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Curation tools. A tweet from @Scobleizer about "curation" The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators. I keep hearing people throw around the word “curation” at various conferences, most recently at SXSW.

The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators

The thing is most of the time when I dig into what they are saying they usually have no clue about what curation really is or how it could be applied to the real-time world. So, over the past few months I’ve been talking to tons of entrepreneurs about the tools that curators actually need and I’ve identified seven things. First, who does curation? First rough sketch of storystreaming platform, Twitter first. Here is a very rough look at how a storystreaming platform could be used to make sense of the confusing flood of information coming out of social media streams.

First rough sketch of storystreaming platform, Twitter first

To keep thing simple, the mockup only shows how Twitter sources might work. The final implementation would take information from many different sources. Make sure to click on the image to see the full-sized version. The stream management system is shown on the left, and one possible version of a “published” storystream is on the right. Tools. The Best of Journalism (2009) - Conor Friedersdorf - Metablog - Throughout 2009, I kept a running list of the best journalism I encountered.

The Best of Journalism (2009) - Conor Friedersdorf - Metablog -

Although I endeavored to remain as impartial as possible, note that I’ve been an employee of The Atlantic , that I’d eagerly write for numerous publications that received awards, that I have too many friends/acquaintances/professional contacts in journalism to disclose them all, and that the number of pieces I miss every year far exceeds the number I’m able to read. In other words, this isn’t an infallible account of journalism’s best, but I aim to make it the best roundup that any one person can offer, one of these years I intend to do better than the committees who pick the Pulitzer Prizes and National Magazine Awards (the pressure’s on, especially since you guys charge entry fees), and if nothing else my effort encompasses writing that is well worth your time. Tech Dygest. Emmet Labs.

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