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How to Movie Talk - Mis Clases Locas. This past weekend at CI:Comprehensible Iowa Conference I went to a really great session on Movie Talk, from Haiyun Lu (@Haiyunlu & @ignitechinese on Twitter).

How to Movie Talk - Mis Clases Locas

You can tell that Haiyun in a teacher coach, because she did an excellent job explaining, letting us practice the skills on our own, and then elaborating with more detail. Movie Talk is a technique for language learning developed by Dr. Ashley Hastings. Here are a few more resources on the Movie Talk technique. Basically, the Twitter summary is - Movie Talk is a activity for a CI classroom involving playing a short, muted video clip, while the teacher explains it in COMPREHENSIBLE language. Where do you find Movie Talk videos? Movie Talk Database - can search by target structureMovie Talk Pinterest BoardsiFLT/NTPRS/CI Teaching Facebook Page - teachers are always posting new onesSearch your target phrases in Google & see what videos come up!

How do you prepare for a Movie Talk? How do you prepare YOUR STUDENTS for a Movie Talk? MovieT Database - Google Sheets. Alma MovieTalk lesson. My first MovieTalk and I loved it.

Alma MovieTalk lesson

I used the short animation, Alma, with my first year students and it went great. We were able to use the movie to practice so much language: 1) structures of quiere, puede, mira, ve, busca 2) review clothing vocab, review preposition, review some emotions and learn a few new ones Use wordle to check the frequency of the structures in your story You can use this with any class/level and focus on any aspect of the language appropriate to your students.

Here’s what I did in my class: Day 1: Use the 4 minute movie as a Storytelling activity to describe to students what was happening in the video. Day 2: Watch the story again and re-tell, this time in a faster manner. Day 3: A quicker re-tell. With screenshots from the story and have them re-tell the story orally with a partner. Day 4: Students use their scripts they wrote the day before to record a narration. Day 5: Tell another story! Like this: Like Loading... How to Teach Spanish Post-Textbook: Finding Your Way to CI. Inside: How to teach Spanish without a textbook– finding strategies that really work.

How to Teach Spanish Post-Textbook: Finding Your Way to CI

When I got rid of my Spanish textbook, I wanted to jump right into planning. Just tell me what to do, on a day-to-day basis, please! The WHY has to come first, though. Even really good materials can go wrong if the teacher doesn’t know WHY she’s doing what she’s doing. So I spent a lot of time studying up on HOW students learn language and WHERE we were going as a class. When I looked at what was out there, I felt lost in a sea of acronyms. It’s tempting to join a FB group, hear all the awesome things other teachers are doing, and want to do EVERYTHING, right now.

As you research, ask two questions about any method/strategy/activity: 1) Does it provide compelling, comprehensible input? Activities that answer “YES” should be the meat of your day. As a fellow beginner, I’d like to run down the list of popular methods and acronyms, give my opinion if I have one, and then point you to the experts I trust. The Comprehensible Classroom – Best practice lesson plans, activities, and strategies for World Language courses.

World Language Classroom. World Language Classroom.