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Free Education for All — Open Education. Elearningpapers. Wiki sobre la competencia digital. A raíz de una propuesta sobre la competencia digital, publicada anteriormente, Jordi Adell sugirió hacer mejoras al documento inicial en una Wiki.

Wiki sobre la competencia digital

Euro Meduc. Blog Archive » Pivote. Un entorno abierto para el aprendizaje en. Inicio » e-learning 1.072 views (1 votes, average: 4,00 out of 5) Loading ...

Blog Archive » Pivote. Un entorno abierto para el aprendizaje en

Edtechpost » PLE Diagrams. A Collection of PLE diagramsNOTE: You can log in with the guest account (edtechpost_guest, same password) to add your own PLE image to the wiki or email them to me at

edtechpost » PLE Diagrams

Index Tool-Oriented Use/Action Oriented. OER Handbook. From WikiEducator About The purpose of this handbook is to provide a guide for those who are just getting started in the creation of open educational resources (OER).

OER Handbook

Seb's Open Research. MynoteIT - An online note taking tool for students. Personal Learning Environments. La formation en ligne et à distance. LeMill — LeMill. Observatorio Universidad Externado de Colombia. Home - Digital Learning. $2 Million Competition Seeks Ideas to Transform Learning As President Obama called for new efforts to reimagine and improve education in science and math, MacArthur is launching a $2 million open competition for ideas to transform learning using digital media.Read more.Competition website.

Home - Digital Learning

President Obama Launches National Lab Day Partnership President Obama announced the launch of a new initiative, National Lab Day, to reinvigorate science and math education in the nation’s schools and learning centers.Read more.National Lab Day website. Event — The Power of Youth Voice: What Kids Learn When They Create with Digital Media This forum, held in Philadelphia, brought together experts in digital media and learning to share their research and experiences from in and outside of the classroom.Watch the webcast. Guia de recursos a Internet. Razoo is the platform for social good. UNESCO OER Toolkit Draft. From WikiEducator UNESCO Open ODL / OER Toolkit Back to the handbook outline: [[1]] A guide for participating in the international open education commons November 2007 Prepared by J.

UNESCO OER Toolkit Draft

This is a DRAFT!!! For the most recent version (July 2009), go to the draft on the UNESCO OER Community wiki Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (CC-BY-3.0) - new online learning community. Face Value. Web 2.0 for TPD » home. Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes. Ilias. eLearn: Feature Article.

iCampus: iLabs. iLab Project at MIT The iLabs project website has moved to Please register for an iLab Account at and run the iLab microelectronics experiments.

iCampus: iLabs

Faculty interested in using iLabs in their courses should contact the iLabs Project Team ( and request a group account. We apologize for any inconvenience. Any questions or comments should be directed to the iLabs Project Team at . About iLabs iLabs is dedicated to the proposition that online laboratories – real laboratories accessed through the Internet – can enrich science and engineering education by greatly expanding the range of experiments that students are exposed to in the course of their education. Based on the experiences of the different iLab development teams The iLabs Project is developing a suite of software tools that makes it efficient to bring online and manage complex laboratory experiments.

Overview of the iLabs Shared Architecture. E-Aprendizaje - knowledge, collaboration, information, partnersh. Designing for flexible learning practice. From WikiEducator Flexibility, when incorporated into curriculum design enables people more choice in their learning. : The next facilitated course starts on 11 February 2010) This course has now moved to a new look Guidebook.

Designing for flexible learning practice

You can still access the previous 2009 version. Workshop times - face-to-face and online are on the weekly schedule in the Course Outline. The Flexible Learning course has been developed by staff in the Educational Development Centre of Otago Polytechnic. For enrolment enquiries: contact 0800 762786 in New Zealand or Enquiries about the content of the course: email bronwynDOThegartyAtopDOTacDOTnz Learning Outcomes At the successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Web-conference class meeting linkOnline meetings will be on Elluminate.

Test your access well in advance of the class sessions and you will need a headset with microphone unless this is built into your computer. Web 2.0 in Education. Evaluate Europe - Welcome to the Evaluate-Europe Site. Learn Online. Cursos de formación a través de Internet, noticias y recursos so. Aula 2002. Si eres estudiante Universitario, de COU, Bachiller ó últimos cursos de FP, de espíritu inquieto y comprometido con tu futuro profesional, te habrás preguntado en más de una ocasión cuáles son las distintas posiblidades de estudios que más enriquezcan no sólo tu formación integral sino que mejor te preparen como el futuro profesional que nuestra sociedad necesita.

Saber qué posibilidades te ofrecen las Universidades Públicas y Privadas, del Estado y Extranjeras, cómo y dónde cursar los estudios y sus diferentes convalidaciones. E-Aprendizaje - knowledge, collaboration, information, partnersh. Agenda. TEMPS D’EDUCACIÓ. Agenda. OER Handbook/proposed handbook outline. From WikiEducator Note: Unless there is feedback to the contrary, this outline will be deprecated in favor of the merged outline.

OER Handbook/proposed handbook outline

Introduction Why OER? (both motivation and goals) A short history of OERs Models and approaches to OER development * Cathedral and the Bazaar models of content * Produce – consumer versus collaborative peer production Roadmap * Beginner - advanced * OER Lifecycle. RELOAD Project.