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Photos Public Domain - Free photographs, pictures, clipart & images for any use - Royalty Free Stock Photos. Card - TuckDB. World Digital Library Home. CRI_113382-620x350.jpg (Obrázok JPEG, 620×350 bodov) Media History Digital Library - Online Access to the Histories of Cinema, Broadcasting & Sound. Toutleciné, les Films à Voir (ou pas) : Actu, Critiques, Photos, Fiches.

Free Download AE Project Vector Stock Web Template Photoshop Via Torrent Zippyshare From World’s Largest Collectibles Auctioneer. The Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Hand Color Tinted Photos, Actors Actresses items in My Vintage Photos store on eBay! Hubble Satellite Images, Union items in History In Full Color store on eBay! O nás. Lists of Images on Popular Topics (Prints and Photographs Reading Room, Library of Congress) Architecture | History and Events | People (portrait lists) | Related Resources Prints & Photographs Division staff have selected sets of images on frequently requested topics, focusing on images for which there are no known restrictions.

Lists of Images on Popular Topics (Prints and Photographs Reading Room, Library of Congress)

Architecture History and Events People (portrait lists) Related Resources Several Library of Congress American Memory sites also offer selected images on particular themes: Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Detroit Photographic Company’s Views of North America, ca. 1897-1924. This collection includes views throughout the United States of prominent buildings, clubs, estates, monuments, and colleges and universities; historical sites, including battlefields and forts; natural landmarks, such as canyons, islands, rock formations, and waterfalls; industry; educational, financial, and government facilities; naval vessels and yachting events; canals and waterfronts; roads, railroads, and other methods of transportation.

Detroit Photographic Company’s Views of North America, ca. 1897-1924

Also scenes of urban and rural communities and other points of interest in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean area, and a series of mammoth panoramic views mostly of western mountain ranges. There are also portraits of Native Americans, Asian Americans, and genre portraits of African Americans. History of the Collection The Detroit Photographic Company began as a photographic publishing firm in the late 1890s. The founders, Detroit businessman and publisher William A. The Collection. Variety Stage: Harry Houdini. 1 - 20 of 1986 from the Library of Congress.

↓ Refine your search On the Custer outlook 1 photographic print. | Edward S.

1 - 20 of 1986 from the Library of Congress

Search Results: "Lee, Russell, 1903-1986" - Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. Autochrome Lumière. A box of Autochrome plates, expiration date 1923 The colored starch grains in an Autochrome plate, greatly enlarged An Autochrome of the Taj Mahal reproduced in The National Geographic Magazine, March 1921 The Autochrome Lumière is an early color photography process.

Autochrome Lumière

Patented in 1903[1] by the Lumière brothers in France and first marketed in 1907,[2] it was the principal color photography process in use before the advent of subtractive color film in the mid-1930s. Structure and use[edit] Autochrome is an additive color[3] "mosaic screen plate" process. The luminance filter (silver halide layer) and the mosaic chrominance filter (the colored potato starch grain layer) remained precisely aligned and were distributed together, so that light was filtered in situ. Manufacturing techniques[edit] To create the Autochrome color filter mosaic, a thin glass plate was first coated with a transparent adhesive layer.

Viewing techniques[edit] Šechtl a Voseček: Historické fotografie, výstavy, fotobanka, muzeum. Online archiv (Langhans) I Photo Central: the ultimate source for Photography Collecting. Billerantik. X-ray delta one's photosets on Flickr. The Old Car Manual Project. Old Car Brochures Gallery. Vintage Automobile Advertisements - Classic Car Art.

Aldenjewell's Photostream. BetzMaps - Welcome To Hemispheres Antique Maps & Prints. Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps Inc. Iné > Obrázky. French Vintage Erotic photography, Woman post cards items in CHAMBRECLOSE Photo Nude postcards store on eBay! Natural media painting emulation (Digital art) / Имитация живописи - Natural media painting emulation by piker77. Hungary, Austria items in Philanet Collectors Shop store on eBay! Cartes Stéréo, CDV sélection items in photovintagefrance store on eBay! Zuzahen - Colorization of Omar Bradley - Real-time. Video Description.

Zuzahen - Colorization of Omar Bradley - Real-time

Selection from Wellcome Library’s release of 100k openly licensed images. This morning the Wellcome Library announced its release of 100,000 of its historical images under an open license (CC-BY – meaning they are free for any re-use provided that the Wellcome Library is credited).

Selection from Wellcome Library’s release of 100k openly licensed images

The range and quality of the images released is phenomenal. The collection covers more than a thousand years of imagery relating to the history of medicine, including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements – from medieval Persian anatomy to the satirical prints of Rowlandson and Gillray. This move by the Wellcome is yet another recent example of a hugely respected institution releasing digitisations of its public domain content under an open license – with the last 6 months seeing The Getty and The British Library making similar moves.

It’s a really promising sign of a more general shift toward opening up public domain content that we’ve seen taking place in the cultural sector over the last couple of years. Wonderful stuff! Smithsonian Libraries. Vincent Monozlay - Fine Art. Shorpy - colorized. Free Online Keywording Tool, IPTC editor, suggestions for photo tags. New keywording tool Try the new FREE iStock keywording tool with cloud backup - offering AI keyword suggesting, auto categories and bulk-edit features.

Free Online Keywording Tool, IPTC editor, suggestions for photo tags

This is a must for all serious stock-contributors - go to This tool will suggest keywords based on similar images, and it lets you compare keyword popularity. The site aims to serve the needs of photographers and illustrators in their quest to tag/keyword their images. It helps you to easily find proper keywords that people are actually using in their searching process. How does it work? First you type in several basic keywords that describe the image you want to keyword.

About using this site: Please respect that you are not allowed to use this site for providing a service that you sell to another person or company. Dr. Macro. Mads Madsen (zuzahgaming) - Trialsanderrors' Photostream. Heritage Auctions Hall of Fame. Silent Film Still Archive - Home.