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Athene - Fanfic: Show Me. Happy Birthday clea2011!!!!

athene - Fanfic: Show Me

:-) Title: Show MeAuthor: AtheneFandom: MerlinPairing/characters: Merlin, Arthur, Gwaine, Leon, Percival, Elyan, Hunith, GwenRating: PGWarnings: AngstSpoilers: NoneDisclaimer: Not mine. BBC and Shine own them.Word count: approx 6391Summary: He had known this moment would come sooner or later.AN: Birthday fic for clea2011. Hc_bingo ‘Ostracised From Society’ square on my hurt/comfort bingo card. On AO3 He had known this moment would come sooner or later.

And now he was standing in the middle of everything, the bandits scattered in a ragged circle amongst the trees, most of them unconscious, or worse. He felt the glow of magic fade from his eyes and waited for the terrible silence to end. Leon took a step towards him, his sword raised and pointed at Merlin’s chest. Merlin barely even looked at him. He had known this would happen, and yet he still wasn’t prepared to see Arthur looking at him like that. “You... you...” Fanfic: Blind Devotion, Merlin. "Good Morning Sire!

Fanfic: Blind Devotion, Merlin

" Merlin said cheerfully, opening the drapes to reveal a heavy downpour of rain outside. Arthur was already sitting up and looked past Merlin to the outside world. "If you're a duck" Arthur replied. "A little rain never hurt anyone" Merlin countered as he laid out the breakfast, while Arthur moved over and put on his tunic. Merlin began to arrange his clothing for the day as Arthur ate. "What's on todays agenda? " "Training this morning, ermm you have the work permit applications this afternoon, and after that I think it's a free day" Merlin said. "I hate work permit applications, all I ever do is say try the town" he said.

"I know, but your father had to do it, so do you, its one of those kingly duties that means you have to interact with us peasants" Merlin joked. In Darkness. Merlin sighed as he wandered down the hall, lagging slightly behind Arthur as the two of them made their way towards the courtyard, where they would soon be greeting some visitors, the royal family of Varelia, and welcoming them to Camelot.

In Darkness

"Come on, Merlin! Keep up. What is wrong with you today? " Archiveofourown. Nerves were getting the better of Merlin.


He didn’t think he had ever been more nervous in all his life. For today marked the first of many meetings involving the trade agreements with one of the northern border lords, Lord Farin. Farin had recently ascended to his title after his father passed last winter, leaving the now Lord Farin to run and law over their rather large village. And as per usual when a new authority in one of the villages arose, Arthur felt the need to call the lord forth for a visit and a variety of meetings to ensure everything was in order and running smoothly.

Later in the year, Arthur would then personally journey to the village to see it all for himself. However, this was to be Merlin’s first introduction and meeting as Arthur’s court advisor with someone outside the initial council and inner circle. It had been a shock to the kingdom years ago upon hearing that Arthur was knighting commoners and the council had not taken that news that well either. “You fool!” Fanfic: What the eye cannot see Ch 7, Merlin. Curvasud: frequently asked questions. Fiction.

curvasud: frequently asked questions

Comics are based on . In which Merlin is a web comic artist, and Arthur keeps checking his FAQ page. 1. How did you come up with the idea to create an Arthurian web comic series? Where do you get the inspiration for each strip? 2. And He's so handsome! Falling on Deaf Ears - Heavenly_Bodies - Merlin. Merlin didn’t hear Gwaine’s warning, only felt the hard thump of metal against his back.

Falling on Deaf Ears - Heavenly_Bodies - Merlin

He didn’t have the chance to so much as call out all the air was pushed from him with the first impact. Gwaine rushed to Merlin’s side, pulling helms and plate from on top of him. “Merlin! Merlin, are you alright?” He was worried about the blood he could see running down his friend’s arm. “Wha- Ow,” he raised his hand to rub his head, hissing at the sting in his arm. Fanfic: Daisies in Winter, Merlin. I don't remember why/how this fic came about, but I hope you like it!

Fanfic: Daisies in Winter, Merlin

Daisies in Winter Over the course of a few months, Arthur slowly became aware that his manservant had an addiction. To what, he didn't know, but he was determined to find out. It started around the time Guinevere became queen. The entire week after her coronation, Arthur happened to notice that Merlin had shadows under his eyes. Fanfic: Feel the Silence, Merlin. Disclaimer: I don't own Merlin.A/N: Magic!

Fanfic: Feel the Silence, Merlin

Reveal fic. Cannon AU. Set when Arthur is still prince. Beta'd by a great friend of mine.