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This trekking pole’s clever design lets you adjust it with a simple button-push. Comfort can sometimes be the enemy of innovation.

This trekking pole’s clever design lets you adjust it with a simple button-push

DIY Industrial Black Pipe Bookshelf! : 13 Steps. I sanded each panel down to 120 grit and then applied a coat of hard wax oil.

DIY Industrial Black Pipe Bookshelf! : 13 Steps

This is my new favorite finish at this point. It is really easy to apply, all you have to do is wipe it on, let it soak in, and then wipe right back off! Hard wax oil soaks in and hardens in the wood fibers, with a very thin film layer on top. This leaves a really nice finish that feels like wood - not plastic, like polyurathane would do. Quick note: I started to drill the holes in the panels before applying the finish. Wooden Blocks Wall Art : 5 Steps. Labyrinth Puzzle Box : 13 Steps. This interactive partition system separates spaces physically, but unites people with playfulness! Inspired by a detail found on Korean drums (where you adjust the drum’s tautness by interacting with the strings on its side), the Gyozip is a partitioning system that’s more focused on creating something that isn’t socially destructive.

This interactive partition system separates spaces physically, but unites people with playfulness!

Rather than separating people in a literal sense, the Gyozip is a physical separator, but it’s also a canvas where people on both sides of the partition can interact with it, creating art in the process. Building Giant Articulated Hands (carved From Wood for Social Distancing) : 24 Steps. These are my pile of "prototypical fingers", which is still seems like an uncomfortable phrase to use for some reason.

Building Giant Articulated Hands (carved From Wood for Social Distancing) : 24 Steps

It took a little while to work out the best design to make the finger function both by letting me collapse it down by pulling a string and then using a bungee cord to return it straight again. Luckily, the CNC router is perfect for something like this because I can tweak the design and cut fingers until I get a working prototype. But now that I've mentioned CNC, feel free to skip the rest of the album because the officially means this is no longer a real woodworking project any more. With that figured out, I'm able to design all 5 fingers using the original pointer finger as a guide. I also separated out the holes that are the pivot points and cut those out first so that I could utilize those holes to insert screws to hold the board to the table while the CNC cut out the pieces. Decathlon. This greenhouse-mimicking dome helps harvest rainwater and foster sapling-growth. The Agrodome is environment friendly in more ways than you’d think.

This greenhouse-mimicking dome helps harvest rainwater and foster sapling-growth

Sure, it creates a greenhouse-like environment for plants, enabling better growth, but it also comes made from recycled plastic waste! The Agrodome is made from PET sourced from recycled plastic bottles. The classic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale gets a fan-made makeover after 52 years! Considered one of the first supercars to ever be made, it’s difficult to believe that the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale dates back as far as 1968.

The classic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale gets a fan-made makeover after 52 years!

The 33 Stradale (which happens to be one of the rarest and most iconic automobiles of today, selling for well over $15 million) practically set the stage not just for the Italian manufacturer’s legacy, but for other supercars to follow suit… and although it looks good even today, 52 years is long enough to want to see a contemporary design refresh. A well armored cat andrewsink via thingiverse 201118. Nemeio: The customizable global keyboard by Nemeio. Skyline Sound Diffuser - Wall Art : 15 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables.

These EV modular chassis completely runs your car – unleashing the creativity of the automotive industry! The demand for electric vehicles is rising exponentially owing to clean energy concerns triggered by the deteriorating environment.

These EV modular chassis completely runs your car – unleashing the creativity of the automotive industry!

Sure there are numerous electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads, while others in development with technological advances to make e-mobility better than ever, addressing the underlying concerns with carbon emissions. That said, Israeli startup REE Automotive has adopted a very different approach with its e-mobility platform architecture which caters to a broad range of electric vehicles.

Daniel Barel, REE Co-Founder, and CEO REE Automotive said, “EVs, particularly e-delivery vehicles, are in huge demand, with growth drivers including global carbon-emission regulatory policies coupled with booming e-commerce.” Card Stock Flying Dragon Paper Airplane : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Conduct some test flights indoors.

Card Stock Flying Dragon Paper Airplane : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

The ruddervators should be raised a couple of degrees. Throw the plane straight and level, with little force. Repeat, and throw as consistently as possible. You can use the paper clip to influence the pitch (nose up or nose down) by sliding it forward or back a couple of millimeters. Make a little pencil mark on the side of the neck, once you've found a good position for it, so you can quickly position it after a crash. You can use the little rudder (on the bottom fin) to influence the plane's yaw, but a tendency to turn left or right is likely due to a slight curve of the body.

Have fun!! Openbot, le robot imprimé en 3D et open-source du géant Intel. Intel Labs, division Recherche de la multinationale américaine, a récemment mis en ligne les fichiers 3D de son nouveau robot imprimable en 3D : totalement open-source, le dispositif est à associer à un smartphone afin de tirer profit de toutes ses capacités.

Openbot, le robot imprimé en 3D et open-source du géant Intel

Disponible pour moins de $50, il peut bouger en tout autonomie et effectuer de nombreuses tâches de reconnaissance. Baptisé Openbot, le projet consiste à combiner téléphonie et robotique pour offrir un maximum d’automatisation de procédés divers et ce, à moindre prix. Patouch 2.0 Gant ouvre porte antibactérien - W6 Design. The palm-size PrintPods can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of. The magic in the PrintPods lies in the fact that it’s smaller than a can of spray paint but holds technology within it that makes it much more versatile.

The palm-size PrintPods can print on materials your desktop printer doesn’t even dream of

Designed to print in a variety of permanent, skin-friendly, and even invisible inks, the PrintPods is a ridiculously small handheld printer that you can wave over objects to print directly onto them. The PrintPods is a ridiculously small printer (it’s roughly the size of two AirPods cases stacked one above another) that lets you print over a variety of materials ranging from paper to cloth, metal, ceramic, and even wood. Fitted with a swappable cartridge system, the PrintPods can print in permanent ink, allowing you to customize objects, monogram your T-Shirts, or print out messages on paper with permanent, waterproof ink. The compact PrintPods printer runs in tandem with an app (supported on both iOS as well as Android). Designer: EVEBOT Team. ARMPAL: 3D Wooden Assembly Tabletop Game, Unlimited Plays! by Mongda. This automatic tuner just takes seconds to accurately tune any string based musical instrument!

Have you ever attended a gig where you cheer on the artist when they come onstage and then awkwardly wait for 10 minutes while they tune their instruments? Not that anyone is getting aggressively mad about it but it certainly isn’t the best thing to keep your audience waiting when it could have been avoided by using a more efficient tuning process. Roadie3 is an automatic multi-instrument tuner that saves you time without compromising on the accuracy – let’s turn it up!

Designed to make tuning faster than ever for musicians, Roadie3 works on multiple instruments effortlessly as long as they have geared pegs like electric guitars, acoustic guitars, classical guitars with nylon strings, pedal steel guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, to name a few. This tiny pod-shaped device is the world’s smallest reusable water purifier. Simply drop the GoPure pod into any bottle of tap water and it instantly begins purifying and remineralizing it, effectively saving you big bucks by not having to buy mineral water bottles each time… while obviously giving you access to pure, potable water. Designed as a ridiculously tiny, reusable device, the GoPure pod comes with a plastic housing on the outside and a porous ceramic core on the inside. Through physical movement, convection currents, and Brownian motion, the water remains in continuous contact with the core, which in turn acts as a magnet to attract impurities. This process effectively eliminates common contaminants in tap water like lead, chromium, arsenic, copper, mercury, chlorine, fluoride, and E.coli, while continuously neutralizing bad taste and odor, and balancing the pH to an ideal 7.4.

The tiny, portable nature of the GoPure makes it perfect to take with you wherever you go. Designer: PuriBloc Click Here to Buy Now. World’s first mechanical music box to play any song using your smartphone! Music boxes bring the tunes of nostalgia back and how! Back in the day they were considered a thoughtful gift and played one song over and over. The intricate details of the music box made it a collectible for years, it came in so many playful themes like horses on a carousel or a piano and I always loved watching the strings pop up and down when it played songs. While music boxes have gathered dust and music streaming apps have taken over, we don’t have to choose between the past and the present – Muro Box, the first app-controlled music box, brings the best of both back to you! Not only does Muro Box play any song you like, but you can also make your own songs. 3D Cardboard Labyrinth Maze : 19 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables.

Introduction: 3D Cardboard Labyrinth Maze Hi Everybody, My name is Asray and I am a 15 year old who has a keen love of making projects out of cardboard. Today I will show you all how to make a 3D Labyrinth Maze made out of cardboard.This project is simple to make and super fun to play with. Traditionally, mazes are 2D and super boring to play with but I made a maze with a twist so that it is challenging and fun to play with. (P.S. Lego : le Robot Inventor, nouveau fer de lance de la gamme Mindstorms. Lego vient de dévoiler le successeur du Mindstorms EV3, lancé en 2013 et qui a fait le bonheur de bon nombre de bricoleurs amateurs de briques en plastique.

Le Robot Inventor est un impressionnant set de 949 pièces permettant de construire cinq robots et véhicules équipés de capteurs et de moteurs… Et tous programmables. Cactus-inspired product designs that give your space a splash of greenery this summer! If the Instagram influencers and Pinterest boards have influenced us with anything, it is how beautiful a green space can look in your home. But given the modern busy era – where everyone wants more with minimal effort, it is the humble cactus plant that has gathered a cult following.

What happens when you manage to kill an actual cactus plant as well? (guilty as charged) You get some green that never dies but adds functionality to your home. The ultra-minimal Zooz Concept 1 is an e-motorcycle that looks like nothing we’ve seen before. The Concept 1 from Zooz shatters the very perception of what a motorcycle should look like. Jaguar just released a 4-part masterclass on their car design process! This BMW Motorrad electric concept is bringing back retro with the WWII-era sidecar! Rocket Ship Lamp : 4 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Sign in - Google Accounts. At just $91, the RODE NT-USB Mini is the the best budget podcasting microphone you can buy. Without getting into the deep end, audio equipment can be a tricky business.

The usual problem with audio gear is that its price tag is almost indicative of its quality. The higher the price, usually the better the quality, and the lower the cost, the larger the compromise on your end result. The 3D printed MH-19 multifunctional tool reduces contact risk when you step out for essential items. The shape of the handy tool called MH-19 is inspired by protection masks and has solved yet another problem using design. Mesmerizing Magnetic Wall Clock : 24 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Introduction: Mesmerizing Magnetic Wall Clock. This invention helped me write again - BBC Stories. This tabletop device’s kinetic sand paintings are the perfect blend of art and algorithm. If you’ve heard of Mandalas, let me introduce you to SANDSARA…! This tabletop kinetic sculpture works with sand as its raw material, using a single ball-bearing to make continuous hypnotic mandala patterns to enchant its viewers.

Meet the SANDSARA, a clever portmanteau of the words sand – the material, and Samsara – the Sanskrit word for the world and its infinite cycle of life-and-death… The SANDSARA, in its poetic spirit, is a tabletop kinetic sculpture that charts the infinite journey of a metal ball as it makes its way across the SANDSARA’s sand-filled surface. While the ball performs its repetitive choreography, it creates 3D patterns by digging into the sand, turning its movement into art. This ‘Wooden Chandelier’ helps add a unique rustic touch to an interior space.

This sensor-equipped resistance band gives you a fully personalized gym workout… at home. This Porsche 911 concept uses nature-inspired design to look menacing. Nature is filled with billions of inspiration sources, from form design to CMF, from natural characteristics to animal behavior. Throw away the HDMI Cable… This wireless display transmitter is the future of presentations. Wooden Product Designs that prove why wood is good! A DJ booth you can fit in your backpack. Wooden LED Gaming Display Powered by Raspberry Pi Zero : 11 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Le Nitinol : métal à mémoire de forme. Ingrana’s Modular Synth Days Calendar gives you a new sound everyday for 15 years. Polysher™ - Polymaker EU. These laser-engraved city maps turn Urban Planning into an Artform! First we had DIY cardboard VR headsets, now we’ve got DIY cardboard drones! This desktop lightbox makes your lighting setup as advanced as your camera. Interesting Engineering on LinkedIn: "This unique device helps those with limited arm mobility to eat via"

The PILLR Elevated Laptop Stand is a pragmatic+minimal way to reduce fatigue. This foldable light box goes from flat-packed to photo studio within seconds! The Spot A.I. Camera is like Google Lens for children who are curious about the world.