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Merlin Whump

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Before the dawn Chapter 1: Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty!, a merlin fanfic. It really was a nice day, Merlin thought.

Before the dawn Chapter 1: Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty!, a merlin fanfic

All day the sun was shining and it was warm even though it was late autumn already. Everything looked so peaceful. Except, Arthur. Merlin sighed when he listened to his prince's annoyed voice. "I just can't believe you Merlin, how noisy you can be. "You tell me. " "Don't just stand there, help me. " "You killed it, its your job. " "Your job is help me Merlin. After they cut every possible piece of meat to store, they were ready to leave. "It is already really late Arthur. "No, because we left without any horses. "Any torch? " "No gear, remember? " "Right. "Not far. " "You are not lost? " "Of course not. " "Arthur, look out! " "Arthur? " The arrow was still on his right shoulder and the prince was unconscious. "This will hurt, lucky that you don't know it. " He said the spell and easily pulled out the arrow.

"Wakey, wakey, Sleeping Beauty! " Thank you TheJunebug1218 being my betareader again. Blind Future Chapter 1: Hit and fell, a merlin fanfic. Note: Blind future is now sequel to Before the dawn.

Blind Future Chapter 1: Hit and fell, a merlin fanfic

But you can read them separate. beta Felicity P Blind future Servants hurried past, trying not to show their growing interest, but at the same time they tried desperately to slow down their pace in order to hear the two men arguing in the corridor. Fighting between those two was normal. It was Prince Arthur and his manservant Merlin. In over a year the people of Camelot have learned how the relationship between those two really works. Now people around the castle and town learned that even if Prince Arthur was sometimes so high and mighty and bossed around his servant and the knights, he was also good at listening to normal people and responding.

Merlin was clumsy, but he was smart and he always treated people around him as equals. Other servants would compare the two men and say they were like the sun and moon, or two sides of the same coin. Over the winter Chapter 10: Spring, a merlin fanfic. Alright, this is just rewrote chapter (epilogue from Blind Future) so I hope you are not disappointed too much.

Merlin ios off with dragon and this is a series of one shots ofr Authurs recovery not Merlin so it alos explains who Merlin is to Aurthur and then the revelation of Merlin being Authurs uncle. – chelseabarron

And now this little story is ended.

Over the winter Chapter 10: Spring, a merlin fanfic

And you know what happened next (Future to remember). I hope Happy Xmas Time to all of you and after New Year I'm back with the story Before the sunset can't be… "Do you know healer named Heather? " Arthur asked. Future to remember Chapter 1: Prologue, a merlin fanfic. Warning: AU.

This is when Merlin is found by Authur and he doesnt remember anyone except Lancelot and he is still blind there is a series of one-shots before this story called "Over the Winter." – chelseabarron

This story is the sequel to Before the dawn and Blind future.

Future to remember Chapter 1: Prologue, a merlin fanfic

Bromance but not slash. Where we left… Arthur's hand touched the blood mark that now stained the stone before him. The Perils of Training, a merlin fanfic. The Perils of Training Info~ Oneshot, a little Merlin whump, slight humor, Arthur getting frustrated.

This is Merlin breaking his ankle and whump but ultimate friendship at the end. – chelseabarron

Who doesn't want that?

The Perils of Training, a merlin fanfic

No spoilers, any season. Some swearing. Misaimed Chapter 1: Part 1, a merlin fanfic. Title: Misaimed Length: This story will hopefully be a two shot, though it may become three chapters depending on how long it takes me.

Merlin whump. Merlin is shot by an arrow and is then mauled by a boar and then has to go through Authur's menstration because Guis is there so then it becomes a question of what will happen to poor Merlin. – chelseabarron

I think these chapters will be longer than the ones I usually write, but hopefully you will like the story enough to forgive me for making them so long.

Misaimed Chapter 1: Part 1, a merlin fanfic

Origin: romirola messaged me the original idea for this story. There is an episode in an old American western, Bonanza, that is called "My Brother's Keeper. " While trying to kill a wolf that is attacking their cattle, the older brother accidentally shoots his younger brother… And then the younger brother immediately gets mauled by said wolf, and big brother has to take care of him.

Wild Horses Chapter 1: Wild, a merlin fanfic. Wild Horses Chapter 1~ Wild A/N~ First off, I would like to apologize for all grammer mistakes, cause they are all my fault.

MErlin is crushed by a horse and then is healed y magick and yes then there is some bromance. – chelseabarron
Wild Horses Chapter 1: Wild, a merlin fanfic

Why You Don't Mess With Merlin Chapter 1: I Like Cheese, a merlin fanfic. Okay, here is the first chapter of the story that got the most votes.

Merlin WHUMP broken bones and bruising – chelseabarron
Merlin is beaten by gusrds because they think he is direspectful but then as Claude comes to Camelot the story is revealed as to how this happened – chelseabarron

I know that I said I would probably wait until I finished my other Merlin story before I wrote something else but my muse for that story went on holiday or something.

Why You Don't Mess With Merlin Chapter 1: I Like Cheese, a merlin fanfic

I just didn't want to give you guys a crappy chapter, besides; this was half done anyway. I'm not enitrely sure how long this story will be, but it definitely shouldn't be as long as my other one, so here's chapter 1. And please, I know it's cheesey at first, but give it a chance, there will be whump. Protecting My Magic, a merlin fanfic. Protecting My Magic.

Merlin is attacked by a Kreelix and is nearly killed by the creature that hunts and feeds off of magick Merlin whump. – chelseabarron

Summery: Merlin's magic is threaten by a beast, thought to not exist anymore.

Protecting My Magic, a merlin fanfic

(Uther is still alive so I guess you can say this takes place during season 1 or 2. Yes, Morgana is still good in this and bad ass because come on, you know she is!) AN: So I'm reading the lost years of Merlin by Mr. T.A. Forgiveness, a merlin fanfic. A/N: Just a quick little number I wrote a while ago and only recently rediscovered sitting on my hard drive.

Just a little what if Arthur hadn't come when he did in "Lady of the Lake" episode for Merlin this means whump and a cutel litle story being tied up. – chelseabarron

For those waiting for NCIS updates, I promise I'm working on the new chapter, but it's slow in coming and giving me more than a little bit of trouble.

Forgiveness, a merlin fanfic

As usual, this has no beta, so all mistakes are my own. I also feel it is prudent to point out that some of the dialogue during the dungeon scene was pulled directly from the show. No copyright infringement is intended. That being said, enjoy this little whumpy alternate scene.