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AKG C411 pp. Uši Pro – LOM. Want one?

Uši Pro – LOM

Sign-up for this mailing-list to stay informed about new batches. Uši Pro /uʃɪ:/ is a pair of phantom-powered stereo-matched, high quality omni-directional electret microphones. Compared with regular built-in microphones supplied with many recorders, Uši have exceptionally low noise and high sensitivity. They are especially useful for recording delicate sounds and environments. YX5300 UART Control Serial MP3 Music Player Module For Arduino/AVR/ARM/PIC K. Van Damme IEM Extension Lead. IN-EAR MONITORING. Stereo 3.5mm Headphone Cable. U853A Cardioid Condenser Hanging Microphone (DISCONTINUED)

Best Shotgun Microphones. Editor's Choice SMX-30 is a solid DSLR mic that makes a hybrid of shotgun and X/Y stereo mic.

Best Shotgun Microphones

It’s surprising to see this innovative approach from Azden, which is a relatively new manufacturer but they’ve actually created a new, highly demanded and quality piece of equipment. SMX-30 also wears a modest price tag. Costing about the same as Rode VideoMic Pro R, it brings you an additional stereo mode for free. We were skeptical about this announcement… Read More NTG4 Plus is the latest short shotgun from Rode, which features digital controls, rechargeable lithium battery and improved sound quality. Read More Sennheiser MKE 600 is a fantastic quality, 10” short-range shotgun. Read More Audio-Technica 875R is a short shotgun mic, which is only 7 inches long, also having a smaller diameter. G3 Sennheiser Radio Mic - London Video Camera Hire. Kemo 40W Power Amplifier Module. Full specifications for the unit are as follows Mounting instructions + Setting into operation: This amplifier should be fixed with screws plane with the cooling angle onto a cooling element or any similar cooling metal part.

Kemo 40W Power Amplifier Module

As cooling element may be used e.g. a commercial cooling fin with the minimal dimensions of approx. 10 x 4 x 2 cm or even greater. Please take care that the cooling angle at the module is always electrically connected with the terminal „negative pole 6 - 16 V“. Best results are achieved, if the cooling element together with the fixed module has been mounted at a well ventilated spot, providing electrical insulation to any other component. It is possible to connect loudspeaker with an impedance between 4 - 8 Ohm. Balanced piezo contact microphones. Sumvision Cyclone Micro 3 Media Player - Black: Hi-Fi & Speakers.

I-CubeX Online Store - USB-microSystem : Use sensors for prototyping, research and more. We invite you to create your own interactive product protoype, responsive display environment, new game controller or alternate musical instrument !

I-CubeX Online Store - USB-microSystem : Use sensors for prototyping, research and more

The I-CubeX environment enables you to do just that. It is designed to enable you to use sensors for controlling multimedia content. It can also be used to obtain sensor data for (scientific) analysis. With the I-CubeX, translate sensor signals with high resolution into MIDI messages that are transmitted through a USB cable and made available through a virtual serial (COM) port.

Then, send these messages to data analysis/display software, map them to virtual joysticks for use in gaming software, or, since the encoding is MIDI, to a variety of 3rd party hardware or software devices that perform sound synthesis, graphical animation, video effects, etc.. What you get. How to build a Basic Midi Controller. Hand made hydrophones & contact microphones by JrF. C-SERIES pro contact microphones new addition to the JrF range £35 (uk) / £40 (rest of world)to order please visit the ordering page here: an unprocessed field recording of the external staircase at the School of Architecture, Sheffield - resonating with the wind & recorded using 2 JrF c-series contact microphones.

hand made hydrophones & contact microphones by JrF

This recording is best listened to on headphones. a step up from the basic JrF contact microphone - features: . high spec, low noise, flexible specially designed cable as used by film sound crews all over the world. . large diameter element providing, in conjunction with the JrF exclusive 'acoustic-transfer' coating, an even stronger signal. . strengthened top of element for increased placement & handling durability. . available with 1/4 inch jacks only (rean/neutrik) (for a range of adaptors to connect to XLR & 3.5mm inputs please see the accessories page by clicking here) Cost-Effective VHF Wireless Systems, Audio-Technica introduces System 8 Wireless packages.

Cost-Effective VHF Wireless Systems Audio-Technica introduces System 8 Wireless packages 13/04/12Audio-Technica is introducing its new System 8 VHF Wireless Systems.

Cost-Effective VHF Wireless Systems, Audio-Technica introduces System 8 Wireless packages

They tell us that, featuring sleek, stackable, contemporary styling, Audio-Technica's System 8 Wireless Systems are designed for reliable performance, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality at affordable price points. Available in handheld, headworn, guitar, lavalier and body-pack configurations, these single-channel, fixed-frequency systems are available in three traveling VHF frequencies (169.505, 170.245 and 171.905). Audio-Technica say that the System 8 units offer reliable performance and durable construction. More Stories: More Videos SPL At Dancefair 2014 Some very tasty mastering units.