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Admission Management System. The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the academic institutes (School, Colleges, and Universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually.

Admission Management System

It is difficult now to conduct the process accurately and in a timely manner. Student Admission Software. The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the academic institutes (school, colleges, and universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually.

Student Admission Software

It is difficult to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable. Managing admissions can be a huge task for a university or institutions. There are the university/institution where entire admission process is handled manually, which is very slow and time-consuming. Now, it’s high time to leave behind such traditional processes and go with computerized automated student online admission system or e-Admission to speed up and make processes easy. Online College Admission System. An applicant is a person who seeks admission and a student is the one who gets admitted to school/college/institute/university.

Online College Admission System

Visiting off site campus, taking application form, filling it, and then the submission is a backdated story. In the current era of digitalization, why should someone go offline to fill & submit the admission form for college? By taking advantage of information technology things are available in a few clicks and the process from applicant to the student is not an exception for the same. MasterSoft ERP has a complete college management system solution from online application form submission to become a student of a specific institute including online payment, query management, a dashboard to know types of applicants, merit list generation, counselling, final selection, etc. To automate and to make ease out of it to end users, it is really vital to make admission and selection processes online.

To understand it in detail, let’s divide it into two parts. Online Teaching and Learning. Plan, Execute, And Achieve Goals With Learning Management Solution Learning has shifted from Life Long to Life Wide Learning.

Online Teaching and Learning

The ‘new’ educational landscape demands a ‘new’ version of teaching-learning methodologies where teachers can perform exam analysis and goal output analysis & plan appropriate teaching syllabus and help students learn at their own pace, communicate with them at any time, and plan their studies for achieving their goals. However, leveraging the edTech to make the digital shift & attain the best student outcomes is not a hassle-free process. During the transition, most of the educators find it difficult to structure the following crucial classroom teaching-learning practices: Systematic record maintenance of students’ activities Creating effective syllabus & teaching-plan Providing relevant & advanced e-content Creating & conducting online tests & assessments Grading & tracking student progress Strong teacher-student collaboration Bloom’s Taxonomy Framework.

School Management System. 1) State Board of Education Every state in India has its own board of education that conducts certificate examinations for classes X to XII. The curriculum and co-curricular activities of each state board are based upon the regional history and relevance. Mastersoft offers customized solutions for all State Boards. 2) The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) All CBSE schools, private and public fall under the large umbrella of the Union Government of India, and follow the syllabus designed by NCERT. MasterSoft Cloud’s Examination Module for CBSE School Software promises the following traits: Users can define Exam Session for each academic year; can define maximum/minimum grades, exam marks, and points that have to be integrated before assessments.

Marksheets generated are : Subject-wise Student-wise Examination (term) wise Formative Assessment Summative Assessment Complete/ Consolidated report card Benefits of CBSE examination management ERP : 4) International Baccalaureate (IB) E-Learning Software for Higher Education. With an objective to provide an undisturbed learning experience, MasterSoft has introduced a Learning Management System.

E-Learning Software for Higher Education

The LMS supports the education goals of institutions by digitizing the traditional classroom with innovative teaching methodologies while maintaining a student-centric approach. Powered with collaborative workspaces, assessment features, communication channels, and e-content provisions, LMS is an advanced interactivity building tool for higher education institutions (HEIs). Though there are thousands of e-study materials available on the internet, finding out relevant study material is often time consuming & tedious. Moreover each student requires personalized content, to accelerate learning. Key Benefits The Learning Management System with Microsoft Team Integration fulfills the core purpose of education by ensuring a smooth teacher-student communication & providing the best quality education. Hassle-free Virtual Engagement.