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Beer Brewing

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How to Make a Home Brewery a Commercial Nanobrewery: 11 steps. Favorite This Article Edit Article Edited by Byron Delaney, Travis Derouin, Flickety, Eric and 8 others Many home breweries are mere steps away from being commercial nanobreweries.

How to Make a Home Brewery a Commercial Nanobrewery: 11 steps

Five-gallon home breweries can be made into nanobreweries, although a working capacity of at least 10 gallons is recommended. Fifty-five gallon kettles can be used for larger nanobreweries that have a working capacity of one US barrel (about 31.5 gallons). If you have plans to start a commercial nanobrewery or even a production brewery with a bottling line, it can be smart to use a large homebrew rig as the initial commercial system. Ad Steps 1Consider why you want to use a nanobrewery.

Tips Before seeking brewery approval and finding a building to house your brewery, fully research your local brewery laws and the government approval process. Warnings Do not modify, remove, or add brewery systems, such as electronic devices and burners, unless you know how to do so in a safe manner that meets local codes. How to Oak Beer in a Used Bourbon Barrel (with pictures) Edit Article Edited by Byron Delaney, Teresa, Flickety, Eric and 3 others Many microbreweries and some homebrewers age beer in used oak bourbon barrels.

How to Oak Beer in a Used Bourbon Barrel (with pictures)

As would be expected, this form of “oaking” imbues beer with the distinct flavors of oak wood and bourbon, but as the beer rests in the barrels over the course of months or even years, it mellows and develops phenomenal complexities. Stronger beers, such as those with alcohol contents of nine or ten percent, generally benefit from longer aging periods. Ad Steps 1Acquire a used bourbon barrel. 10Remove the beer from the barrel and package it.

Tips It may be advisable to check the barrel for leaks before filling it with beer, especially if the barrel is dry inside. How to Brew Your Own Beer. Edit Article PreparationBrewingBottling Edited by Tom Viren, Andrew Winship, Jack Herrick, Ben Rubenstein and 40 others Brewing your own beer at home is easy, inexpensive, fun, and will most likely produce a brew far superior to that watery canned stuff.

How to Brew Your Own Beer

You'll also become like Bacchus to your beer buddies! We'll lay out the basic steps to get started, and show you how you can grow your skills and expand the varieties of beer you produce. Ad Steps Malted barley is soaked in hot water to release the malt sugars. Method 1 of 3: Preparation 1Keep it clean. 3Prepare everything before you begin.

Method 2 of 3: Brewing 1Take notes. 5Pour the cooled wort into your fermenter. Method 3 of 3: Bottling 1Prepare for bottling! 6Enjoy! Tips There is an tremendous variety of specialty grains, yeast strains, hops, malts, and preparations. Warnings When boiling the wort, watch for boil-overs. How to Brew Beer Using All Grain Method. Edit Article Edited by Nate, Nicole Willson, Ben Rubenstein, Flickety and 12 others This is a method of brewing beer using malted grains instead of extract, with an emphasis on getting it done inexpensively but without sacrificing quality.

How to Brew Beer Using All Grain Method

Ad Steps 1Choose the grains. Tips An outdoor burner with a converted keg for boiling is a good investment. Warnings Don't be a hero and try to drink spoiled batches of beer. How to brew an India Pale Ale (IPA)