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Shinu Sharma

Education ERP Consultant

Choice Based Credit System. To maximize skill-based education & enhance student learning outcomes in terms of their grades as well as skills, the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has made some crucial changes in the traditional teaching-learning system in India.

Choice Based Credit System

The right to choose subjects & multidisciplinary education approach are the best takeaways. The government has decided to introduce a unique concept of Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) coupled with CBCS to facilitate the best education journey to the career-oriented students of the 21st century. What is CBCS? Popularly known as CBCS, full form- ‘Choice Based Credit System’, provides a convenient at the same time effective teaching-learning platform wherein the student or knowledge seeker has the flexibility to choose their course from a list of elective, core, and soft skill courses.

In simple words, I’d define it as a student-centric approach to learning or acquiring higher education. College Management System Software. MasterSoft College Management System is an end-to-end solution for colleges to improve operational efficiency & institutional outcomes by automating Student-Faculty lifecycle and campus administration. Hosted on cloud, this college ERP helps educators to streamline all the core activities with the latest technology stack such as biometrics, business intelligence tools & analytics dashboard that generates precise reports on college admission, enrollment, scholarship, previous academic record, domicile, fees, alerts, attendance and compliance management.

MasterSoft's College ERP has 25+ pro modules and 30+ inbuilt modules. This software is designed keeping in mind the different operations of a college. Student Information Management Software. Why Student Information System (SIS)?

Student Information Management Software

The ultimate target of an educational institution is to enhance the performance of every student. This can promptly be achieved by analyzing the performance of each student using competent analytic tools such as a dashboard. The information thus obtained can be deployed for taking effective as well as corrective measures to help them in performing better and realizing their potential.

If not done systematically, this process may become time consuming and tedious. Student Information System (SIS) assists the institutions to manage every single detail about students in a holistic, organized and cost-effective way. Online Assessment Tools for Teachers. Virtual Classrooms have become an integral part of Learning and evaluation is an essential part of the Teaching - Learning Process, thus MasterSoft Online Assessment Software to conduct Unit Tests, Term Exams in MCQ & Descriptive Format while considering the ground level challenge of bandwidth, device & security, we bring to you the best Solution.

Online Assessment Tools for Teachers

MasterSoft Online Assessment Software, built-in with Artificial Intelligence & BI Powered Analytics Tools for analyzing areas of improvement, test level, etc seamlessly helps institutions including schools, colleges, and universities to overcome the following challenges by offering the best online assessment practices. Diagnosing & Rectifying Learning Gaps Creating Assessments to Map Memory, Skills & Conceptual Knowledge Scrutinize Question-wise Performance Evaluation of PO & CO Monitoring Online Test to Avoid Malpractices Generating Accurate Assessment Reports Faster Result Calculation with Detailed Analysis Reports. Choice Based Credit System in Higher Education. Quality education plays an important role in enhancing knowledge, developing skills, building confidence, and creating a positive impact on students’ life.

Choice Based Credit System in Higher Education

It empowers students to grow not just professionally, but also lays a solid foundation of personal growth. To ensure quality education, higher education institutions must focus on developing a balance between - imparting education & promoting skill development by providing flexibility to explore various fields. Technology changes & the surge in automation has risen at a great pace in the last few years, demanding students to be more ready for the industry. Studying & Understanding other departmental courses can compliment & empower students’ growth. An engineering student can learn a Finance Management Course, which would be helpful for him. Managing such various permutations requires great effort, majorly to map clashes in timetables & examinations, and more. 3 Types of Courses Offered by CBCS.

E-Learning Software for Higher Education. With an objective to provide an undisturbed learning experience, MasterSoft has introduced a Learning Management System.

E-Learning Software for Higher Education

The LMS supports the education goals of institutions by digitizing the traditional classroom with innovative teaching methodologies while maintaining a student-centric approach. Powered with collaborative workspaces, assessment features, communication channels, and e-content provisions, LMS is an advanced interactivity building tool for higher education institutions (HEIs). Though there are thousands of e-study materials available on the internet, finding out relevant study material is often time consuming & tedious. Moreover each student requires personalized content, to accelerate learning. Key Benefits. Online College Admission System. An applicant is a person who seeks admission and a student is the one who gets admitted to school/college/institute/university.

Online College Admission System

Education ERP Software For Schools & Higher ED. Student Admission Software. The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the academic institutes (school, colleges, and universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually.

Student Admission Software

It is difficult to conduct the process accurately and in timely manner. Hence, the need for online admission is inevitable. Managing admissions can be a huge task for a university or institutions. There are the university/institution where entire admission process is handled manually, which is very slow and time-consuming. Now, it’s high time to leave behind such traditional processes and go with computerized automated student online admission system or e-Admission to speed up and make processes easy. MasterSoft Cloud Based ERP Higher Education Software. Higher Education ERP developed by MasterSoft is a versatile management system for all universities and colleges.

MasterSoft Cloud Based ERP Higher Education Software

It allows institutions to manage, The workflow of universities and colleges Automates student life-cycle operations Helps in the administrative and learning activities of the faculty Higher Education Software for Universities and Colleges Universities and colleges require software to manage admission process, student enrollment, accounting, examinations, purchases, etc. To accommodate various operations at a university or college, the following features are essential: Different departments of campus with an integrated and automated system The ERP functions in real time A secure database which can withhold integrated modules Interactive user interface A transparent system where the head of the institution has admin rights and view data whenever required. We provide all of the above and more to educational campuses. An App Connectivity RFID Biometric Analytics User experience. Outcome Based Education vs. Traditional Education.

Is there any need to upgrade the traditional education system?

Outcome Based Education vs. Traditional Education

What is outcome based education? Is it more beneficial for students? Should learning in educational institutions be outcome-based? Student Attendance Management System. The majority of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities that rely on traditional paper-based attendance systems have to face a lot of hassles every day.

Student Attendance Management System

National Board Of Accreditation. NBA stands for the National Board of Accreditation which is an accreditation agency representing India in the Washington Accord (WA). The Washington Accord is an agreement between bodies that accredit or recognize higher level engineering qualifications. NBA is one such autonomous accrediting body in India, which deals with the accreditation of engineering and various technical institutions on the basis of the quality of education provided there. The guidelines outlined by the NBA act as parameters to accredit institutions.

As with any organization, the NBA also has some objectives. Education Management Information System - EMIS. Data is the lifeline of every educational institution. Right from the student turnover rate to the financial records, every piece of data that is/was ever associated with the college paves way for its development. The bigger the institution, the greater the volume of data, which makes it challenging to manage on paper or even with excel files.

Online College Admission System. Choice Based Credit System in Higher Education. Library Management Software. The best way to maintain, organize, and handle countless books systematically is to implement a library management system software. This system completely automates all your library’s activities. You can find books in an instant, issue/reissue books quickly, and manage all the data efficiently and orderly using this system. The purpose of a library management system is to provide instant and accurate data regarding any type of book, thereby saving a lot of time and effort. RF LIB-Man LIB-MAN® is a highly integrated, user-friendly, and compatible library automation system for complete computerization of all the in-house operations of any size or type of library.

Lib-Man has an optional UHF RFID integration for the absolute library automation. School Management System. 1) State Board of Education Every state in India has its own board of education that conducts certificate examinations for classes X to XII. The curriculum and co-curricular activities of each state board are based upon the regional history and relevance. Mastersoft offers customized solutions for all State Boards.