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Lost Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Merlin Crossover fanfic. I don't own Merlin or HP.

Lost Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Merlin Crossover fanfic

To say that Merlin was horrified would be a huge understatement. The warlock was currently standing stock-still in the castle front yard, watching as another one of his decisions went and blew up at his face. They had just returned from their quest to seek out the Disir, a quest on which Merlin was forced to go against his belief and everything he had ever worked for, just to keep Arthur safe. But again he had made the wrong choice, and the very result was staring at him in the face. Merry Christmas Merlin, a merlin fanfic. Merry Christmas Merlin: During Christmas at Cameolt Queen Gwen notices something about Merlin that changes what everyone knows about him, a non-reveal fic that happens before Arthur's bane, but after Arthur becomes king, sorry it didn't get done before the holidays.

Merry Christmas Merlin, a merlin fanfic

Gwen starred down at the courtyard below and smiled as she saw the snow covered ground, Yule was just around the corner and there was a certain magic in the air. Not the type of magic that had caused the Kingdom so much trouble over the years, but a magic of the season, a sense of peace and coming together, that only seemed to happen this time of year. Gwen continued to stare down watching the people coming and go, servants delivering food and other things for the palace Yule Feast, peasants bringing home trees, and packages for their families, and people just going about their daily lives.

The King bent down and kissed her cheek, "Happy Yule my love. Familiar, a merlin fanfic. Sum: Gwen saw the caged girl.

Familiar, a merlin fanfic

Her eyes were familiar. I love Freya. Familiar by Rachelle_Lo Her eyes made Gwen stop. The night was swollen with rain, threatening to burst, and this caged girl would be caught in the thick of it. She Has My Heart, a merlin fanfic. So I wrote this oneshot a while ago, forgot about it, stumbled upon it just now and thought to myself, 'wow, I should really post this now...' and that is my pointless backstory.

She Has My Heart, a merlin fanfic

No real spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen...well, any parts of Merlin, and warning! Sad fic, very hurt/comfort, and perhaps a little OOC. For the people of Camelot, the day was a relatively normal day. The sun had been shining, the flowers swaying gently in the slight, nearly non-existent breeze. Clouds drifted lazily across the deep blue sky, and the scent of the air was spring. Yet Gwaine could sense something was off- not with the atmosphere or the kingdom in general, but one of his companions, Merlin. Midnight Admissions, a merlin fanfic.

Arthur didn't like this.

Midnight Admissions, a merlin fanfic

Not one bit. Spying on Merlin like this, it felt wrong. It felt just like it did a week ago when they spied on Guinevere. Gwen had been, understandably, upset when she remembered all that she'd done. They only way she managed to ease her mind was to think of the ridiculous lie she'd told Arthur. "Arthur," she'd said, approaching him as he talked privately with his most trusted knights. "Yes? " "Remember when you asked Merlin if he had a girl? " "I do. " "Do you remember what he said? " Two Lovers and Seven Watchers Chapter 1, a merlin fanfic. Two Lovers and Seven Watchers A/N: Just a little sad fluff I wrote when I was bored.

Two Lovers and Seven Watchers Chapter 1, a merlin fanfic

Merlin stole out of the castle, and the group behind him followed in his wake. They kept out of his sight, staying far in the shadows even as Merlin looked around suspiciously. Arthur and Gwaine had gone to the tavern together some time ago, and Gwaine had bet Arthur couldn't find out where Merlin went every month. There were nights where Merlin simply wasn't around. As the sun sank, the seven gathered in Arthur's chambers and watched out the window, waiting for Merlin to leave.

Merlin led them out of the Lower Town, into the woods beyond. They followed the tree line until they were not three yards from Merlin, hidden in bushes. Arthur liked to think that he knew Merlin pretty well—he had been with the man for nearly ten years, after all. Then the lake—which had been smooth and still, almost unnaturally so—started to ripple. "What does he think he's doing? " Freya, a merlin fanfic. Everyone has one person they are destined to love forever and always.

Freya, a merlin fanfic

This was dictated long before the old religion. This rule is older than time itself. When a child is born, somewhere on their body, a name is marked on them from their time before the womb- when they are but cosmic energy swirling with another for eternity. Where the mark appears is at random, but always to be etched into your skin- more apart of you than anything else. The name is blue or grey when these two chosen have not met yet. When you die, magic returns you to the cosmic energy you were born from, continuing your immortal dance with your fated. Arthur's is bold across his chest. "Maybe no one has seen it because it's under all that bloody hair," Arthur stated one day over a mug of mead at the tavern.

"Just because we haven't seen it means it's on his scalp," countered Percival. Gwaine throwed down his empty mug and lets out a loud laugh. "I don't blame him for not telling us. "What is WRONG WITH YOU ALL?! " "What. " Merlin fanfiction. Before I Was Yours, a merlin fanfic. Before I Was Yours -:-Lancelot-:- Before I was yours, Prince Arthur, I was Merlin's.

Before I Was Yours, a merlin fanfic

I saved him before I knew him, seeing a young man alone and in peril, and never once have I had cause to regret what I did. He offered me the hand of friendship long before you did, and he was so open, so genuine, so honest in the offer that I could not help but accept and return it in kind. He recognised my worth long before you did, and was so eager to let it be known to others that he dared to approach you on my behalf, trying to help me to achieve my dream. He made me believe in myself and my abilities when I was ready to give up, and lent me the courage to pursue my ambitions.

If it were not for Merlin, you would never have given me a second glance, or the chance to prove myself. If it were not for Merlin, we all would have been slain by the Griffin, our noble intentions and finely honed skills laid to waste and Camelot brought to ruin.