film. Incredible Dust Sculpture Art by Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards. These incredible dust sculpture art pieces are part of a collaborative project by Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards.

Incredible Dust Sculpture Art by Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards

This set in entitled Dust, which appears to be a mix of photography and sculpture art. As to its surreal nature, you’d never really see these pieces in real life, so this is why the project is so unique… Credits: All images in this set are Copyright © Ujin & Tom Edwards. Please check out for more portfolio work. ★★★★★ See More on Design Soak ★★★★★ Check out these amazing works of art here on Design Soak Magazine… ►► Of all the People in the World.

The Ephemeral Work of Hans Breder. Neil Craver's Underwater Photography (NSFW) Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography. Eric Ceccarini est un photographe belge qui a collaboré avec de grandes marques telles que L’oréal, Levi’s ou Coca-cola.

Nude Silhouettes Shadows Photography

Pour ce projet artistique qu’il a nommé Amnios, le photographe a mis en scène des femmes nues qui semblent poser derrière un voile blanc ou dans un nuage de fumée selon l’interprétation, laissant ainsi deviner les ombres et les silhouettes avec poésie. TIM WALKER. My Mum - renhang. Postlolliop. Clouds, Smoke and Portals Torn into Photographs. PHOTOGRAPHER HAL. Unis par les liens du plastique ! En photographie, l’amour et l’union, ne devrait pas se résumer à de simples photographies de mariages ou fleur et eau de rose cohabitent comme dans une vieille série B que l’on a préféré oublier !

Unis par les liens du plastique !

Alors quand on se surnomme Photographer Hal et qu’on est japonais ont a envie de voir les choses différemment ! Une libanaise à Paris. Ryan McGinley. Matt Wisniewski. Charles fréger. Hovering Tree Illusion. Black and WTF. Tumblr_ktsist2ecc1qa9b8ro1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 502 pixels) Tumblr_ks9e52Tcaw1qa9b8ro1_400.png (PNG Image, 395 × 435 pixels) Tumblr_kwpierFpG11qa9b8ro1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 491 pixels) Tumblr_kwpe2geqUb1qa9b8ro1_500.jpg (JPEG Image, 475 × 480 pixels) Insanely Realistic Photos With Miniature Models. Conceived as an exercise in model making and photography, Michael Paul Smith’s “Elgin Park” soon became a passion project where Smith recreated a fictional town based on his own nostalgic memories from his hometown.

Insanely Realistic Photos With Miniature Models

Through the use of 1/24th-scale model recreations, Smith photographs scenes of everyday life in his created town taking place from the 1920’s to the mid 1960’s. What is impressive about his images is that Smith relies solely on his profound ability to place his models within the real world and uses only his eye to determine the position of his camera to capture a truly realistic scene. No Photoshop has been used, requiring an impressive attention to detail in every shot. Sans titre. In his series “MIA: Soliloquy Of A Dream”, photographer Wayne Lawrence documents the excitement and extravagance of Miami’s Urban Beach Week.

sans titre

Lawrence also explores the culture of aspiring to excessive materialism and vanity created by the impact of wealthy drug cartels that once ran the streets of Miami. Finding a reflection of this lifestyle in hip-hop, Lawrence photographs the crowds of people who flock to the event sharing the same obsession with materiality. He describes the thrilling scene on his website, “Over the four-day weekend, South Beach is transformed into a frenzied atmosphere where the drama of hip-hop is played out on the city’s streets as hundreds of police stand on high alert.

Text by Canbra Hodsdon. Russian Artist Creates Surreal Photos To Illustrate Traditional Fairy Tales. Photographer and artist Uldus Bakhtiozina’s photos treat us to her unique vision of Russian fairy tales.

Russian Artist Creates Surreal Photos To Illustrate Traditional Fairy Tales

She reinterprets them in her photos by focusing on the pagans roots and ethnography of Russ Land. Her works are thoroughly detailed and immersive, and are based on comprehensive research on and comparison with Euro-Asian mythology. The artist pays special attention to her ambivalent interpretation of the symbolism hidden in legends and myths. The aim of the project is to use photography for telling stories that have been unsaid, rewritten or distorted over many centuries. Each tale contains a lot of hidden messages. Russian Photographer Captures Fairy-Tale Scenes With REAL Animals. When Moscow-based photographer Darya Kondratyeva isn’t snapping family, maternity or baby photos, she creates enchanting photos that seem like re-interpretations of old fairytales or legends.

Russian Photographer Captures Fairy-Tale Scenes With REAL Animals

The models in her photos seem like they could be witches, princesses or forest spirits. Aside from her models, trained animals feature heavily in Kondratyeva’s fantasy photography as well. Kyle Thompson -  Plague (2014) Photographs by Mikael Aldo. Born 1996 in Jakarta, Indonesia Mikael Aldo transports us through young imaginative eyes, enabling the mind to expand beyond recognizable landscapes and see the world through his viewfinder.

Photographs by Mikael Aldo

Creating a transient portal, his visions are pristine conceptualizations achieved through photo manipulation. Aldo juxtaposes many natural habitats with the human body where he morphs the two, making a unifying composition into a limitless fantasy. The work of Noell S. Oszvald. With a shadowy and highly conceptual aesthetic, like the images of dreams upon awakening, Hungarian photographer Noell S.

The work of Noell S. Oszvald

Oszvald presents powerful, surreal self-portraits rich in sentiment and composition. At 22-years-old her portfolio, although small, holds the sophistication of a photographer who has been established for years. Sarah Pickering. Ilse Leenders Photography. « Hopper Meditation » par Richard Tushman. Ksenia Alekseeva photography. April 2009, Clayton Cubitt Interview. Clayton Cubitt, 'Untitled', Blue, 2003-2009 “Erotica is using a feather,” wrote Isabel Allende, “pornography is using the whole chicken.”

Clayton Cubitt takes Allende at her word. Roger ballen. Projects - Clayton Cubitt. "Improbabilita" by Giuseppe Colarusso. In his series "Improbabilita," Italian artist Giuseppe Colarusso makes everyday objects completely unusable. Each image becomes a bit of a puzzle to solve. In an interview, the artist mentions that the pieces that are not created in Photoshop, he fabricates himself. Some improbable, but not impossible creations, exposed very simply as still lifes, with a couple of images involving ice cream cones. Colarusso diverts the functional operations of objects that surround us.

Patrick Tsai. Gallery.jpg. Pinhole photography by Justin Quinnell. Floto + warner Capture Hued Moments. People Skewered with Geometric Shapes. Accessories. Contents (Scroll down or click on links) Overview Dedicated Yashica TLR Accessories A Note About Yashica Bay 1 Lens Mounts Accessory Cases & Dating Auxiliary Lenses Close-up Lenses Lens Hoods Filters Flash Handles Self-timers Accessories Identified in Manuals etc Other Yashica Branded Accessories. Back To Light. Mark Jenkins // Inside. High Noon, 2014 The Easel, 2013 Break a Leg, 2013 Sleeper, 2013 Making Headway, 2013. Bill viola. Cartes-vivantes-cartes-animees-1904-01-g.jpg (1200×851) Faucon. Wilhelm von gloeden. URBANITE : Bence Bakonyi. Series - David LaChapelle. Olivier Chapelle. DIANE ARBUS - THE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK.

Quand la périphérie s’expose – Portrait de Mohamed BourouissaRéécrire. On prend le temps de penser, avec l’artiste Mohamed Bourouissa. Tel l’ethnologue plasticien de nos sociétés contemporaines, Mohamed Bourouissa se penche sur toute une génération qui a ses codes, ses valeurs, et sa réalité. Il joue avec le réel, et réalise de véritables docu-fiction, où l’important est la dimension humaine, l’émotion qui y réside. L’homme se transforme en metteur en scène et prend en charge l’image de l’autre, sa place, son rôle, notamment dans sa première série de photographies Périphérique, qui l’a fait connaître du public.

Naissance : 1978 Résidence: Paris Études / Parcours : DEA en arts plastiques à la Sorbonne, puis les Arts décoratifs de Paris spécialisation photographie. Recent Work, works - Olivier Metzger Photographer. Resize with ctrl +/ - Nevche New album. David levinthal. Mac Adams. Duane Michals. Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Hippolyte Bayard. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Pour les articles homonymes, voir Bayard. Hippolyte Bayard, Autoportrait (1863) La Petite Mélancolie. John Crawford's Aerial Nudes.