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Handywithscissors. Handywithscissors. So...It happened, I led my first ever workshop as Handy with Scissors! It is strange you know because I have managed and been part of countless kids workshops in my role as Coordinator of Kids and Families Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art ,Australia but to lead a workshop of my own, under my own name was somehow terrifying. I think in retrospect this workshop in my mind had become the culmination of all the work I had put into Handy and all my insecurities about where it all may lead. Would the kids like my ideas? Would they like me? Turns out I really had nothing to worry about. I would like to shout out here to Meri Cheri who inspired the original idea for the hangings and to Reverse Garbage Creative Reuse Center who donated some of the materials. So now to share a little about the materials, prep and the workshop itself! I loved Meri's original idea for these hangings which predominantly used mixed yarns.

Πάνω από 25 κορυφαίες ιδέες για Χριστουγεννιάτικες χειροτεχνίες αποκλειστικά στο Pinterest | Χριστούγεννα, Χριστουγεννιάτικες διακοσμητικές χειροτεχνίες και Ξυ… Camper van on canvas | Art Projects | Pinterest | Ινδιάνος, Καλοκαίρι και Τάξη. Goodie bag for my guests. <3 | Baby Shower : Its a girl! | Pinterest | Τσάντες, Δωράκια και Εύκολα μαστορέματα. Fairy Garden For Kids ~ Upcycled Water Table Container Garden - Twitchetts. Create an epic fairy garden for kids using an old water table. Instead of trying to get it clean, let your kids experiment with growing plants and creating a mini garden. Do you have a water table in your back yard? Does it tend to become the disgusting mess of a toy after every rain?

Don’t get me wrong… we have some fond water table memories, but ours just ended up looking dirty and disgusting more often than not. So this year we decided to give it a facelift! Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Check out our water table makeover! How we created our fairy garden for kids We started by drilling extra drainage holes all along the bottom of the water table. Next, we filled it with potting soil. I let V pick out a few smaller plants and a couple of packs of seeds to put in her garden. We continued to add to our garden one thing at a time. Outdoor movie, YES! It would be really fun to fill blow up pools with blankets and sheets and pillows to lay in while the movie is playing! | Pinterest | Κολύμ… Gr.pinterest. HGTV - Accueil. Facebook. How to Make Floating Balloons Without Helium | Olipbeauty - Health, Beauty, Life Hacks,News.

Folded Paper Sunflower Craft | I Heart Crafty Things. ΧΕΙΡΟΤΕΧΝΙΕΣ | First Day of School | Pinterest | Δάσκαλοι, Επιστροφή στα θρανία και Συσκευασίες δώρων. Pasta gallo | Μεικτά μέσα, Νουντλ και Macaroni. 5953a198413c7ccb9efde9b183a239dd.jpg (1462×2458) | BUILDINGS | Pinterest. Cardboard boxes Train | All Aboard! - T.R.A.I.N. | Pinterest | Δημιουργικός, Μαμά και Διασκεδαστικές χειροτεχνίες. Infinity: Maleta Vintage (Travel Theme) | Proyectos que intentar | Pinterest | Ταξίδια με άρωμα vintage, Άπειρο και Viajes. Shoeboxes covered in brown paper, brown ribbon, and a book of "old-fashioned luggage labels" from Amazon. | Graduación | Pinterest | Ροτβάιλερ, Πεζοπορία και Β… a63836c333f491aa380c78a24d366ac0.jpg 1,000×1,334 pixels | Susan | Pinterest. a63836c333f491aa380c78a24d366ac0.jpg 1,000×1,334 pixels | Susan | Pinterest. "Santa Claus is Coming in a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train" ~ The Tractors (3:50) | Christmas | Pinterest | Χορός, Τραγούδια και Χριστούγεννα.

"Santa Claus is Coming in a Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train" ~ The Tractors (3:50) | Christmas | Pinterest | Χορός, Τραγούδια και Χριστούγεννα. Gr.pinterest. Pinterest | Κατασκευές, Δραστηριότητες… Manualidades para Navidad: Chimenea decorativa de cartón | Navidad, Manualidades και Σπίτι. Manualidades para Navidad: chimenea decorativa de cartón. Los que ya me conoceis lo sabeis, pero si no me conoces te diré que me llamo Santiago y cada semana subo tutoriales de manualidades a mi canal de YouTube, me gustaría mucho que se suscribieran en este enlace Santiago y Sus Ideas. Muchos de los seguidores del canal me habeis pedido que haga una chimenea decorativa de cartón para poner en un rincón o esquina, para los que no tienen posibilidad de tener una chimenea de verdad, pero les gusta esa sensación hogareña que producen las chimeneas, y sobre todo es una decoración preciosa para las fechas navideñas, pero sin gastar mucho dinero, ya que está hecha con cartón reciclado y papel de periódico.

Esta chimenea de cartón la he hecho de forma muy realista, tanto que si la ves desde muy cerca no sabrías diferenciar si es de ladrillo o de cartón, y ese efecto se consigue de forma muy fácil, a continuación puedes ver el tutorial paso a paso para hacer tu propia chimenea. Suscribirse: Learning As I Sew...bake, cut, and create: Polar Express themed decor.

Our 1st grade team does an annual Polar Express themed party, and they make an awesome train that goes down one side of the hallway. I really wanted to dress up the other side with what might be seen out of the train windows. A town square with a huge 3D Christmas tree, a town hall, toy store, residential neighborhood, Santa and his reindeer flying through the night, a train station with a train schedule, ticket booth, and railroad crossing. Office Decorations Polar Express #polarexpress #officedecorations | Christmas | Pinterest. The Monson Family: The Polar Express Ward Christmas Party! | Primary Grades Fun & Learning | Pinterest | Χριστούγεννα και Πάρτι. Cardboard train polar express library display | Our Displays | Pinterest | Βιβλιοθήκες, Τρένα και Οθόνη. Gr.pinterest.

Cardboard train. Angelina if you see this you have to make it for ozzy ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok | Christmas | Pinterest | Οδηγοί και Κουτιά. Cardboard train. Angelina if you see this you have to make it for ozzy ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok | Christmas | Pinterest | Οδηγοί και Κουτιά. Gr.pinterest. Sailboat String Art for Kids - Easy Peasy and Fun. It’s time to put a new string art display out for the summer months – today we are showing you how to make an easy sailboat string art for kids and beginners. We are using yarn for these simple projects as it’s easier for little hands to handle, if you are doing this project with older kids you can just use a regular string. *this post contains affiliate links* I just love how string art decor looks, and as it’s pretty easy to make you can have a new display each month (or season).

What you need: Directions: Lightly sketch a sailboat onto your wood board with a pencil. Begin to pound your nails by driving them into the wood about half way. Keep the nails about 1/2″ apart. We string our board in this order: Red, Yellow, White, Blue and Black. Create the outline of your yarn by wrapping the yarn around the outside of the nail and moving to the next nail.

When you reach the starting point, cut your yarn and knot it with the starting yarn. DIY Ιστιοφόρο σε βάζο από Φελλό | Τεχνοτροπίες Και Διακόσμηση. Θυμαστε σαν παιδιά να σας έχουν κάνει δώρο πλοίο σε ένα μπουκάλι; Αν ναι εδώ σήμερα έχουμε για σας μια Diy διασκεδαστική κατασκευή που οι μικροί μας φίλοι θα λατρέψουν.

Το μόνο που χρειάζεστε είναι μερικά πώματα, νήμα, οδοντογλυφίδες, και χαρτί κατασκευής. Αυτή η εύκολη κατασκευή για τα παιδιά δεν είναι μόνο για διασκέδαση, αλλά θα θα μπορούσε να διακοσμήση εξαίσια το περβάζι σας ή κάποιο τραπεζάκι του παιδιού σας. Θα μπορούσατε ακόμη να κάνετε ένα στόλο από μικρά ιστιοπλοϊκά με φελλό για να διακοσμήσετε το δωμάτιο τους ή και το μπάνιο σας. Αναλυτικές οδηγίες γιαυτή την υπέροχη κατασκευή στο handmadecharlotte Ίσως σας ενδιαφέρει και αυτό:

Four Seasons Tree Craft With Template - Easy Peasy and Fun. We have a wonderful four seasons tree craft template to share with you, this one can fold nicely into a 4 seasons book or you can assemble it together to stand on it’s own. Print our template, there are more versions, and have the kids get creative with their seasons.

*this post contains affiliate links* We thought a nice little four seasons tree craft would be a nice addition to exploring and learning about the seasons of the year. This can be a fun four seasons craft for kindergarten, as well as for preschoolers although assistance from parent or teachers will be needed. There are many ways the kids can decorate this project, and there certainly is no need to limit yourself to markers, crayons or pens!

With scrap paper, tissue paper pom poms and other materials that “pop” you can give this 4 seasons tree craft even more dimension. We will talk about ideas for decorating the seasons a bit more in the tutorial itself (we’ve got quite a few for each of the season). What you need: Spring Summer. Pom Pom Cone Christmas Tree Craft - Easy Peasy and Fun. This little pom pom cone Christmas tree craft will double up as a fun decoration for the holidays. These will look wonderful along a DIY Christmas paper garland. *this post contains affiliate links* What you need: Styrofoam cone green yarn (or any other color)pom poms (I used a combo of “regular ones” and glitter ones for the star on top of the tree and it looks wonderful)glue (white school glue works out great)scissors Start by poking a hole on the top of the cone and fill it with glue.

Tuck in the yarn and let it dry (this will make the wrapping a whole lot easier). Wrap the yarn around the cone, starting on top and working your way to the bottom – add glue as you go. Add pom poms. More fun Christmas Crafts for Kids Want to do something that is super easy to make and looks absolutely adorable? Krokotak | Ocean Craft. Poppies art. Salzteig Ideen - Mobile selber basteln - Basteln mit Kindern.

Eine wunderschöne Bastelidee mit Salzteig ist das Basteln eines selbstgemachten Mobiles. Finde hier auch gleich das passende Salzteig Rezept. Für die Mobiles pflücken wir uns zunächst ein paar schöne Blumen. Ihr könnt hier frische Blumen der Saison nehmen oder aber natürlich auch schon getrocknete Blumen, falls Ihr die noch übrig habt. Bei der Verwendung von Naturmaterialien entsteht auch immer eine gute Gelegenheit den Kindern die Vorgänge in der Natur zu erklären und erlebbar näher zu bringen. Anzeige Erster Schritt Zunächst müssen wir den Salzteig anfertigen.

Zweiter Schritt Den fertigen Salzteig rollen wir nun mit einem Teigroller aus. Dritter Schritt Aus dem ausgerollten Salzeit stechen wir nun Kreise aus. Vierter Schritt Nun kannst Du die gesammelten Blumen auf die runden Salzteigformen legen. Fünfter Schritt Jetzt sticht man mit einem Schaschlikspieß o. ä. kleine Löcher in die runden Salzteigtaler. Das war es auch schon.

Merken. Tippytoe Crafts: Dramatic Play Pyramid. » Magnetism Mazes. One of my colleagues, when I was a teacher brought the idea of making a shoebox maze to the group. The kids loved it, making their creatures move within a maze each of them created, with personalized challenges and themes. This year my son was studying about magnets and after creating a collaborative theatre with his class, he was excited to share this idea with his sister so they worked on a small maze for a magnetized bug. You could also make a more simple version of an obstacle course with objects to move around or avoid. We learned a few tricks from these two sites to make the process successful for a pre-schooler! Hello, Wonderful’s dancers ( and Coloured Button’s rock theatre ( Materials Cardboard box (it doesn’t need to be two sides, just one. We always find these items helpful too: SmockCraft tray Directions Don your smock. Purpose. » Rainy Day Fun: Kid Designed Playmat. It can be quite fun to design your own playmat and see your vision realized!

Materials 2 large felt pieces of feltVarious colours of feltRibbonFabric glue or sewing machine/threadFabric scissorsWhite paper, pencil & eraserPlastic figurines (people, cars, animals etc.)RibbonSmock Make a paper version Bristol (Poster Board)Construction paperScissorsGluePencil/ EraserFelt markers, pencil crayons, crayons etc.Ribbon, yarn or twine Directions Have your child draw out the plan for their play mat. Based on your plan, cut out your pieces of fabric using your fabric scissors. Glue the pieces to the large felt piece or sew them on should you like. If you went with the sewing option and you want to cover up the back, glue or sew an additional layer of felt to the back of the mat.

. * You can do the same thing using paper! Purpose Making a plan and creating something based on that design. Safety Notes. Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for Kids | Disney, Γενέθλια και Frozen. Paper Magic. DIY Ιστιοφόρο σε βάζο από Φελλό | Τεχνοτροπίες Και Διακόσμηση. 1000+ ideas about Flower Template on Pinterest | Paper flowers, Tissue paper and Crepe paper. Spring Archives. Egg Carton Fairy Dolls — ART CAMP. The girls and I have been so happy to see the endless stream of egg carton mermaid dolls that are being created and shared on the interwebs. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect that the result of our sleepy Saturday morning craft session would become a viral sensation. Wavy, Splash, and Breeze aren't letting the fame go to their tails, though.

They are still the humble, playful gals they've always been. They have been such loyal companions to H and R we thought we would surprise them with an island getaway. Breeze has been dreaming of a Maui vacation since she was a tiny little mer-pole so it was not even a question of where they would be heading. We threw them an intimate little bon voyage party and they promised to send postcards. We have to admit that it has been a little lonely since the Mers left town. Materials: 1. Print or draw your fairy template. Cut your fairy shape out into two parts: torso/head/wings and legs. Start to paint your fairy sections.