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Stress in Motherhood & How to Manage it Effectively

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Stress, a feeling of emotional or physical tension, can arise from any situation that causes you to feel frustrated, upset, angry or even anxious. It is the human body's natural response to any threat or challenge that you face in life.

Stress can be good short-term when you require it to avoid danger or meet a deadline at work or school. However, stress in the long run can be detrimental to one's health if not managed properly. Common Causes of Stress for Mothers. Children bring joy, love, and countless gifts to our lives, and there is no deeper bond than that between mother and child.

Common Causes of Stress for Mothers

However, with the commitment to nurture another human being from infancy to adulthood (and beyond!) Comes an additional load of stress, and the stress that comes with motherhood can be significant. While each mother may face unique stressors, many demands of motherhood and the stressors experienced are virtually universal. A high percentage of mothers feel stress in the following areas: Time Demands With all the care and nurturing that children require, as well as the additional demands of extra people in the household, most mothers feel a shortness of time. Finances Whether using daycare, a nanny, or surrendering a full income to stay at home, caring for children is expensive. Relationship Demands They may also find it more difficult to make time for their friends as they juggle the responsibilities of motherhood. Protective Instincts Self Doubt Time Alone. Common Causes of Stress for Mothers. Modern Motherhood Is Stressful - A friend of mine — one of those beautiful, vivacious, gregarious, seemingly perfect-lead-a-charmed-existence kind of women who always leaves me staring after her in drop-jawed wonder — recently thought aloud about having a third child.

Modern Motherhood Is Stressful -

Her husband, the ever-practical one, retorted, “Don’t you want to have your life back?” She thought about it for about half a second: kid number three is history. The man is relived. In the early years when kids one and two were young, this woman juggled motherhood with a demanding public relations career, balanced home and boardroom, and performed her duties in both arenas with the dedication and precision of Carrie Bradshaw homing in on a pair of Manolos. Within a couple of years, she was stressed, depressed and had faded to a shadow of her former self. According to a 2009 report from the Pew Research Center in America, stress is a familiar companion for all mums. Oh yes, the vice-like grip of stress on motherhood is solid – and increasing.

Born This Way. Summary of Modern Motherhood Stress. Parental stress and child behavior health impacts. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Parenting a child with an illness or physical disability can be stressful, but a child’s behavior can also affect the physical and mental well-being of parents, especially single, minority mothers in low-income situations.

Parental stress and child behavior health impacts

Rhonda BeLue, associate professor of health policy and administration at Penn State, looked at the relationships between child conduct, health, and maternal stress in her paper published recently in PubMed Central, the U.S. National Institutes of Health free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature. “When dealing with family health issues, often the focus is on the child. I wanted to look at how maternal health is impacted when raising a child with health and behavior problems,” BeLue explained.

Modern Motherhood Is Stressful - How to Reduce Stress and Keep the Joy in Motherhood. Let's face it: motherhood can be stressful.

How to Reduce Stress and Keep the Joy in Motherhood

While the position brings some of the best perks you can imagine—the fun, the growth, the love—it also brings more than its share of work, frustration, and stress, and can even put you at greater risk of depression. Fortunately, the pros of motherhood are what can help you deal with motherhood's cons. One of the best ways that mothers can reduce stress is to revel in the joy of motherhood—to really enjoy their kids and make the most of all the gifts and benefits that come with being a mother. Here are some important things to remember:​ Have Fun Children bring a lot of responsibility, but they are experts at having fun. This is obvious in the major milestones your kids may cross, such as learning to walk, or the special "firsts" like seeing snow for the first time.

Having fun together can multiply the pleasure you would normally find in any activity. Each Age Has Its Gifts Remember That Time Flies You Can Have It Your Way. 7 tricks to help stressed moms chill out. Stressed?

7 tricks to help stressed moms chill out

You're not alone. Apparently 70 percent of U.S. moms say mothering is “incredibly stressful.” And 96 percent also feel that we are far more stressed than our own mothers were. So what’s triggering Mommy Angst, circa 2012? (How much time do you have?) But more significant than the cause is the way unchecked stress can hurt our health and our family’s well-being. Quick mom stress tests How do you know if your stress is harming your kids?

Summary of the Ways to Effectively Manage Stress.