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Pearltrees+Pinterest [ are a great combination for tracking the vast array of inspirational images & links I use every day. ••••••Feel free to visit or follow my pinterest page! •••

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Bicycle Cargo. Chapter 2: Bike Trailers. A couple of weeks ago we started out on what we naively thought to be simple task.

Bicycle Cargo. Chapter 2: Bike Trailers

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Preserve, display, protect and repair your irreplaceable paper items.

We offer a concise range of products, including those of our own manufacture, for your irreplaceable autographs, documents, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and other paper collectibles. From economical acid-free storage boxes and folders ... to the finest hand-crafted binders in a colorful array of leathers ... DPC products are designed for the archivist and discriminating collector.

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Mac Tips. MALTESE. Using GIMP. The Boat Galley on Pinterest. Discover and save creative ideas There’s more to see...

The Boat Galley on Pinterest

Come take a look at what else is here! She used Pinterest to roll her first pasta Join Pinterest to discover and save creative ideas. Best mortgages BC Canada. The CAPRI. Our 1928 home: Projects for 2015. Bowie. MINIMAL. Seriously? You can't be...ugh...face palm... Earthquake. Mad World Locations, Then and Now - From the Current. Hola best VPNs. Click on the following links to test best page PROS Simple Great speeds Good all round software CONS Not much, price bit higher than some others but still great!

Hola best VPNs

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Restaurant Scams* How some servers and bartenders SCAM!

Christmas inspo. Glitter Putz. This month I found : H&H. YENSID | DISNEY. Tiki. True Tiki Bar. Mcm. COCKTAIL sites. ART + CREATIVITY. CARPENTRY & woodworking. An even BETTER VERSION of yourself. Dressing 40's 50's patterns,dresses,designers. Sell Your Stuff! HALLOWEEN 2015. CHRISTMAS 2014. TRAVEL.


My Best of Pinterest. PROPs. Hey Van. Business mind. BC Research •photos •resources •history. Gone too soon. TALENT at PIXAR. :( Young man with ALS shares heartbreaking response to Ice Bucket Challenge. WATCH ABOVE: You’ve likely heard about the ice bucket challenge, aimed at raising money for ALS research.

Young man with ALS shares heartbreaking response to Ice Bucket Challenge

But lost in its popularity are the stories of pain, loss and suffering. One young man changed that with his video. Shirlee Engel reports. EDMONTON – In recent weeks it seems everyone and their dog has taken up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. How to Write the Perfect Thank You Letter After Your Job Interview. 34inShare109 Think about your last job interview.

How to Write the Perfect Thank You Letter After Your Job Interview

Did you send a follow-up note afterward? The thank you letter is an overlooked part of the interview process, likely because it comes after what people think is the most important part of the job search: the application and the interview. But underestimating the value of a well-written thank you letter could jeopardize all the hard work you put into the resume, application and interview. (Click here to tweet this thought.)

BRA FITTING 101. Transplant Society - Organ Donor Registry Form. Theredqueen_wide.jpg (JPEG Image, 2560 × 1600 pixels)


ThingCHARGER. The awesome new charger for ALL your things. ThingCHARGER is a simple, elegant new way to charge all your things.

thingCHARGER. The awesome new charger for ALL your things.

Just plug it into any outlet and you'll have a neat charging station — free of ugly wires. Plug 2 or 3 thingCHARGERs together and charge all your things at once. Watch the video above, and fall in love again. Quick Facts Patent Pending Design featuring: USB powerThe worldwide device charging standard. Charge AnythingCharge anything USB. Interchangable Tips – Store in the BackTips swap in seconds so they're never lost, always ready to charge any device, from any brand.

Wire-less Charging Unlike the 'wireless' chargers, see below...

Photography 101

Emergency prep. Hodge Podge. Boutique Displays and Visual Merchandising by boutiquewindow on Pinterest. C4J. BC Community News - Member Newspapers - BC Community News. Living Simply in a Dumpster. Tucked behind the women’s residence halls in a back corner of Huston-Tillotson University’s campus in Austin, Texas, sits a green dumpster.

Living Simply in a Dumpster

Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina at Holiday Isle - Resort Reviews, Deals - Islamorada, Florida. Introduction to Surface Design: Creating and Mixing Patterns. Fabric buckets tutorial. This was such an enjoyable sewing project to do for Love Sewing magazine and I’m really pleased to be able to share it here with you today.

Fabric buckets tutorial

These fabric buckets are quick and easy to make and useful for all sorts of purposes whether in the craft room, as plant pot covers, in the nursery or bathroom. You will need: Two pieces of calico for outside of bag 40 (h) x 30 (w) cm (I bought unbleached calico from Homecrafts) Two pieces of heavy weight interfacing 40 (h) x 30 (w) cm Two pieces of lining fabric 40 (h) x 30 (w) cm – I used Koi Cloud fabrics, Smile and Wave print Ruler and fabric pen or chalk to make and mark boxed corners Tape measure and scissors to cut pattern Black fabric paint and pencil with round eraser tip to print calico (I used Dylon black fabric paint) Plastic sheet to protect table whilst printing calico All seam allowances are 1cm.

Dimensions for the other sized fabric buckets: Tutorial: N.B. Step 4a – Make boxed corners. Step 6 – Make boxed corners by repeating step 4. Katy x.

Trailer Travels!

Shells. VANCOUVER RENO company research. Coastal Gardening in Southern California. 2015 You Might Like This! CURRENT read list. Cheese Fondue Recipe : Tyler Florence. Anthony Bourdain's Life Advice. What’s the one adventure, journey, or trip that most changed your life—like before you were famous I would guess.My first trip to Japan — a couple of years before Kitchen Confidential — was absolutely life changing.

Anthony Bourdain's Life Advice

It was like my first acid trip. It was that mind-expanding and climcatic. I came back thinking about everything in a completely different way. I went there thinking there were a certain amount of primary colors. I came back knowing, in fact, there were 10 or 12 more. Anthony Bourdain Has Become The Future Of Cable News, And He Couldn't Care Less. "Ready to eat well?

" asks Anthony Bourdain. The chef turned TV star is leading the way toward a pair of narrow seats at the New York outpost of a Michelin-rated Tokyo yakitori joint called Tori Shin, a tightly packed establishment that's Bourdain's kind of place: little-known, deeply authentic, and a bit unusual. "We might as well be in Tokyo," he says. Beauce: Art Pottery from Quebec, Canada. The black planter that I discovered in a charity second hand shop had clearly been overlooked by the bargain hunters and collectors who scour the housewares section looking for vintage treasure. The unusual six-legged rectangular piece had Art Deco detailing, a glossy black glaze that reminded me of patent leather shoes, and a mark on the bottom that read "Beauce, Quebec, Canada. " I was hunting for a simple, low container to use for an Ikebana floral arrangement, and this item was just the right size and proportion. TicTrac is a Great Personal Data Aggregation Dashboard and Reporting Service.

The idea of aggregating data from disparate sources is a common issue on the internet and the search for doing this with social services was the impetus for this blog. I started to see this phenomenon become an issue for the quantified self community as more devices and services for tracking became available. I’ve seen several services come online to tackle the issue of aggregating quantified self related data over the last few years and list them here.

One of the primary reasons for aggregating multiple sources of activity data is to provide a single view to more easily glean insights. A simple method to visualize this is by seeing multiple bar graphs plotted together based on these distinct data points.

Genealogy • 2014

Featured Images of the Week. Your Pocket Concierge. Instagram viewers. Welcome to Open Library (Open Library) Oct 2015 brain dump.