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Spanish Vocabulary-songs

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ABN para peques 1ª Parte. Nuestro compañero Jesús González Molina de la Escuela Primaria Vicente Guerrero, desde Los Placeres del Oro, Guerrero, México, se ha aprovechado sobremanera sus vacaciones y nos regala una estupenda colección de fichas para introducir a los alumnos más pequeños en el algoritmo ABN.

ABN para peques 1ª Parte

Se trata de un archivo con 21 fichas de trabajo que servirán no sólo para iniciar, si no también para reforzar el trabajo de clase, y que seguramente nos vendrá muy bien a todos. DESCARGAR “ABN PARA PEQUES 1º PARTE“ Relacionado Mini Olimpiada Matemática ABN 2013, para Primer Grado El Profr. En "México" Restas con millares En esta ocasión Jesús González Molina Esc. En "Resta" Restas con millares II Jesús González Molina Esc. This amazing girl mastered dubstep dancing by just using YouTube. Canciones infantiles online: ÍNDICE CANCIONES INFANTILES. Song teaches the months of the year in Spanish » Spanish Playground. Do you know that feeling of wanting something different for your class?

Song teaches the months of the year in Spanish » Spanish Playground

Sometimes I know that I need a high-interest activity, something that will break the routine, engage the children, and at the same time provide real content in Spanish. The songs by Victor Hugo Santos are a resource that I turn to again and again when I feel that need for something fun, yet substantial. Kids love to sing these songs, and there is one that fits perfectly with almost any lesson or topic. Victor Hugo Santos is a music teacher, composer and performer of children’s songs in Spanish. He is originally from Mexico City, where he studied music at the National Institute of Fine Arts. The original songs on Mr. For my classes, I have probably used the songs from Canciones para Niños the most. Los meses del año Y ahora vamos a cantar ¡sí, sí, sí, sí! Los doce meses del año. / the twelve months of the year.

Y ahora vamos a cantar – síííí / And now we are going to sing – yeeeeessss. Mrs. Jones - Sing Along: La Canción de la Oruga Muy Hambrienta. Senor Don Gato (Was a Cat) Lyrics & Music. A spanish version called "El señor don Gato" Estaba el señor Don Gato sentadito en su tejado marramiau miau, miau, miau, sentadito en su tejado.

Senor Don Gato (Was a Cat) Lyrics & Music

Ha recibido una carta por si quiere ser casado, marramiau, miau, miau, miau, por si quiere ser casado. Con una gatita blanca sobrina de un gato pardo, marramiau, miau, miau, miau, sobrina de un gato pardo. El gato por ir a verla se ha caído del tejado, marramiau, miau, miau, miau, se ha caído del tejado. Se ha roto seis costillas el espinazo y el rabo, marramiau, miau, miau, miau, el espinazo y el rabo. Señora Speedy: Whole Brain Teaching - Part One. My second year teaching Spanish has already been exponentially better than my first.

Señora Speedy: Whole Brain Teaching - Part One

For one, the students know me better so there is slightly less limit testing than last year. Second, we switched from 55 minutes once every six days to 25 minutes twice every six days. The shorter time is easier for them to take in an immersion style class. And just as importantly I adopted a new classroom management system - Whole Brain Teaching. I wholly suggest visiting the website and watching some videos on youtube. Quiet signal - I say "clase, clase" and the students respond with "sí, sí. " Hands, hands and eyes - This is the signal when I really want their attention. Mirror - On the Whole Brain Teaching website they suggest "chunking" material and having students repeat after you with gestures. Teach - After mirroring me students need to teach and practice with their classmates to help solidify the new information in their brains.

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