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Can Imagination Enhance eLearning Efforts? What is the solution for employers who want their employees to learn in a structured environment and grow in their creative capacities?

Can Imagination Enhance eLearning Efforts?

The answer is eLearning. Have you ever thought about how structure has helped you grow and develop throughout every stage of your life? As a young child, your parents set mealtimes, naptimes and bedtimes that you adhered to. When you started school, structure became an even more important aspect of your life. Because of the way most adults experienced childhood, they tend to respond well to structure. Structure is a vital aspect of everyday life. Life shouldn’t be all about structure and rigidity; there must also be room for the imagination to soar. Free eLearning ROI Calculators. Here is a list of Free eLearning ROI Calculators.

Free eLearning ROI Calculators

The first 10 Free elearning ROI calculators are web based and the rest 5 are downloadable files. If you know a Free eLearning ROI Calculator that is not included in the list I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link. It will be added at the top of the list! 7 Techniques for Reducing Wordiness in Your eLearning Courses. Wordiness is, without a doubt, one of the biggest enemies of eLearning.

7 Techniques for Reducing Wordiness in Your eLearning Courses

Overly wordy content makes it difficult for learners to concentrate. Having more material to consume makes it complicated for them to judge, analyze and make sense of what they are reading. Indeed, studies prove that lessons with the fewer words results in more learning. Improve Learner Engagement by Using Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions. What do you remember more vividly?

Improve Learner Engagement by Using Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

The steps of installing a piece of new software on your computer or the episodes from your favorite TV drama? Human beings are more swayed by emotions than by a bunch of hard facts and cold statistics. Our favorite stories keep us hooked because they tug at our heart strings. We remember scenes from our favorite movies because as a rule, human beings remember emotionally-charged events better than the ones that just aim to appeal to our sense of logic. Understanding the science of emotions is the key to influencing learners' thoughts and actions. Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions holds the clues.

eLearning Industry - Post your eLearning article. At eLearning Industry you will find the best collection of eLearning articles, eLearning concepts, eLearning software, and eLearning resources. The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional. By Connie Malamed I never think of myself as an expert.

The Free eBook: How to become an eLearning Professional A Quick Survival Guide for Modern eLearning Designers. DIY Guide to eLearning Design. 2014 12 ebook (1) 63 a to z of planning for your online course in 2013. Engagement eBook. Cloud storage. 3 Strategies that Build Long-Term Memory in Corporate Learners. If your corporate learners forget what they learned right after training, were they even trained at all?

3 Strategies that Build Long-Term Memory in Corporate Learners

It’s one of several questions more L&D managers should be asking themselves. These three research-based learning principles should be central to learning design when the goal is retention. The reality is that most formal training fails to meet its business objectives. Whether the organization is looking for more sales, less support calls, fewer accidents, or other measurable goals, training can only go so far if the learning value is quickly lost.

Most vendors are not much help, either. 6 Ways Color Psychology Can Be Used to Design Effective eLearning. 7 Killer Color Tutorials for Web Designers - Compete Themes. How do you pick the color palette for your themes?

7 Killer Color Tutorials for Web Designers - Compete Themes

There are rules and tactics you can follow to make more educated decisions on your color choices that will lead to better, more harmonious designs. Here are 7 tutorials that will help you pick better color schemes, learn color symbolism, and better understand color psychology. 1. Four Quick Tips for Improving Color Harmony This is a fast read and a great resource for anyone who wants to pick colors that just work well together. 2. Tech Tools. Line Learning Self Assessment. Developing Scoring Rubrics. "Learning increases when learners have a sense of what they are setting out to learn, a statement of explicit standards they must meet and a way of seeing what they have learned.

Developing Scoring Rubrics

" Loaker, Cromwell and O'Brien (1986) pg.47 One of the timeless verities of student psychology is that students will focus on learning material that will impact their grade. Rubrics are a way to make explicit our expectations of what students will need to know and be able to do in order to receive a given grade. Rubrics help instructors to develop clear and attainable learning objectives for their students and if provided to students prior to the activity, serve to guide their efforts. Sharable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM is a specification of the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative from the Office of the United States Secretary of Defense.

Sharable Content Object Reference Model

SCORM versions[edit] SCORM 1.1[edit] SCORM 1.1 is the first production version. It used a Course Structure Format XML file based on the AICC specifications to describe content structure, but lacked a robust packaging manifest and support for metadata. Quickly abandoned in favor of SCORM 1.2. The Rapid eLearning Blog. Creating great interactive learning experiences requires a few core building blocks: relevant content, pull versus push, and real-world decisions.

The Rapid eLearning Blog

With those building blocks you're able to structure effective learning scenarios that are meaningful to the learner and helps meet the objectives of the course. One of those building blocks in creating relevant content or content that is placed in a meaningful context. Essentially, you want to recreate the types of scenarios that are similar to the ones the learner has in real life. This allows them to see the content in ... Read the full article. PURNIMA VALIATHAN : E-LEARNING, TRAINING & EDUCATION PROFESSIONAL. Distance Education - Test of Online Learning Skills. Future-focused learning and teaching / Pedagogy / Teaching. What does future-focused education mean? L Resources l Research and readings Future-focused education - what does it mean? How can education prepare students for living in the 21st century?

How can schooling change to meet meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century? How can we prepare students to address "future-focused" issues such as sustainability, globalisation, citizenship, and enterprise? Bolstad, R. (2011) 1. 12 Ways To Integrate (Not Just Use) Technology In Education. There are a couple dozen ways to ‘use’ technology in education.

There are also a couple dozen ways to integrate technology in education. Think those two things are the same? Think that throwing a few iPads and a few Edudemic blog posts into a classroom is the best way to launch a 1:1 initiative? In case you couldn’t guess, it’s not. Stakeholder Management and Planning - Project Management Tools from MindTools. Planning Stakeholder Communication Who needs to know what, and when? © iStockphoto Stakeholder management is critical to the success of every project in every organization I have ever worked with. By engaging the right people in the right way in your project, you can make a big difference to its success... and to your career. – Rachel Thompson (Mind Tools), experienced change management consultant. Mind Tools Newsletter 235. What is Risk Analysis? Risk Analysis helps you identify and manage potential problems that could undermine key business initiatives or projects. Risk is made up of two things: the probability of something going wrong, and the negative consequences that will happen if it does.

You carry out a Risk Analysis by first identifying the possible threats that you face, and by then estimating the likelihood that these threats will materialize. Risk Analysis can be quite involved, and it's useful in a variety of situations. To do an in-depth analysis, you'll need to draw on detailed information such as project plans, financial data, security protocols, marketing forecasts, or other relevant information. European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning. The European Journal of Open, Distance and E-Learning – EURODL is an electronic, multi-media journal on distance and e-learning distributed on the Internet. It publishes the accounts of research, development and teaching for Europe in its most inclusive definition, exploring the potential of electronic publishing.

Best Practice Models. TWU ID / E-learning Readiness Self-Assessment. Study Skills : AU Learner Support : Counselling Services : Learner Support Services : Athabasca University. v5p275-289Beaudoin665. Understanding e-Learning » Learner readiness. CLRC: Workshops. Untitled. E-learning Readiness Self-Assessment Test. 15_e-learningscore. E-learning readiness toolkit. NHS e-Learning Readiness. TWU ID / Front Bb9. How Do I Use This Resource? OpenECBCheck - Home. Developing a Holistic Approach for E-Learning Accessibility. Brian Kelly. A Review of Paradigms for Evaluating the Quality of Online Education Programs. 2011 Annual Proceedings - Jacksonville, FL. (C. Dondi) Innovation and Quality in e-Learning: a European Perspective. European quality control of e-learning.

Certifying Higher Education Institutions for outstanding use of ICT-Based Learning. CanREGs%20Eng. PIQ2004. How to create e-portfolios for business, education, professional development or personal use. Training Evaluation Toolkit. Product Contents This section lists all of the items contained within the supplied Training Evaluation Toolkit zip file. Training Evaluation Toolkit TrainingEvaluationToolkit.pdf Practical 128 page guide for measuring and reporting the impact of training programs in both financial and non-financial terms Table of Contents Packaged templates Collection of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF tools, worksheets, forms and charts as listed below. Free Online Training Evaluation Tool - TrainingCheck. A Free Learning Tool for Every Learning Problem? Book_about_E-learning_Quality_in_SMEs. NKI Nettstudier offers flexible online education within a wide range of disciplines in partnership with recognized colleges and universities.

NKI’s courses are available 24/7, 365 days a year; so that you can start whenever you want, from anywhere you are, with the help of teachers, study counselors, and learning partners. Last year, NKI registered approximately 20,000 students. Top Tools. How long - Bryan Chapman. Estimating Costs and Time in Instructional Design. Distance Education Quality Principles. Home. Framework_for_elearning.pdf (application/pdf Object) Informal_history_elearning.pdf (application/pdf Object) Skilling up.