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Juice UI is an open-source project, and as such we encourage community involvement and support. Resources to help assist you as you develop with Juice UI are listed below. Google Groups Join the Juice UI mailing list on Google Groups to stay up to date on the latest discussions, ask for help, and even take an active role in the future of Juice UI. Juice UI → Supercharge ASP.NET Web Forms with jQuery UI Juice UI → Supercharge ASP.NET Web Forms with jQuery UI
The A-Z of Awesomeness by Neill Cameron
In this tutorial, we'll be creating a navigation bar that stays with you as you scroll down — and we'll also throw a gimmick or two into the mix to polish it off. Republished Tutorial Every few weeks, we revisit some of our reader's favorite posts from throughout the history of the site. This tutorial was first published in March of 2012. Introduction Create a Sticky Navigation Header Using jQuery Waypoints Create a Sticky Navigation Header Using jQuery Waypoints
simsalabim.github simsalabim.github Following options are defaults but customizable: excludeFields is selector to exclude specified fields from observing, e.g. $( "textarea, :text" ) customKeySuffixHeads up!Prior to 1.1.103 it was named improperly as customKeyPrefix is an addition to key in Local Storage to store form fields values.
PreloadJS PreloadJS makes preloading assets & getting aggregate progress events easier in JavaScript. It uses XHR2 when available, and falls back to tag-based loading when not. Updated TweenJS A simple but powerful tweening / animation library for Javascript. CreateJS (CreateJS) CreateJS (CreateJS)
jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library jQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library jQuery BBQ leverages the HTML5 hashchange event to allow simple, yet powerful bookmarkable #hash history. In addition, jQuery BBQ provides a full .deparam() method, along with both hash state management, and fragment / query string parse and merge utility methods. This plugin and the jQuery urlInternal plugin supersede the URL Utils plugin.
Downloads - struts2-jquery - Struts2 jQuery Plugin

Mechanical Keyboard Guide

Mechanical Keyboard Guide Terminology First, it's worth noting that modern keyboards use a matrix to detect when keys are pressed. This is required so each individual key (of which there may be over 100) doesn't need to be connected to the board controller separately. Ghosting
Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Tooltip · Blog of Osvaldas Valutis Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Tooltip · Blog of Osvaldas Valutis $( function() var targets = $( '[rel~=tooltip]' ), target = false,
jPages jPages What does it do? jPages is a client-side pagination plugin but it gives you a lot more features comparing to most of the other plugins for this purpose, such as auto page turn, key and scroll browse, showing items with delay, completely customizable navigation panel and also integration with Animate.css and Lazy Load. Apart from all its features, the main diference for the other pagination plugins is that with jPages you can create as many navigation panels as you want and you can choose exactly where to place them. The plugin is very unobtrusive and it won't apply any extra styles to the items you are paginating. It will only create and insert the links inside the element(s) you are applying the plugin to, in order to turn them into navigation panel(s). Compatible with All Browsers and IE7+
[VODIČ] Kako pri online kupovini izbjeći plaćanje preskupe carine? [VODIČ] Kako pri online kupovini izbjeći plaćanje preskupe carine? Svatko kome su u Hrvatskoj ikad carinili pošiljku iz inozemstva vjerojatno je odlučio da će odsad dobro paziti što i kako naručuje ili je posve odustao od online shoppinga. Sastavili smo kratki vodič kako jednostavno izbjeći skupe i bezrazložne carinske namete. Jednako tako naglašavamo da se ovdje radi o potpuno legalnom procesu kupovine iz inozemstva i dovoza robe u Hrvatsku. Problem je pri online kupovini i dostavi robe u Hrvatsku, naime, u činjenici da carinici (bez nekog posebnog reda i pravila) mogu cariniti svaki paket čija cijena prelazi stotinjak kuna, i to na način da primatelj pošiljke prvo mora platiti 10 kuna obavijest da mu je došla pošiljka koju treba cariniti, zatim treba za tu pošiljku donijeti račun u carinu, nakon čega će morati platiti cijenu pošiljke + poštarinu + trošak otvaranja pošiljke + još neke dadžbine i na sve to ide PDV.
Style Tiles

Style Tiles

Have a design kickoff meeting Designers should be in every meeting. Be prepared. Have the stakeholders complete a survey before the meeting or have everyone answer questions together. Ask questions Whether you give them to stakeholders before a meeting or during it, create a survey of questions tailored for them.
It's small and standalone At only 3kb when gzipped, it is a lightweight and efficient library. No extras you don't need. Hammer doesn't require jQuery or other libraries to work. A jQuery plugin is available though. Supported gestures

Hammer.js — A javascript library for multi touch gestures

Browser extensions and other uses: Written by Einar Lielmanis,, maintained and evolved by Liam Newman. We use the wonderful CodeMirror syntax highlighting editor, written by Marijn Haverbeke. Made with a great help of Jason Diamond, Patrick Hof, Nochum Sossonko, Andreas Schneider, Dave Vasilevsky, Vital Batmanov, Ron Baldwin, Gabriel Harrison, Chris J. Shull, Mathias Bynens, Vittorio Gambaletta, Stefano Sanfilippo and Daniel Stockman. Run the tests

Online JavaScript beautifier

jQuery - YUI 3 Rosetta Stone
How to use another language pack on Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional | Windows Certified - A place of IT News and a helpful windows community Forum.
Auto-detecting Credit Card Type - Web Standards Sherpa
XDate - A Modern JavaScript Date Library
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