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AXA : un « serious game » pour former les commerciaux - Les Echos. Vidéo – Claire Mayeux (Renault) : “le téléphone mobile peut devenir un outil CRM très efficace” Viuz est partenaire des Ateliers du Marketing Mobile, co-organisés par l’AFMM et la Mobile Marketing Association France.

Vidéo – Claire Mayeux (Renault) : “le téléphone mobile peut devenir un outil CRM très efficace”

La dernière édition, qui a reçu le soutien de de l’UDA, s’est tenue jeudi 21 février. Banque de détail, entre industrialisation & innovation - J.Glorieux, T.Mandefield, F.Mahieu - USI. Asia Digital Game Revenue Nears $20 Billion. A new report from Superdata indicates that the Asian digital game market is hitting an all-time high, clearing nearly $20 billion for the year.

Asia Digital Game Revenue Nears $20 Billion

A big portion of these games come from Japan, with an estimated 45 percent, followed by China with 38 percent and South Korea with 11 percent. As for what kind of games dominate, mobile leads the charge with 59 percent, while other categories, like free-to-play MMO, social and console follow with smaller numbers. It’s expected to account for 38 percent of the worldwide digital games market, with a rise of eight percent expected by next year – making its total over $21 billion.

The report indicates that Japan, even with its smaller population than China, has a higher revenue, by 16 percent. Kabam Shooting For Bigger Mobile Success In China. Kabam has certainly established itself in the mobile market over the last few years with several hit games – but that isn’t stopping the publisher from shooting for a loftier goal.

Kabam Shooting For Bigger Mobile Success In China

After receiving a whopping $120 million investment from Alibaba, the company now vows to create the first “billion dollar video game,” according to a report from Re/Code. COO Kent Wakeford has noted that “we’re really going all in in China.” Its Beijing office, which was first established back in 2011, will move forward with plans to make games aimed at a Chinese market – a change of pace from its usual Western development. With a market of 700 million mobile devices, it’s going to be a big move. Gaming-gen. Supercell Preps New Mobile Game. 'DomiNations' Brings Classic Strategy to Mobile. The mobile game market is seeing an amazing amount of new games coming out every week, and it's getting more difficult than ever to get noticed in this avalanche of games.

'DomiNations' Brings Classic Strategy to Mobile

One thing that helps is a pre-existing audience, either for the style of game, the game's creators, or the content of the game. Big Huge Games today introduced DomiNations, which the company is hoping will resonate on all three points. DomiNations is certainly reminiscent of Rise of Nations, the hit real-time strategy game created by the original Big Huge Games and published by Microsoft back in 2003. Revenue From MOBA Games Set To Dominate 2015. For years, MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game)-style games have been dominant in the game industry, with Blizzard's World of Warcraft leading the charge.

Revenue From MOBA Games Set To Dominate 2015

However, the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre has been picking up steam, thanks to games like League of Legends and Smite. According to Gamesindustry International's latest analysis, they could be on their way to leading the forefront of the industry. EEDAR analyst Ed Zhao laid out an examination of the market, explaining how the free-to-play approach with certain games, like most MOBA's, is an effective approach for publishers.

"Firstly, the upside is tremendous: F2P allows for an unparalleled audience size, which can be a bedrock for engagement and community," explained Zhao. Les émulateurs Neo Geo. Metal Slug 2 ROM (ISO) Download for Neo Geo CD. Gamescape : nous avons testé ce nouvel escape game à Paris. Peut-être avez-vous déjà entendu parler des Escape Games.

Gamescape : nous avons testé ce nouvel escape game à Paris

Le concept serait apparemment né en Asie, mais il pioche dans les thématiques du jeu de société et de la tradition ancestrale des énigmes, le tout bénéficiant souvent de jolis décors. Le principe est simple, votre groupe aura 60 minutes pour résoudre les mystères lui permettant de vaincre le défi proposé. Le phénomène a pris très rapidement de l’ampleur en France et notamment à Paris qui compte déjà une dizaine d’enseignes différentes proposant ce loisir de groupe hors du commun. La box pour les fans de rétro gaming. Votre vieille NES prend la poussière ?

La box pour les fans de rétro gaming

Votre Nintendo 64 fait la tête ? Vous ne savez même plus comment on allume une Game Boy Color ? Les meilleures applis pour le ski et le snowboard. One Exec's Indie Game Journey Begins. The rise of the indie game developers over the past few years hasn't just been about kids coming out of college and starting game development.

One Exec's Indie Game Journey Begins

It's also about veterans of gaming who have made the journey from large companies back down to small groups or even lone wolf status. Snapchat's 'Our Stories' Gaining Millions of Views. A new report from Giga Om indicates that those who share tales in the mobile app's "Our Stories" feature are benefitting from a number of views.

Snapchat's 'Our Stories' Gaining Millions of Views

In fact, they've calculated somewhere in the millions. The reporter who wrote the story explained that a friend sent a Snapchat screenshot, showing that someone's contribution to the recent New York "Snowmageddon" event in the "Our Story" section has been viewed an estimated 25 million times, with users taking as many as 5,000 screenshots of the story. Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late. La connexion entre événements musicaux et fans. Applications Mobiles - Agence Web Digistart Arras. Selling Emotion: The Secret of 'Heroes Charge' Sony Doubles Down on Games. Sony is promising big things for future profits, looking to boost them to over $4 billion by the end of FY 2017, according to CEO Kaz Hirai's three-year plan.

Sony Doubles Down on Games

Hirai plans to focus on devices, music, pictures, and games in order to do this, which (not coincidentally) are the best-performing areas for the company – outside of its financial services, which are little-known outside of Japan but which have consistently delivered billions in profits over the last decade. Hirai expects Sony to be on course for a minimum operating profit of ¥500 billion ($4.20bn) by the end of FY 2017 on March 31, 2018. Current Sony forecasts put operating margins for FY 2015 at just ¥20 billion. "Sony is positioning Devices, Game & Network Services, Pictures, and Music as the segments that will drive its profit growth over the next three years," said Hirai, speaking to investors in Japan.

December App Downloads Show 'The New Reality Of Apps' When it comes to app downloads, there's no question that people love them. But there's also a question of whether companies are better prepared to provide more of them. 'Best Fiends' YouTube Success With PewDiePie Shows The Impact Of Influence. We've talked previously about what drives the success of a mobile game, whether it's a popular idea that takes off quickly (like Flappy Bird) or the involvement of a major development team (Angry Birds) or even a brand name that shoots up the charts like magic. However, as we've stated in the past with our articles, sometimes all you need to capture mobile lightning in a bottle is the right partner. That's certainly the case with Seriously, a start-up company that has produced a mobile game called Best Fiends. First introduced back in October on the App Store, Fiends has become a big success, not only receiving a recommendation on the site by Apple themselves, but also a huge push from YouTube sensation PewDiePie, according to Pocket Gamer.

Untitled. Monetizing the Next 2 Billion: Business Models for Emerging Markets. The scale of mobile has become a hot topic among technology investors, and rightfully so, with the mobile industry dwarfing the size of other technology sub-verticals. The smartphone installed base is quickly approaching 2 billion and may have already overtaken PCs. This is incredibly impressive given that the smartphone revolution only began in 2007, whereas the PC paradigm took hold decades ago. But we aren’t close to being done yet. As prices for hardware and data plans continue to drop, the smartphone installed base is expected to exceed 4 billion within the next five years. Feature phone owners upgrading to their first smartphone are also likely to catalyze this growth. Market Group Performance Based on iOS and Google Play Data As we mentioned in our 2014 Retrospective, emerging markets have seen sharp growth in downloads but remain far behind developed markets like the US and Japan in revenue generated through iOS and Google Play.

Mobile Game Portfolio Strategies You Need to Know in 2015. If you deal with mobile games, finding the next Clash of Clans (ideally before it becomes Clash of Clans) is a top priority. But without knowing how each mobile gaming company’s app lineup impacts their bottom lines, it can be a big challenge finding that next massive hit. App Annie is excited to announce its latest report, Portfolio Strategies in the Mobile Gaming Industry, which analyzes over 60 companies’ strategies towards building their app portfolios, including each strategy’s pros and cons.

This information is critical for investors and executives looking for the next key investment or partnership. Learn more about our latest report below. Les lycéennes japonaises passent 7 heures par... - Marché Multimédia. 7 heures quotidiennes. Pourquoi le jeu vidéo ne va pas aussi bien... - Loisirs, culture. L’optimisme est de mise dans le jeu vidéo.

Le Syndicat des éditeurs de logiciels de loisirs (le Sell) a communiqué ce mardi 10 février les chiffres du marché français. Et après des années de baisse, ils ont voulu souligner le retour de la croissance. Google Translate app: will it break down language barriers on holiday? - News & Advice - Travel - The Independent. The app’s latest update offers immediate spoken-word translation between dozens of languages, meaning users can converse with waiters in far flung restaurants, or liaise with hotel staff without stumbling over complicated consonants clusters, or indecipherable characters. The new conversation mode acts as a near-real-time translator, letting travellers carry out conversations with someone speaking a different language. The app also features a camera translation mode, which translates words found in images, allowing app users to decode signs or menus simply by tapping the app’s “Word Lens” feature, holding their smartphone camera over the text, and reading the translation, which appears in real time.


SmartPhoneActu. 'Best Fiends' YouTube Success With PewDiePie Shows The Impact Of Influence. Wargaming's Rocking New Deal With Vevo. has done quite a suitable job when it comes to the word-of-mouth popularity from its online games, including World of Tanks, World of Warplanes, and the forthcoming World of Warships. Wargaming has taken an interesting turn with its latest sponsorship deal, as it has joined forces with music video service Vevo to spread the word about Wargaming through totally unique channels.

The campaign, which will target the general rock and metal genres that the music channel has to offer, will focus on three of Wargaming's biggest titles, including Tanks, Warships and World of Warplanes, with better awareness of the brand, according to How Nintendo Can Make Creators Happy Again. The launch of Nintendo's Creator's Program this week and the terms involved has sparked some upset from YouTubers at the legacy brand's way of approaching content. Nintendo sees an opportunity to monetize these videos, giving creators 60 to 70 percent of the money from YouTube while letting creators use otherwise copyrighted material that the company has been diligent about taking down. The program has created a bit of a dilemma for creators who want to be involved, but feel there is a conflict of interest. “A YouTuber who makes money from game criticism and game reviews would have a problem reviewing a Nintendo game.

Not only do you have to essentially pay Nintendo to review their games, you have to review the game by their rules. [live] FFXIV Nexus Light Farming: current bonus windows. Le Journal du Gamer - Feed the Gamer Inside. L’homme, avenir du luxe. Introduction et méthodologie : Pour Elisabeth Cialdella, Directeur Délégué Marketing et Communication chez M Publicité, il était impératif de proposer aux marques un outil opérationnel qui fournisse à la fois des insights consommateurs et des informations sur les leviers d’engagement. Non-Gaming Brands Invest in eSports.

The rise in eSports has been significant enough to attract the interest of non-gaming brands in recent years. Why Tabletop Games Thrive and the Lesson for Video Games. Tabletop games have an ancient history, going back thousands of years to Egyptian board games and Roman polyhedral dice. Card games and dice games have been popular for centuries. Game Connection. Le Publigeekaire : Blog publicitaire et geek. Jeux vidéo PC et consoles - Gamekult. Page. Étude : qui sont les 34 millions de gamers français ? Le CNC publie une étude sur les gamers français. Ils sont nombreux, pas si jeunes que ça et sont loin de ne concerner que les hommes. Pixels : Toute l'actualité sur Le

SuperData: Digital Game Sales for December 2014. : Actu Jeux vidéo consoles, PC et mobile. Prodigy the Game.