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Read Write Web Mobile Summit 2010

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CellFire - Platinum Sponsor. My City Way. IPEVO. Alcatel-Lucent Developer Platform & Program. WorldMate. Attendees. Welcome to the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010!


An exploration of the latest Mobile development trends, both the technology and the emerging business applications. Get ready to explore, think and create the future of Mobile! May 7th, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California: the ReadWriteWeb crew is hosting some of the smartest people building the future of the mobile world and you to come together for a wonderful day of brainstorming, conversation and innovation in action. People from companies such as Google, UrbanAirship and SimpleGeo are coming to explore the future of mobile in this unconference format. We'd love for you to come and share your thoughts about the future of mobile. ReadWriteWeb events are facilitated in the increasingly popular unconference style, in which smart people are convened and take it upon themselves to pack a day full of value from start to finish.

What's an Unconference all about? Billion dollar ideas for the next decade « Searching for the Moo. Posted by shannonclark on April 23, 2010 What will be the next set of Billion dollar industries?

Billion dollar ideas for the next decade « Searching for the Moo

In the past week one of the biggest angel investors in technology, Ron Conway, announced that he has closed a new venture fund and he spoke to TechCrunch about what he sees as the opportunities for the next few years, the opportunities he will be investing in with his new fund. He identified three “megatrends” – the real-time data, the social web and flash marketing. I agree with Ron that these are big trends and that there are many companies already pursuing them but still many opportunities in these areas for new companies to be created and to succeed. However I think there are a number of other very large opportunities which will be huge in the next decade, opportunities which will transform not just entire industries but how we (and by we I mean people around the globe) live. I’m sure there are other, very large opportunities, but here are a few which I have identified. Like this: iPhone app Enterprise deployment.

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Speed geeking

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