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3D printing

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Technology: Print me a Stradivarius. 3D printing: The printed world. Home. Principal Collection. 3D printed concert flute rapidly prototypes sound (video) The world's first store for 3D printed goods just opened in Brussels, and while we imagine they've already got a fair selection of prototyped merchandise to choose, might we suggest they invest in a few production runs of this fabulous new flute?

3D printed concert flute rapidly prototypes sound (video)

Amit Zoran of the MIT Media Lab -- yes, the same soul who helped dream up a 3D food printer early this year -- has now printed a fully-functional concert flute with a minimum of human intervention. Directing an Objet Connex500 3D printer (which can handle multiple materials at the same time) to spit out his CAD design, dollop by tiny dollop, in a single 15-hour run, he merely had to wash off support material, add springs, and assemble four printed pieces to finish the instrument up. A Flute Made on a 3D Printer, and the Possibilities to Come. MIT Media Lab researcher Amit Zoran has printed a playable flute, using a 3D printer that is capable of on-the-fly use of multiple materials, in 15 hours.

A Flute Made on a 3D Printer, and the Possibilities to Come

The instrument is playable, but Zoran plans additional iteration and improvement. The 3D printer could represent new potential for instrumental research. It’s too difficult now to prototype ideas. Being able to rapidly prototype a lot of variations inexpensively could mean wild, new instruments with new designs that can’t be fabricated by hand, as well as new revelations about historical designs. Sculpture through Rapid Prototyping. Impression 3d et prototypage rapide- Imprimeur 3d - Print Value.