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Yakwala. The API of APIs. Outils Froids. FrontPage. Yugma, Free Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Web Collaboration Service, Free Desktop Sharing, video conferencing, remote control software, net meeting, mac conferencing. Online Collaboration Software for Engaging, Collaborative Learning. Social bibliographies and collaborative reading: you’re doing it wrong. Recently, I have been playing around with the various tools and services available to people who want to store and share their bibliographies and research materials online.

Social bibliographies and collaborative reading: you’re doing it wrong

Such services are currently blossoming, and for a quick overview of what’s out there, I’d suggest starting with this review written by Eugene Barsky at the University of British Columbia. My aim in all of this was to explore the options for creating a hub where people interested in emerging technologies and their implications for society could share and discuss scholarly materials – books, book chapters, academic papers, lecture videos etc. I think that what I had in mind was a bit like PLoS Hubs. As PLoS write in their blog post introducing the PLoS hubs biodiversity project: “The vision behind the creation of PLoS Hubs is to show how open-access literature can be reused and reorganized, filtered, and assessed to enable the exchange of research, opinion, and data between community members.”

Scholarpedia. Danah boyd. Last week, I wrote a provocative opinion piece for Quartz called “Is the Oculus Rift sexist?”

danah boyd

I’m reposting it on my blog for posterity, but also because I want to address some of the critiques that I received. First, the piece itself: The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet. Who’s to Blame:Us As much as we love the open, unfettered Web, we’re abandoning it for simpler, sleeker services that just work. by Chris Anderson You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad — that’s one app.

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet

During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times — three more apps. Donnez vie aux bonnes idées.

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