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Timeline California 1984 to 1995. 1984 Jan 14, Ray Kroc (81), founder of MacDonalds and owner San Diego Padres, died.

Timeline California 1984 to 1995

(MC, 1/14/02) 1984 Apr 1, Marvin P. Gay Sr. (d.1998 at 84) shot and killed his son, Motown singer Marvin Gaye during an argument in Los Angeles. It was one day before the singer’s 45th birthday. 1984 Apr 5, In California Tina Faelz (14) was stabbed to death in a culvert under I-680 while she was walking home from school in Pleasanton. 1984 Apr 22, Ansel Adams (b.1902), US photographer, died in Monterey, Ca. 1984 Jun 30, Hedayat Eslaminia, a former government official under the Shah of Iran, disappeared while living in exile in Belmont, Ca. 1984 Jun, In Nevada Gerald Gallego was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to death. 1984 Jul 6, The body of Shari Miller (21) was found in a parking lot in West LA. 1984 Jul 18, James Huberty (41) opened fire at a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in San Ysidro, Calif., killing 21 people before being shot dead by police. Image archive. This Video of a Driver Falling on His Face While Trying to Kick a Cyclist Is a Work of Art.

All screenshots via YouTube This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

This Video of a Driver Falling on His Face While Trying to Kick a Cyclist Is a Work of Art

B.C. man's elephant selfie goes viral - Peace Arch News. By The Canadian Press.

B.C. man's elephant selfie goes viral - Peace Arch News

Anatomy of a Rumor. 30 Shocking Photos Of Child Labor Between 1908 And 1916.

Well THAT'S weird

Pulled from the Truth Box - Week 30 - Part 4. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

Pulled from the Truth Box - Week 30 - Part 4

~Philo of Alexandria After 21 years of self-destructive inner-battles, I finally admitted my biggest secret to myself and to the rest of the world. That day, and the day my son was born, were the two most incredible and wonderful days of my life. Here on Single Dad Laughing, I started what I call “The Truth Box.” I asked you all to anonymously share a difficult secret that you’ve never told anyone. These truths aren’t meant to entertain. Pulled from the Truth Box: Week 30 What everyone thinks is true: Everyone thinks I am comfortable with my physical appearance. What actually is true: I am fat and I hate it. Google Maps Street View Captures Last Photo Of Deceased Woman: 'Grandma Alice' Lives On In Virtual World. Dustin Moore told Reddit that he likes to spend his downtime taking in views of Oregon using Street View, a feature of Google Maps that shows panoramic views of locations around the world.

Google Maps Street View Captures Last Photo Of Deceased Woman: 'Grandma Alice' Lives On In Virtual World

Moore took a moment to see his grandmother’s house and was surprised to see his Grandma Alice sitting on the porch of her Portland home and reading the newspaper. A Portland man says this image on Google Street View may be the last living photo of his Grandma Alice. Secret Doors. Oh how I love secret doors.

Secret Doors

It does occur to me how vital they are for sneaking from the conservatory to the lounge with your brass candlestick and lead pipe, and unfortunately crime just naturally goes with secret doors. The sad truth seems to be that most secret rooms you hear about in real life are more creepy or depressing than cool. 13 Houses With Secret Passageways. It doesn’t matter how old you get; you never outgrow wanting to have a secret passageway or hidden room in your house.

13 Houses With Secret Passageways

This normal looking house is fake and actually hides a pump station. Penis Size: It May Be Written in the Length of His Fingers. The ratio of the length of a man’s index finger to that of his ring finger may seem like a strange thing to measure, but new research suggests that it’s linked with penis size.

Penis Size: It May Be Written in the Length of His Fingers

Digit ratio. Hand with index finger being shorter than the ring finger, resulting in a small 2D:4D ratio, pointing to a high exposure to testosterone in the uterus.

Digit ratio

The digit ratio is the ratio of the lengths of different digits or fingers typically measured from the midpoint of bottom crease where the finger joins the hand to the tip of the finger.[1] It has been suggested by some scientists that the ratio of two digits in particular, the 2nd (index finger) and 4th (ring finger), is affected by exposure to androgens e.g. testosterone while in the uterus and that this 2D:4D ratio can be considered a crude measure for prenatal androgen exposure, with lower 2D:4D ratios pointing to higher prenatal androgen exposure. The 2D:4D digit ratio is sexually dimorphic: while the second digit is typically shorter in both females and males, the difference between the lengths of the two digits is greater in males than in females.

[citation needed] History of digit ratio research[edit] Digit ratio distribution[edit] Penis length: Research find new way to measure penis length. Penis length cannot be determined by how big his hands or feet are -- those and other supposed indicators have been widely discredited for years.

Penis length: Research find new way to measure penis length

But now a team of Korean researchers has produced what may be a more reliable guide: the ratio of the length of his index finger to that of his ring finger. The lower that ratio, the longer the penis may be, the researchers wrote Monday in the Asian Journal of Andrology. Dr. Tae Beom Kim, a urologist at Gachon University in Incheon, Korea, and his colleagues studied 144 men over the age of 20 who were undergoing urological surgery for conditions that do not affect the length of the penis. One member of the team carefully measured the lengths of the index and ring fingers on the subject's right hand before surgery -- left hands are thought to be more variable. Although it may seem like the results are coming out of left field, they actually are not. Men and women are what is termed sexually dysmorphic in terms of finger lengths. A Celebrity Death, Addiction, and the Media.

1.5K Flares1.5K Flares × It is always big news when a celebrity is stricken dead by a substance overdose. What never makes the news is why such tragedies happen. The roster of drug- and alcohol-related show-business deaths is ever expanding: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Keith Moon, Kurt Cobain; in the recent past, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston; and, most recently of all, Cory Monteith. A complete list would, of course, include many others. The News Is Also Planted. Time traveling photographer adds herself into her childhood pictures. Traces of real-life kraken believed discovered - Technology & science - Science - LiveScience. ‘Affluenza’ defense in criminal case criticized. By Ramit Plushnick-Masti The Associated Press Affluenza, a term that a psychologist used this week in asserting that a teenager from a wealthy Tarrant County family should not be sent to prison for killing four people while driving drunk, is not a recognized diagnosis and should not be used to justify bad behavior, experts said Thursday.

Elmer McCurdy. Do you remember that crappy TV show, The Six Million Dollar Man? Lee Majors? Yes, it was crappy, don't send me mail. Mummy Mystery: Tombs Still Hidden in Valley of Kings. Multiple tombs lay hidden in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, where royalty were buried more than 3,000 years ago, awaiting discovery, say researchers working on the most extensive exploration of the area in nearly a century. The hidden treasure may include several small tombs, with the possibility of a big-time tomb holding a royal individual, the archaeologists say. Egyptian archaeologists excavated the valley, where royalty were buried during the New Kingdom (1550–1070 B.C.), between 2007 and 2010 and worked with the Glen Dash Foundation for Archaeological Research to conduct ground- penetrating radar studies.

[See Photos of Egypt's Valley of the Kings] X-events: How Advanced Societies Will Collapse Book by John L Casti. Kalpona akter. JFK assassination film hoax - The fast-forward mistakes. JFK assassination film hoax. 50 Years of the Big Lie – the Cover-Up of the JFK Assassination – Part 2. Deaths. Mugshots - -Search Inmate Arrest Mugshots Online. Arrest Records, Criminal Records, Official Records.