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Using social media to support school library services. Helen Stower & Margaret Donaghue Mt Alvernia iCentre was an early adopter of social media for school library services, and is now five years into the journey which began experimentally and involved a steep learning curve.

Using social media to support school library services

Currently, we are in the process of drafting social media guidelines and strategies. The Use of Social Media in School. Share this infographic on your site!

The Use of Social Media in School

<a href=" src=" alt="The Use of Social Media in School" width="500" border="0" /></a><br />Image compliments of <a href=" Masters in Education</a> Embed this infographic on your site! The editors at Best Masters in Education decided to research the topic of: Teens are actively Tweeting, Posting, Liking, and Commenting all across Social Media and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Increasingly, teachers and schools are attempting to leverage the engaging qualities of Social Media for use in the classroom and beyond - connecting students, teachers, and parents better than ever before. About Online Qual - InsideHeads. There are many ways to effectively interview research participants online!

About Online Qual - InsideHeads

Every online interview is made of the same three parts: a time dimension; a size; and a mode of interaction. A qualitative study online has an added mode of interaction for the moderator to be considered. Time – in real time, or over extended time, + durationSize – individual or group, plus total number of interviewsInteraction mode of participants – text, audio, videoInteraction mode of the moderator – text, audio, video There are two popular types of text-based groups online – synchronous online focus groups (real-time chat) and asynchronous bulletin boards (forums). These two methodologies, commonly called Chats and Boards, are immensely different. Hybrid Research Studies - InsideHeads. No matter what you call it, a mix of quantitative and qualitative data collection is going to enable the richest insights.

Hybrid Research Studies - InsideHeads

InsideHeads focuses first on your research objective before recommending a tool. How do you know what you need in your bag if you don’t know where you’re going? Mobile Surveys - InsideHeads. The best, and sometimes only, way to reach consumers today is via their mobile device.

Mobile Surveys - InsideHeads

InsideHeads surveys are always mobile-friendly and work on any device, operating system, or connection speed. Respondents receive an email or text message to complete an online survey or screening questionnaire and submit their answers at their convenience. Social Media Listening - InsideHeads. While Big Data was the buzz word of yesterday, the future is all about understanding how to find the real value in all that mess.

Social Media Listening - InsideHeads

Read more about the state of social media research in this Alert! Article. Using a variety of monitoring tools, including the quite effective, yet unsung method of the human eyeball, InsideHeads sources, scours and keenly plucks the most relevant information from the web to provide you a timely assessment of what is most meaningful and useful. Digging deeper, beyond sentiment scores and total number of followers, InsideHeads delivers decades of experience and an inherent understanding of online behavior to every project.