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Mastersoft is a leading education ERP software provider with 2000+ clients in all over India. We are committed to provide customized and reliable ERP solutions to the educational sector exclusively.

Easiest Ways to Improve Student Experience in Colleges. What’s the first thing that strikes your mind when I say — “Student experience”?

Easiest Ways to Improve Student Experience in Colleges

How to Manage College Applications, Merit List Generation & Online Admissions. Accessibility & awareness of internet & mobile phones have increased the reach, now students can search and find colleges, apply online & get accepted all in the remote.

How to Manage College Applications, Merit List Generation & Online Admissions

During Covid, Online Admissions through the online application process has been the greatest support & convenience for Colleges. The digital landscape has become a secure go-to operating space for institutions, not only for Online Admissions but also as they serve as the core building block for successful academic records of institutions. When it comes to colleges who’ve been managing their college applications & admission procedure manually for years- the concept of online admissions & using a college management system may sound daunting- initially. How to Manage Exam Schemes, Rules & Result Processing Online. Distinct teaching-learning methodologies.

How to Manage Exam Schemes, Rules & Result Processing Online

Distinct study platforms. Distinct education programs. Despite the multitude of differences in the academic framework, every educational institution across the world follows the “exam & assessment” code to judge the knowledge, understanding, and skill-sets of students. Earlier performed in-house and now conducted on digital platforms, examinations are a vital part of education.

With the wave of the pandemic, educators have realized the value of automating exam management in schools, colleges, and universities. Are you also in search of an exam management system that could help you manage exams without any hassle? Let’s get started with the in-house examination conduction software first. Complete Guide to Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) - Part 1. The University Grants Commission (UGC), one of the most prominent autonomous bodies that work towards ensuring the best quality education in India.

Complete Guide to Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) - Part 1

As an initiative to make the teaching-learning framework better and enhance the student learning outcomes, the UGC has taken a thoughtful step by introducing the concept of LOCF - Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework. The idea behind the implementation of LOCF in Indian institutions & universities is to pre-determine what outcomes need to be achieved by planning, mapping & measuring the student outcomes. It is quite similar to the concept of Outcome Based Education System.

However, the major difference is that unlike the OBE framework, LOCF is implemented for the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for the undergraduate (UG) & postgraduate (PG) programs. The faculty needs to design a curriculum that would help students learn subjects of their interests while mapping their progress at every step. Why LOCF? The Best School Management System to Enhance Students Learning Experience. Most school educators started thinking about digitalization only after realizing how things can change overnight.

The Best School Management System to Enhance Students Learning Experience

As per a recent report of UNICEF – "More than 90% of the countries have adopted remote teaching-learning policies. " This time the reason is – pandemic. No one knows what will happen the next time. It clearly indicates that institutions that won’t adhere to the best teaching-learning practices are going to lose 1000s of potential students. The statistics may go even higher. Taking care of student experience right from this point in time is the best way to create a positive impact and enhance the students learning experience – today, tomorrow, and upcoming years!

School Management System: Discovering its Potential Let’s begin with some basic yet imperative queries that can help you understand the importance of school ERP online software. Online Examination Software for Post-Exam Analysis, Better Learning Outcomes & Decision Making. Have you noticed the correlation between the six levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy for education?

Online Examination Software for Post-Exam Analysis, Better Learning Outcomes & Decision Making

Remembering | Understanding | Applying | Analyzing | Evaluating | Creating Well, these levels have been thoughtfully designed to impart value-based knowledge to students & encourage them to develop new skills including the ones that deal with life-long experiences. RF Campus Management Software – ERP Higher Education. Part 1 : Student Information Management System The Student Information Management System (SIMS) to help educational institutions store, retrieve, access, and analyze entire student data including students’ admission details, fees records, academic performance from a centralized location enabling them to organize data systematically & maximize institutional efficiency.

RF Campus Management Software – ERP Higher Education

Admission Management Software & Fee Collection System to ease the hassle of online admissions & enable 100% secure fees collection online & offline. Define Institute – Degree, Branches, Courses offered, fees parameters, etc Admission Process for UG, PG & Ph.D - Prospectus Sale, Online Application by the Student, Merit List, Admission or Import of Admission Data Fees Collection – Online, Counter, Challan, Wallets (Multi-currency enabled) What Is RFID Attendance System for Schools? RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification - The use of wireless communications to establish the identity of a physical object.

What Is RFID Attendance System for Schools?

RFID term is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number – EPC – Electronic Product Code) of an object wirelessly, using radio waves. RFID technology provides wireless identification of people, books or assets. A RFID tag is attached to an object and contains information about that object. RFID Components: A typical RFID system is made up of three components: Tags (RFID ID Cards), Readers and the host computer system. Tag(RFID ID Cards): Tag is made up of an integrated antenna and memory.

Reader: An RFID reader is a device that is used to read RFID tag data. Host Computer: It reads/writes data from / to the tags through the reader. Features and benefits of RFID over barcodes No line of slight is required to read a RFID card / tag. Different Types of RFID Read and write functions. Online College Admission System. An applicant is a person who seeks admission and a student is the one who gets admitted to school/college/institute/university.

Online College Admission System

Visiting off site campus, taking application form, filling it, and then the submission is a backdated story. Online Assessment Tools for Teachers. Virtual Classrooms have become an integral part of Learning and evaluation is an essential part of the Teaching - Learning Process, thus MasterSoft Online Assessment Software to conduct Unit Tests, Term Exams in MCQ & Descriptive Format while considering the ground level challenge of bandwidth, device & security, we bring to you the best Solution.

Online Assessment Tools for Teachers

MasterSoft Online Assessment Software, built-in with Artificial Intelligence & BI Powered Analytics Tools for analyzing areas of improvement, test level, etc seamlessly helps institutions including schools, colleges, and universities to overcome the following challenges by offering the best online assessment practices. Diagnosing & Rectifying Learning Gaps Creating Assessments to Map Memory, Skills & Conceptual Knowledge Scrutinize Question-wise Performance Evaluation of PO & CO Monitoring Online Test to Avoid Malpractices Generating Accurate Assessment Reports Faster Result Calculation with Detailed Analysis.

Library Management Software. The best way to maintain, organize, and handle countless books systematically is to implement a library management system software. This system completely automates all your library’s activities. You can find books in an instant, issue/reissue books quickly, and manage all the data efficiently and orderly using this system. The purpose of a library management system is to provide instant and accurate data regarding any type of book, thereby saving a lot of time and effort. RF LIB-Man LIB-MAN® is a highly integrated, user-friendly, and compatible library automation system for complete computerization of all the in-house operations of any size or type of library.

Lib-Man has an optional UHF RFID integration for the absolute library automation. Education ERP Software For Schools & Higher ED.