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Informatievaardigheden HBO Groen - Lesmateriaal - Wikiwijsleermiddelenplein. In het hoger onderwijs is informatievaardigheden een van de competenties die studenten moeten bezitten.

Informatievaardigheden HBO Groen - Lesmateriaal - Wikiwijsleermiddelenplein

Voor HBO-studenten in het groene domein is er daarom deze interactieve instructie Informatievaardigheden HBO Groen. Met deze instructie leer je: welke verschillende soorten informatiebronnen er zijn; een correcte zoekvraag formuleren; hiervoor de juiste zoektermen kiezen en gebruiken; zoeken in de catalogus en andere relevante informatiebronnen; (web)informatie op kwaliteit toetsen; hoe je de gevonden informatie kunt gebruiken bij het schrijven van een rapport, artikel, presentatie, etc. Zo werkt het: De kenniskermis — Overleven in een zee van informatie. Informatievaardigheden. Privacy Online Explained by Common Craft. In the real world, privacy feels like a choice.

Privacy Online Explained by Common Craft

We can close our blinds. We can choose to keep quiet or stay inside. And even when we’re in public buying groceries or talking with a friend, privacy feels like the default. No one’s analyzing our every move. It might also feel private when we go online and use websites and apps to have discussions, to share photos, and schedule appointments.

You might ask: Does anyone really care about my location, my purchases or what photos I liked on the Web? The answer is likely “yes”. But our information is also valuable for their business. This, and money from targeted advertising are big reasons many social networking sites are free to use. So, unlike the real world, privacy is not the default online because websites depend on tracking and remembering information about us. And this is not necessarily bad. To be more informed about online privacy, here’s what each one of us can do: First, be aware. Digital Literacy Explained by Common Craft. Imagine for a moment what it’s like not knowing how to read or write.

Digital Literacy Explained by Common Craft

The world becomes much more difficult to navigate and understand. While people around you use written words to apply for jobs and follow instructions, you can’t understand or communicate as well, and this can prevent you from succeeding. Literacy matters. Literacy also comes in many forms. For example, being literate in healthcare may mean you have learned and understand the terminology and gained skills to communicate and be a productive and responsible part of the healthcare community. But there is a new kind of literacy that touches almost everyone in our modern world. I’m talking about digital literacy - the ability to use technology to navigate, evaluate and create information. Basic literacy used to be a privilege. Over hundreds of years, as the world became more oriented around the written word, literacy became a requirement for success in almost any field and societies with literate citizens prospered.

Website Evaluation Explained by Common Craft. Finding accurate and useful information on the Web can be frustrating.

Website Evaluation Explained by Common Craft

With so many websites, it’s difficult to know what is trustworthy and factual. To solve this problem, you need think like an editor. Let me explain. Back before the Web, books, newspapers and journals were the main sources of information and like today, they were usually trustworthy. This is partly because these resources are expensive to produce. This is the job of the editor, who acts as a gatekeeper. Today, things have changed. Editors and journalists often depend on existing facts and information in their work. And reputation is important to editors. When a news event happens, editors look for eye witness accounts. Website.beoordelingsformulier. Informatievaardigheden.leerlijn vmbo.format. Informatievaardigheden en de mediathecaris ruud de moor centrum. PANOPTICON: The documentary about your privacy.

How Search Works. Privacy op internet - Bestaat dat nog wel? Als je surft op internet geef je vaak veel gegevens over jezelf bloot.

Privacy op internet - Bestaat dat nog wel?

Die gegevens worden verzameld en vaak verkocht aan bedrijven. Wat voor gegevens zijn dat allemaal, en waar gebruiken bedrijven jouw gegevens voor? Mag dat allemaal wel? Meer info Minder info “Bedrijven gaan behoorlijk ver in het verzamelen van informatie van internetters door webformulieren of door het bijhouden van hun surfgedrag of zoekgedrag, of wat ze doen op sociale netwerken, want heel veel bedrijven vinden het heel erg fijn om te weten wat jouw persoonlijke voorkeuren zijn en wie je bent, waar je woont, wat je doet, hoe oud je bent, man/vrouw.

2015 CES Jan 5 Big Data : Bob Yen. Informatievaardigheden en de mediathecaris ruud de moor centrum. Bits of Freedom.